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Thank God for Science:

Airplane trails, which are also called contrails, are simply artificial clouds that originate from the exhaust of an airplanes engines. Just like other clouds, airplane trails are composed of water, H2O, either in the form of water droplets (condensation) or ice crystals. The water originates from the combustion (i.e., burning) of airplane fuel (kerosene or gasoline), which also produces carbon dioxide (CO2). The same thing happens when you drive your car on a cold day. The cloud like mist or water droplets coming out of a vehicles exhaust pipe on a cold day is just the water produced from burning fuel in the engine. When it is cold, this water condenses from vapor (a gas) into a liquid in the form of clouds or droplets. That is why you can see car exhaust on cold days. On warm days, the water remains in the vapor (gaseous) state and is invisible, so you cannot see exhaust on hotter days.

Airplane contrails remain in the sky for the same reason that clouds stay in the sky. Clouds consist of water in the form of tiny liquid droplets and can either evaporate into an invisible gas (water vapor), which would cause the cloud to disappear, or can remain as droplets, which causes the cloud to stay there. Whether the water droplets that compose a cloud evaporate (and the cloud disappears) and how long the cloud remains before evaporating depends upon the relative humidity of the air. Relative humidity is a measure of how much water vapor is in the air compared to how much water vapor the air can hold. It is calculated by dividing the amount of water vapor in the air by the maximum amount of water vapor the air can hold.


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Luckily, red beard, I don't use ad hominems to prove a point, that seems to be your go to. But if you'd like, go onto NASA's earth imagery via terraAqua imagery archives, you can pay for it in HD footage. Now go throughout each day before Sandy Hook and after. When you zoom in to Sandy Hook on the day of the event, they were spraying trails back and forth to cover Satellite imagery. And luckily, the entire school is covered and can not be seen in the early morning hours of the day, despite it being a clear, sunny day.

So, I searched daily flight patterns to see IF ANY of these planes were commerical jet liners or cargo planes, I then called various companies to try to pin point where these trials came from. Nothing, they were not commercial jets nor cargo planes. And NO, they are not chemtrails, which stands for chemical trails, though, in retrospect, regular contrials and their emissions are known to cause cancers in animal models, indeed, their are carcinogens in contrails.

What I am talking about is geoengineering aerosol spraying, in this case sulfur trails to hide something. Camoflauge spraying is very real and was patented by the military to hide land from Satellites, foreign or domestic.

These are NOT ice crystals and ARE NOT composed of h20. How do I know that? NASA has a app, which you have to pay for that illustrates these are not normal contrails and are not composed of ice crystals. They would appear redish/pink on the image app, but they do not. And I went throughout each day and picked the same humidity in the upper atmosphere and the height at which planes travel. Guess what, none of these trials. So, what is it then?

The air traffic wasn't even close to matching these patterns! Everyday, I monitored the air traffic over Sandy Hook, they never had traffic directly over Sandy Hook to account for these specific trails!

I checked the air speeds that day, in an effort to judge when the oldest trails were sprayed. As I continued to try to explain these trails, I was able to find the tracking data for the Terra Satellite. I was able to timestamp the imaage, which is 15:13 UTC time: 11:15 Eastern Time.

When I went through the Sandy Hook police dashcams I found in the early morning that the planes, that DO NOT SHOW UP on flight traffic data were already covering the sky with trails before the event took place.

And, I was able to discover that three planes at various heights two of which were at the same height as these phantom planes sprayed regular contrails, unlike these trails pictured here.

I've scanned every single day of imagery, from 2010-2016, 5,000 images. December 14th, 2012, is the ONLY DAY in Satellite imagery history where these trails appear. I think I did enough research to prove that these trails are not regular contrails.

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Have you thrown this up on the chans yet to see what the anons think? I find this very interesting.

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Why the chans? A honeypot site?

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Because despite all the mossad and alphabet boy shilling/sliding/data collecting it's still probably the biggest crowd sourced investigation site on the web. There's are lots of anons still piecing clues together on Sandy hook and they'd appreciate your contribution. You just have to get past the shills and the shrill atmosphere. It took me at least 4-5 months of lurking until I was able to be able to jump into using the site properly but they make it difficult on purpose.

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Remote sensing satellites in sun synchronous, polar orbits normally make a pass over a particular stripe of the earth every two to three weeks for non-angled passive imaging. The multi-week interval between images termed temporal dislocation. It's pretty common to have too much cloud cover for good imagery at a particular spot for a substantial percentage of passes.

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Hi newcomer ;)

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You simply believe something because it's science without knowing that science also proves that these are not contrails.

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Let me make myself more clear: Infrared Views of contrails is a good indicator of water content.

So, I know that these trails were sprayed 2-3 hours BEFORE the event started at 9:00am.

SWIR- Short Wave Infrared Satellite imaging, measures the light reflected and converts that light into color coordinated images.

white = Water Vapor

Pink = Ice Crystals

Red = Snow

Black = Standing water (Oceans, Lakes, etc.)

Green = Vegetation

When I zoomed into this specific image, 2 types of clouds are pictured, ice crystal clouds, near Boston and water vapor clouds, out in the Atlantic.

SWIR imaging show the ice crystals in pink very clearly and the water vapor is very defined. I ask you to try this out also!

Now, I found some contrails about 400 miles west of Sandy Hook, clearly visble ice crystals, but zero water vapor? There are clouds to the north, depicting water vapor, but we only see ice crystals in these contrails. So, these contrails have ice crystals, which is proven via SWIR.

When I went back to the sandy Hook trails, they do not match the other contrails. They have no visible water vapor, but they also have almost no visible ice particles apart from one smaller trail that appears to be from a real commercial airliner, unlike the others.

In conclusion, the US Govt, spent our money to create a smokescreen of sorts at around sunrise BEFORE the event, why?

To prevent all satellite imagery from seeing the shooters route, any stops made, who came out of mom's house, how many people got out of the car with 4 doors open to allegedly kill kids. All of this was kept hidden by the US Govt.

The Governments of the world have HD resolution satellite imagery, that can see the face of a dime. I have proven, at least to my self that these are not common contrails from commercial or cargo jets.

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Where are your overlays? You talk about what you did but you have no picture proof. You have 1 picture and Blah blah blah and no slide show.

This is "Alex Jones" level: 'They are turning the frogs Gay' hogwash unless you can back up your pictures with official time stamps. and I refuse - REFUSE - to believe no planes were flying in that airspace at that time. there are on average 87,000 flights a day in the US and you see the HUGE body of water Right There In the Picture??? Perfect for contrails! So you called somebody someplace and they refused to give information on flights? Seems normal for post 9/11 to me. But to say there were NO FLIGHTS AT ALL?? Bullshit. That is HUNDREDS of square miles in that picture, HUNDREDS!! And this is Long Island, and New Freaking York for the love of god this is one of the biggest Hubs on the Planet and you have the NERVE to tell me there were NO PLANES IN THE AREA??



Listen: I try not to say that that conspiracy theorists are kooks - because I know that there are bad people doing bad things out there, but I dont buy it. I mean that is a nice wall of text with a lot of information that tells me a bunch of stuff I dont believe. At this time.

What I believe is there was a kid that was disturbed and it looks like he was neglected and given whatever he wanted by his parents.

What I believe is that we dont treat mental illness in this country.

What I believe is that we ignore kids who are bullied in school.

What I believe is that we dont work together in communities and as families any more and it is easier than ever to become isolated.

Sandy hook was tragic, but no contrails are going to tell me that it was done by the government. There were no child actors.

People died and parents lost their kids and that is a horrible fact. Super Submarines, super planes, drones, assassinations, secret societies - Im positive they exist. This sandy Hook conspiracy shit was made up so Alex Jones could sell fake medicine and sunglasses on his shitty show.

Thats it.

It was about Alex Jones using an opportunity to make money and you bought it.

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I'm no Alex Jones fan, but his gay frogs thing is not entirely baseless nonsense:

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Frogs are amphibians that can change sex when the environment needs them to. and are not exactly the brightest of critters on the planet. I understand that chemicals can mess with that process. Turning the frogs gay - whatever. Fucking them up entirely? Completely possible.

More Science!!

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Atrazine turns male frogs into hermaphrodites.

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I have them saved locally. I'll have to upload them. All this research was done years ago. You're welcome to do it too. Use the free NASA imagery with SWIR which isn't free but inexpensive.

This is "Alex Jones" level: 'They are turning the frogs Gay'


No, it's not. Guess what, astrazine does change the reproduction organs of frogs. It's beeen proven scientifically. Jones just asked like the discreditor he is by screaming things to discredit truth.

You're welcome to research it yourself. I did this for three years, on and off. Yes, planes flew that day but not normal commerical or cargo planes. Traffic data confirms this. Just use the programs and you'll see I'm telling the truth. I'll upload the other images and videos later.

You understand all my videos on YouTube have been deleted. I can't even upload them without them being banned before they're posted. _____ Alex ZIONIST Jones is a plant, gatekeeper. The entire sham lawsuit was a scam. Every real truth seeker knows this.

The forst thing someone thinks whenbit comes to Sandy Hook is Alex Zionist Jones who is a gatekeeper. His goal is to discredit truth with his multi million dollar radio show. Hence, why he gets free reign on CNN and the BBC.

Sandy Hook is full of anomalies. The script was weitten by the defunct Obsidian company stationed neaea the white house. It was a FEMA capstone drill. They planned it back in 2008 when DHS and FEMA conducted thr same drill back in 2008 at the same firehouse.

The kids all were stationed at another school 15 miles away, where thr food was being sent to in Monroe CT, well before the event. This school was empty in 2011. In early 2012 they all moved to this school. There's been people who have told me that they would park at the school every week in 2012 for lunch and it was closed. It was closed because of asbestos.

They planned it. They garnered 200 million dollars, built a new school in its place whoch was planned beforehand, and all thr GE family members who lived around the school paid the town 15+ million to demolition it. It was one of thr worst, most obvious psyops to date and Jones made it even more obvious with his poor acting skills.

They've conducted dozens of more of these psyops over the years. And many people say it is anti-gun lobbies who conduct these psyops. In my research, it is thr exact opposite. Many of the industries that fund these events are pro-gun and defense contractors like Obsidian. 90% of the domestic effort in propaganda is psychological operations, staged events, passed off as real.

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There were planes, but not cargo or commercial jets following these particular trail patterns. I have researched this for years. I looked at 5,000 photos. The SWIR data shows that these are not mormal contrails.

Nobody died at Sandy Hook. It was the most obvious psyop to date. And right at the helm of the Smith Mumdt Modernization act of 2012, legally allowing domestic psyop.

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Why are you going on a weird rant like this?

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Weird rant? What is so weird about pointing out flagrant bullshit?

What is weird is that people dont crack open a book and try to understand the world we live in that show Contrails are a natural phenomenon that can be recreated anytime by anybody that goes up high enough in a aeroplane.

What is weird about trying to call out misinformation?

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Dude you are correct, and it's good your leaving a good response for everyone to read but sadly you will almost never change the mind of a conspiracy theorist. They are far to invested to take a step back. It all makes too much sense to them at this point. Keep it up dude

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The "conspiracy theorist" ad hominem attack is intellectually soft.

Are you an "evidence theorist" or a "coincidence theorist"?

Are you the type of person who believes everything that they read?
Your comment suggests that you are.

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I'm not trying to change his mind, really. This guy - well he is just to dug in. But I cant let some crap like that just go unchallenged.

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I get it bud.

Unfortunately, this was a hoax. That is the truth. Please see my comment (and link to a radio show) about the ongoing defamation case.

Mind will be blown.

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I'll send you the info and SWIR data. I don't even believe in the chemtrail narrative that bad people are spraying us for ulterior agendas. If these were depicted on thr swir data as contrails and flight patterns indeed followed them, then I would conclude they're contrails but none of that is true.

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RB this is a surprising comment, because you seem far from foolish.

Are you seriously a coincidence theorist who believes everything that you're read???

Do you listen to the media when they say, " Don't believe your lying eyes."?


Yo... Even middle schoolers don't believe everything that the teachers say...

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Contrails can be recreated by any motorized aircraft at certain altitudes and conditions and was usually a big problem for aircraft as far back as World War II.

Look at that map. That is New York and Long Island and a huge chunk of Canada over a large body of water and you are telling me the contrails are made by mad scientists?

Edited a word

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No. They are made by aircraft.

However, when you add this to the insane mountain of evidence that is/was available it's beyond obvious that this was a PsyOp.

It's a fact.

There were few mass school shootings between theColumbine and Sandyhook events.

Then the frequency of mass shootings became almost yearly, or more.

What changed was the hoaxers and crisis actors got busy.

The crisis actors and hoaxes does sound to ridiculous to be legit, which works to their advantage.

This hoaxing is real.

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I'll post the images this week. These are not ordinary contrails with water crystals. These are not flight paths of commercial or cargo planes listed in the flight traffic data.

I don't even believe in chemtrails because they don't exist as defined by controlled opposition truth seekers. Aerosol stratospheric spraying is a very real geoengineering operation. Sulphur and nanoparticles of various subtances are used. For gods sake even the washington post has drip fed us this narrative after lying about it for 10 plus years. There are also dozens of patents for various spraying techniques to camouflage land from satellites.

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Thank God for Toe Rogan rants

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I think that the misinformation in the US is so bad, that people start making up their own physics.

I think that the media like CNN interviews actors and activists to promote a certain narrative. They are not really doing news but propaganda. So if people find out something fake with a story, they start to think that the opposite is true.

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We need to reenact the Fairness Doctrine and get news back to being news. FOX and CNN both are propaganda machines and poisonous to our country.