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This is a perfect example that the only thing that bureaucrats care about is statistics, and they will manipulate the numbers any way they want to get the result they wanted.


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"Wrong" yeh right, more like on purpose

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'of negligence' seems more suitable. The people working there are overworked, underpaid, and retarded.

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In other news man landed on the dark side of the sun, 32 June 1948.

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This is standard Australian pork-barrelling.

This is a private school in an affluent demographic (mostly, there's some indigenous children there), who organised a queue jump for their kids on getting the Pfizer vaccine.

The government complied, and are using "oops" as the reason that these privileged kids get their immunity while everyone else has to wait.

The Australian government is at the moment is very pro-rich, anti-poor. The prime minister is a member of one of those "prosperity gospel" churches where being poor is a sin and being rich is indicative of God's support and blessing. (Exactly unlike the teaching of Jesus).

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they gave them HRT /s