Tesla Suspends Bitcoin Payments Over "Concerns About Environmental Impact" by fred_red_beans in news

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You realise the reason the stock market and crypto market is rocketing, is because their printing money and pumping it straight into it since the pandemic?

BREAKING: Protestors swarm capital building. All politicians evacuated. by Tarrock in politics

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You guys realise how easy it was to be antifa pretending to be pro trump supporter and smash shit up to make everyone look bad ?

Who is Destroying Lebanon and Why? Within a few months, Lebanon, often misrepresented as "the only Arab democratic state" or even as the "Switzerland of the Middle East," has collapsed. by Chipit in WorldPolitics

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Camels and tents? Its Mediterranean you fool. The irony coming from someone calling idiots and pathetic.

Accused Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse out of jail after posting $2M bail by Nemacolin in news

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