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I respect your paranoia but m7 came back to update the canary I'm 98% sure it's him. Diversifying is always a good idea though, truth.

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This is why I always asked him to sign the canary posts with a PGP signature. Sure a key can be compromised but it would at least have offered some authentication.

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He is right.

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How is SaidIt compromised?

Where is there shadow censorship? The content I share has good days and bad days where some things are noticed and some are not - very unpredictable. Sometimes it's good and bad weeks.

IMO, our SaidIt community needs to evolve and develop beyond just SaidIt and offer more reasons to remain engaged and more ways to be effective at sharing truth-seeking. Before COVID SaidIt was one of a few hundred sites that were truth-seeking. Since COVID has made the masses aware I would guess that now there are tens of thousands of sites truth-seeking.

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I doubt that all the people who used to upvote it have disappeared.

I don't. Saidit is still feeling the effects of that tranny admin, and all the drama and fallout that resulted. Plus there's the ongoing troll attack. Also doesn't help that the future of saidit is unknown, until m7 decides what he's going to do.

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Maybe you were getting upvotes from the 88 boys.

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Did you just assume zir gender?!