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To be fair, it is actually possible that you are retarded.

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I mean it's a QAnon forum, you really think they're going to use reason and logic?

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I mean it's a QAnon forum

"That sounds like something Q says." I've heard this countless times.

A misinformation/disinformation masterpiece.

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It's a thought police scare tactic. "Bad people think this. You're not bad, are you? You wouldn't think this, right?"

It's all about control.

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They link to a lot of smart people who use reason and logic. As for the moderators themselves, their threads and theories always seem somewhat lacking.

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Normally this would be bad and stupid but if you genuinely believe anything even close to the existence of a flat earth you probably shouldn't be using the internet as cognitively you're a bit behind a toddler.

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Here's the thing. The flat earth shit is absolutely useful at seeing who is worth having a discussion with or not. It's a perfectly good way to separate the thinkers from the sheep.

You and I both know the Earth is round, the flat earth model is rediculous. And like all rediculous things it's funny as heck. Now if you see the flat earth model getting floated and your response is anything beyond bewildered amusement, like anger at people for being that stupid or a virtue signalling desire to set the record straight "guys the Earth is ROUND!!!! ROUND!!!" you're just a dumbass falling into the troll trap.

Thing is the reason why the flat earth shit makes people so angry is because they don't have a sense of humor. And alot of that is because it poles holes into their ego. You see we all know the Earth is round but some of us haven't bothered to think through why the Earth is round beyond simply believing what we've been taught and the flat earthers are good at hitting on just that weak point. So unless you've confidence in yourself to simply admit you don't know enough about science to refute them, which is a perfectly valid position we can't all know everything about everything, or you do know enough about science to refute it and realize it's not worth your time to bother with arguing with someone who won't care to awknoledge objective reality, you're gonna be in the third camp of the idiots, stupid people convinced they are right. The Dunning-Kruger effect if you will.

People confident in the Earth's shape don't take offense at people calling it flat anymore than someone confident in their sexuality takes offense at being called a fag. Either you are or you aren't who care what someone else thinks?

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Then objectively, you should be able to watch this video for entertainment purposes correct? Simply watch it, and muse over the interesting points in history it brings up.

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Yes I find it very entertaining. It's funny to me how people don't realize that most land is in the northern hemisphere. But I guess the whole concept of hemispheres is lost on a flat earthers.

My question is are the women also flat? If not I might join up.

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You see, this is what I find most interesting. As the mod in Question, using his alt account also continually brought up counter points, to points I never brought up in the first place. You should note, that I in no way gave any opinion to anything you are currently countering.

Now if you wish to see what the Agent Smith Effect looks like in full swing, take a look at this melt down that occurred between me and the alt account of the moderator who inventively banned me:

Here is how it ends:

It is not even worth loading your links now loser, do you get it? you are finished here. You might as well delete that account.

Seriously scrub, your shitty posts and words have no value here, you are just wasting your time, I was the last one to give you a chance and now it is also gone.

Not even his website. But there he is, threatening my accounts.

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Ignore. Simple as that. It's either a troll trying to get a rise out of you or a schizo who thinks you are literally Hitler. Don't waste two seconds worrying about what an idiot is doing. If you're still bothered by it just make a new account and continue as is and let him freak out. One of my favorite things to do is just make old account name with a 2 after it. They'll ban you immediately of course but it does drive home the point they are powerless to keep you off. Then you can just forget about it and let them go around paranoid banning new accounts for fear that they are socks until the whole thing dies. What happened to lots of places on Reddit when the mods want to control everything. Stops being fun so people stop using it.

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I only have one anon account name. That being said, I rarely even post to their site. And If my account were reinstated, I still wouldn't have anything to post there. But, I've been told to move on, so I won't. I'm going to spend the next week dedicating threads to their website, and their choice to ban me. Then I'm going to send them the links to all my threads. Why? Because Fuck'em that's why.

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You do you man.

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My question is are the women also flat? If not I might join up.

Speaking of flat women, I was in a discord sub for men yesterday and there was a ftm tranny there.

The idea of a woman who will desperately try to enjoy being fucked in the ass appeals to me.

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Scars can be hot.

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I want to believe.

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the women

I giggled thanks

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Holy shit, Bitchute videos are embedding and yT title pulls work again? I feel like u/Magnora7 has been working on the site.

Two cocks way up.

Flat earth is fucking retarded, but I like you anyways Q.

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Nope that's d3rr probably, he's been the one to fix youtube title pulls ever since the beginning. Either that or youtube reverted to an old system that made it work again

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It just worked for the one song for some reason and I got excited, but it's still broken.

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Oh. I wish I knew how it fix it. It's probably just something simple like it needs to read HTML text field number 4 instead of number 5 or something like that. Not sure where in the code would contain that setting exactly... could try searching things like 'autofill title' or 'generate title' or something like that:

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It's a perfectly good way to separate the thinkers from the sheep.

Thing is the reason why the flat earth shit makes people so angry is because they don't have a sense of humor. And alot of that is because it poles holes into their ego.

No it doesn't. You completely miss the point of it. No one believes the earth is flat.

Intelligence agency psychological operations use flat earth and other similar nonsense to discredit controversial discussion groups on social media. THAT is why some people get angry. They are the people who care about the credibilty of the discussion group because they want their research and contributions to be taken seriously and they know what the flat earthers are trying to do.

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Stupid people actually do believe the earth is flat and it's funny as fuck.

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People who have low enough IQ that they believe things like that are not joining social media to construct posts about it.

People who do post about that are not stupid. They are playing on the stupidity of others who believe they are genuine and they do it to troll the forum for the reasons I already explained

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You yourself have fallen for propaganda/brainwashing if you think nobody believes the earth is flat.

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Did you read the title? This was posted in s/censorship. I was preemptively banned from one website, for posting a link on a different website. If you can't even grasp that the topic is censorship, maybe it's you who shouldn't be using the internet, as cognitively you are the one that has the mind of a child.

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Yeah I read it, but mainly I'm making fun of you for being a flat earther. If that's an inaccurate descriptor then yes this is a censorship issue otherwise it's a tard wrangler issue.

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You must really love Facebook and Twiiter. And 'your' phone.

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Is that Reddit? Their basically banning all humans.

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It's a .win site. But they were kicked off of Reddit, and it seems their moderators are all the same bad ilk carried over from their former home.

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Something to do with techies. They are worse than trannies and incels. When they create anything, the first thing they do is censor it into oblivion.

The owner of this web site froths at the mouth for censorship, with their golden triangle bs. They don’t have enough users to start mass banning.

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They're retarded nerds. They like to abscond from reality into their fantasy realms and power fantasies because their real life people skills suck. This crosses over into message boards as naturally only an idiot loser would bother to moderate this shit beyond the bare minimum and they lack any kind of ability to deal with seeing things they don't like. Which is naturally hilarious and simply attracts the trolls.

It's the age old advice long since forgotten, don't feed the trolls, and if someone does feed the trolls laugh at both of them for being retarded. You start going off about flat earth shit and it is clear it gets under your skin the trolls are just gonna find that hilarious and taunt you with it. And frankly, it's pretty pathetic and hilarious for an adult to think they need to crusade against such an abjectly stupid idea instead of just sitting back and laugh at watching the flat earthers torpedo themselves with bad science.

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That's actually what I was banned from their site for, as this extensive "Flat Earth" documentary actually alludes to that towards the end.

The Lost History Of The Flat Earth:

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the history of flat earth was lost when men looked up and saw a curve IRL LOL

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So they looked 'up' and saw a curve? I think you've been playing a bit too much Halo mate.

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technical dictatorship is the worst kind of dictatorship. let that sink in.

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Welcome to Saidit, retard.

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You never use the same user ID across platforms.

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Did you try not being a fuckwit?