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Luckily, red beard, I don't use ad hominems to prove a point, that seems to be your go to. But if you'd like, go onto NASA's earth imagery via terraAqua imagery archives, you can pay for it in HD footage. Now go throughout each day before Sandy Hook and after. When you zoom in to Sandy Hook on the day of the event, they were spraying trails back and forth to cover Satellite imagery. And luckily, the entire school is covered and can not be seen in the early morning hours of the day, despite it being a clear, sunny day.

So, I searched daily flight patterns to see IF ANY of these planes were commerical jet liners or cargo planes, I then called various companies to try to pin point where these trials came from. Nothing, they were not commercial jets nor cargo planes. And NO, they are not chemtrails, which stands for chemical trails, though, in retrospect, regular contrials and their emissions are known to cause cancers in animal models, indeed, their are carcinogens in contrails.

What I am talking about is geoengineering aerosol spraying, in this case sulfur trails to hide something. Camoflauge spraying is very real and was patented by the military to hide land from Satellites, foreign or domestic.

These are NOT ice crystals and ARE NOT composed of h20. How do I know that? NASA has a app, which you have to pay for that illustrates these are not normal contrails and are not composed of ice crystals. They would appear redish/pink on the image app, but they do not. And I went throughout each day and picked the same humidity in the upper atmosphere and the height at which planes travel. Guess what, none of these trials. So, what is it then?

The air traffic wasn't even close to matching these patterns! Everyday, I monitored the air traffic over Sandy Hook, they never had traffic directly over Sandy Hook to account for these specific trails!

I checked the air speeds that day, in an effort to judge when the oldest trails were sprayed. As I continued to try to explain these trails, I was able to find the tracking data for the Terra Satellite. I was able to timestamp the imaage, which is 15:13 UTC time: 11:15 Eastern Time.

When I went through the Sandy Hook police dashcams I found in the early morning that the planes, that DO NOT SHOW UP on flight traffic data were already covering the sky with trails before the event took place.

And, I was able to discover that three planes at various heights two of which were at the same height as these phantom planes sprayed regular contrails, unlike these trails pictured here.

I've scanned every single day of imagery, from 2010-2016, 5,000 images. December 14th, 2012, is the ONLY DAY in Satellite imagery history where these trails appear. I think I did enough research to prove that these trails are not regular contrails.

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Have you thrown this up on the chans yet to see what the anons think? I find this very interesting.

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Why the chans? A honeypot site?

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Because despite all the mossad and alphabet boy shilling/sliding/data collecting it's still probably the biggest crowd sourced investigation site on the web. There's are lots of anons still piecing clues together on Sandy hook and they'd appreciate your contribution. You just have to get past the shills and the shrill atmosphere. It took me at least 4-5 months of lurking until I was able to be able to jump into using the site properly but they make it difficult on purpose.

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Remote sensing satellites in sun synchronous, polar orbits normally make a pass over a particular stripe of the earth every two to three weeks for non-angled passive imaging. The multi-week interval between images termed temporal dislocation. It's pretty common to have too much cloud cover for good imagery at a particular spot for a substantial percentage of passes.

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Hi newcomer ;)