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The full documentary, which I haven't watched yet, is on BitChute: BitChute

awesome, thanks for this. crazy story that i dont know enough about.

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The whole thing feels like a psyop. The crowley's, alam's, and everyone involved are probably actors all living lives of obscurity elsewhere in the world.

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I don't know. I think he may have flipped and killed his family. His movie project wasn't destined for nationwide distribution, much less a national audience. But it was a White Whale in his own life.

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It's a pretty hard flip, especially for someone with no prior warnings. Though shills would argue that being interested in fringe topics are warning signs.

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I wouldn't argue that the themes his film project explored were "red flags". Of course I reject the government's right to pursue "precrime" altogether.

All I'm saying is this: - He was clearly a pretty intense guy who suffered from PTSD - His film project seemed to operate as an agonist for his intensity and PTSD - It's silly to suppose that the government would commit multiple homicide to prevent the completion of an amateur movie production.

It's not true, what you say about "no warning signs". His own friends in the documentary attest to his mania and volatility.

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If that is true, then I would have to retract my statement about the warning signs. I personally doubt the narrative surrounding most suicides, including this one. They tend to smell fishy to me.

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Compelling hook & seductive conspiracy angles, though having just watched that whole thing, the official story seems quite sad but true.

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I watched the doc many years ago. Probably one of the worst docs I've seen in a while. Uninspired and poorly made, only watchable thanks to the semi-interesting story. The guy clearly went nuts and killed himself and his family. A loser douchebag who is now seen as a hero and a martyr by a small group of moronic conspiracy theorists. The guy didn't even have the decency to let his dogs out, leading to them eating the corpses of him and his family as they rotted away. Just a piece of shit from start to finish. Don't deify assholes.

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I don't necessarily think the movie as made had anything shocking in it. But they were definitely watching him. So if he were to have uncovered something they didn't want coming out he'd be killed before it could get out. I would expect someone making a movie like this would go digging around.