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Imagine that They control You. That's what he's pitching here.

Medicine was (and for a minority of doctors, still is) a helping profession. The doctor helped you to achieve what you - the patient - wanted. If the patient didn't want it, then the doctor respected that. Bourla is describing a fundamentally different model. In his HappyLand, the doctors - and more importantly, note, he talks about the insurance companies - direct what the patients should do, and the patients obey. The herd is kept healthy by the shepherds. If the herd doesn't comply, the shepherds let them die or kill them. They eliminate compassion entirely from medicine.

And they wonder why people are abandoning their HappyLand as fast as we wake up to it...

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Bourla was born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece.[5] His parents, who were Sephardi Jews,

What are the odds!?

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The Jews of Thessaloniki (who came there after leaving Spain) committed a lot of atrocious crimes against the native Christian Greeks. The Holocaust of Naoussa is one of them.

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Yup! Now they mandate we all get injected with CRISPR cas9 mRNA injections.

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He's also a hardcore Zionist and promotes transhumanism.

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We know enough already of their agenda
To prevent their agenda, let's advance on our own agenda

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In all fairness, compliance in a medical context means, "making sure the patient takes the medication as prescribed."