Minimum wage hike would kill jobs by Unicorn in news

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If the private sector can't figure out how to stem the declines in social mobility, rather than exacerbate it, then it's perfectly reasonable for the government to make their own incompetent play.

What we usually see instead is simply the new economy pillaging the vestiges of the old economy over and over. The ascendant class can fight their own battles without our help, or they should at least expect to pay through the nose. Fuck em.

Don't single out smokers for raising taxes by Nemacolin in LettersToTheEditor

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Sin taxes are elective taxes.

“By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. But when you try and try.. The world is beyond winning.” ― Lao Tzu by Enza in Life

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The same guy is responsible for the following aphorism: "Nature never hurries, yet everything is accomplished."

/r/PoliticalCompassMemes and /r/WatchRedditDie are confirmed to be the next subs to be banned by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The admins aren't really bothering to use subterfuge now. They'll just ban or suspend all of the current mods, then lock the sub for being unmoderated.

The Reddit Admins have started removing posts that are critical of Joe Biden by magnora7 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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There are reports of wholesale banning of mod teams across smaller subs, then banning of subs for being unmoderated.

The sinoviets are really taking this next election seriously.

What does everyone think lies in the future of Reddit? by legendgamer320 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Censorship is a core feature of reddit, as embedded in the minority opinion censorship function of the downvote. Reddit may persist, but discussion and debate has no future there, outside of an ever narrowing Overton window that will always skew towards an irritated extreme position.

I genuinely think that completely eliminating people's writing and creative efforts will face severe opprobrium in the future, perhaps even legal limitations and liability, even on private fora. Moderation just means steering discussion and limiting digression via thread or comment chain locking.

Unless there's actual violation present, such as a call to violence, or doxxing, there really is no opinion so dangerous that it needs to be erased. Responsible moderation always leaves a breadcrumb trail.

Reddit is now dictating who can and can't moderate r/The_Donald. Will be vetting future mods. by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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The usual modus operandi for the sitewide admin to eliminate a community is to bring in outside moderators (supermods, not unlike super delegates) who will then allow rule-breaking content to proliferate when it is posted by their allies. Then the admins will move in and nuke the sub.

They don't even make it a secret. It's openly bragged about on the usual subs that receive no attention for their own rule breaking.

Allowing Facebook's Libra to go forward is the equivalent to making its CEO dictator of the world by Horrux in conspiracy

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I imagine it will make it a lot easier for people to move money around without paying fees to a company like Western Union. Given that the legislatures have been talking about applying penalties to people sending remittances out of the country, it makes sense that a big tech company would want to thwart any limitations.

This was taken December 14th 2012 11:13am Directly over Sandy Hook. They were laying down trails centered over Sandy Hook....before the event started. by Jesus in conspiracy

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Remote sensing satellites in sun synchronous, polar orbits normally make a pass over a particular stripe of the earth every two to three weeks for non-angled passive imaging. The multi-week interval between images termed temporal dislocation. It's pretty common to have too much cloud cover for good imagery at a particular spot for a substantial percentage of passes.

How can you stop a Nuclear Missile? by magnora7 in Education

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Launch delivery vehicles have been obsolete since their inception.

It's much easier to simply smuggle strategic weapons into the target site, or assemble them there, and then have them setup for remote activation. The internet makes this easier than ever. This gives actors millisecond strike time, instead of a factor of minutes.

The main targets of this are civilian, as secure facilities are harder to penetrate. That makes secure facilities more of a target for ballistics, but it also means that more anti-ballistic measures will be protecting those trajectories. This has been discussed since the seventies at least.

Myspace was great for a while... then facebook was cool for a bit... digg had it's time... reddit had so much potential... and youtube wasn't always a sellout for ad money... but between short-sighted profit-driven corporate stooges and asshole users, we just can't have nice things! by EndlessSunflowers in whatever

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Saidit can avoid becoming reddit simply by not allowing posts to be totally eliminated. Locked and links disabled, of course, but never totally erased.

There are no opinions dangerous enough that they need to be erased.

Incredible video: ‘Replicator’ tech to revolutionize 3D-printers by fred_red_beans in science

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Seems like you could also use it to make layered or composite objects, perhaps with different sorts of properties for each layer.

Don't let this place go the way of VOAT by Hazzman in SaidIt

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The best way to avoid becoming reddit is to limit censorship, even in subsaidits.

It's fine to lock comments or posts, but nothing should ever be deleted, or just wiped out as if it were never there. Disabling links from a post is obviously limiting harm, but the words never should be erased. No one should be erased. No thoughts are so dangerous that they need to be hidden.

Costa Rica Has Banned Styrofoam by magnora7 in WorldNews

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Considering their reliance upon tourism, CR likely simply can't afford visible kinds of pollution. This is an economic decision as much as anything. Styrene products are simply an import, and a dispensable one at that.