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Misinformation has been around longer than corona

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Just a reminder that anyone, including you and I can report a vaccine death to VAERS database. It's not surprising that many entries get cleared up

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I had to look this up and you're right.

VAERS accepts reports from anyone. Patients, parents, caregivers and healthcare providers (HCP) are encouraged to report adverse events after vaccination to VAERS even if it is not clear that the vaccine caused the adverse event. In addition, HCP are required to report certain adverse events after vaccination.

However, physicians that report have to fill out a longer form and can be held liable for reporting false information.

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I haven't commented on covid in a while, but what you point out here is why we all need to pay attention most to what we actually know. In other words, in each of our daily lives, what does this bug look like? I am personally connected to two Covid vaccine deaths. I also did not get covid - not being vaccinated, in good health, though with hypertension - for two and a half years. When I did get it (the most recent variant), it was essentially a non-event. A notable flu-like course (fever of 102 for two days, followed by rapid recovery to full strength), but nothing more. I contracted the bug from a chain of fully vaccinated and boosted contacts.

My point is that when I read the VAERS database, I read it with those experiences by which to shade it. I KNOW that people die of the vaccine. I've experienced it. So when they come back with "But car accidents...!" - as Fauci and Walensky did - I KNOW that is pure gaslighting. Are there VAERS cases that are not causative? I'm sure there are. It's a big, wide-open database. But the spin that because not all VAERS cases demonstrate causation, we should just ignore a multiple order of magnitude increase in the VAERS signal is precisely the wrong way to approach data like this.

It's up to the vaccine pushers to prove the vaccines SAFE, not the other way around. The fact that this relationship has been reversed by the MSM and the "health" bureaucrats is the purest of extremely dangerous authoritarian propaganda.

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Giving even totally inert placebo vaccines to at-risk, infirm, the elderly, those with pre-existing conditions - a portion will die in the measurement period. Only proper statistical sciences can tell if deaths are normal or not. What you have written here is not a proper study. I am not aware of any study which backs up antivax talking points

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I am not aware of any study which backs up antivax talking points

Probably because you don't read scientific papers and are too busy memorizing government notes.

There are a lot of them, but it doesn't mean that mainstream anti- or pro-vaxx talking points are right.

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There are a lot of them

Link one.