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Absolutley. I love my children, I'm extremely involved in their lives, I garner a lot of self-worth from providing for them, but............... I am widely considered a POS from their whore mother(for doing nothing more than setting boundaries and standing up for myself), I don't see them everyday, and have several roadblocks to get through everytime I want to "do something out of the ordinary" like a vacation or whatever.

The system is absolutley rigged against you in this context because I was simply born with a cock. Every single thing that my children will learn about adulthood will and does come from me. All they learn from their mother is how to complain, lie, cheat, use, manipulate, and steal. But because she was born with a vagina she is the patron saint of motherhood and I'm the evil ogre cock man here to be mean.

You can feel it when you go to court, you can feel the tension, you can feel and observe the hypocrisy.

Simple fact, you can do whatever you please, to whomever you please, whenever you please, however you please if you have a pussy. And there will always be some faggot ass bitch boy ready to take your place. They all know it, the adults don't act on it, but they understand it.

Fuck marriage. All it is for a man is a binding legal agreement to get fucked after your whore wife sucks someone else off, and takes your kids away from you, for no other reason other than their own insecurity.

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Cry me a river. The system is "rigged" towards women in 99% of the cases. Child custody is one of the very veeery few occurrences where men actually are the ones that have it worse in society. And it sucks, doesn't it?

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Oh look, another lying woman.

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Oh look, another lying man. Your attempt at gaslighting is ridiculous. Not only you and I know the truth, but pretty much EVERYONE does. So, fuck off. Women have it so bad that killing newborn babies when they're female was a normal occurrence in China until a few years ago. Women have it so bad they are killed if they so much as show their hair in Islamic countries. Women have it so bad they are sold a child brides in African villages. Women have it so bad that society would rather let a man compete in women's sports than defending women's sports, just to teach uppity ladies their place. Women have it so bad they started being considered full human beings only a century ago, and now they're already starting to lose that.

Wanna switch, dipshit? Because I'll take a bias towards child custody (since women are the gender who is less likely to abuse kids) instead, you asshole.

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Wow, you really are just a bag of holes, aren't you?

And gaslighting doesn't mean what you think it means honey, learn English before you try to make your bag of holes sound smart.

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Oh, do shut up, useless cum dispenser.

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A foolish woman is clamorous: she is simple, and knoweth nothing. Proverbs 9:13

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DirewolfGhost is a mysoginist dipshit quoting some old book tale about a man walking on water when arguing on the internet. Proverbs 10:14

I swear, if I were religious I'd be even more offended by your idiocy. Do you think god wants you to quote whatever his, or her, or its fallible prophets said..... only to argue with a woman on the internet?

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I'm not arguing, I'm using you for your purpose. Entertainment.

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just to teach uppity ladies their place.

There is a place. Strays need assistance in returning to it, or corrective measures.

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Those are all problems in third-world countries where anyone who questions the dictator gets killed and no one is considered a full human being. In most of the first world, women are put on a pedestal and men are considered tools rather than full human beings.

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That was a funny joke! But you and I know the truth. This is why most transwomen don't even try to really pass. They would hate the idea of being REALLY women. But, you know what, if women have it so nice, would you be willing to switch? To become a real woman?

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I'd be relieved to become a real woman even if I thought they had it harder. And in some ways they do. But I'm defective.

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I'd be relieved to become a real woman

Ok, can you tell me why?

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Gender dysphoria 😞

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That means nothing at all. WHY do you want to be a woman? Because I can tell you exactly why I want to be a man. Are you just a porn-addicted autogynephile?

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well, that's fine, tho I'm doing the same despite not being a man.

But make sure you actually " go your own way" and don't bitch on incel forums when you become much older how evil feminist robbed you out of opportunity to have wife and children and now your life is lonely, empty and wasted. Then in your 50s, create profile on Tinder desperately looking for some "fertile wife" to marry lol

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Or alternately you try to pass on the knowledge of dysfunctional behavior patterns unique to women to younger men. And you enjoy a peaceful and quiet life without the self-inflicted emotional roller coaster ride. Competing against contentment is a difficult task.

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This is stupid. People aren't trying because everything costs a liver and a half, and unless your parents are loaded your future is grim. It's not about making an effort anymore. You have to slave yourself to get minimum wage. Houses and cars have become a luxury. Who is going to have kids if they can't even feed themselves?

It's not a man problem. Everyone trying to participate in this joke of system is facing similar problems. The only thing I noticed that affects men more than women is scams. Getting rich in a week, becoming a influencer, gambling in the stock market...cheating the system is what they are trying to do. Young men are trying to make it big, now more than ever. They know college means crippling debt and it doesnt guarantee a future. So they are looking for alternatives and many of them ruin their lives in the process. I can't say I don't empathize though.

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Fuck bitches get money

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Yup, that's where my username comes from.

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Nig nogs do it and finally Whitey is catching up. Difference is it’s normal for nogs to run out on their families as it’s genetic. Whites don’t have wives and kids because it’s the rational thing to do. Nogs voted for Dems who brought in illegal aliens to take nog jobs. That’s how stupid they are.

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My life goals I set down when I was about 12:

1.Don't end up in prison.

2.Don't kill anyone.

3.Don't ever get married.

4.Don't fucking EVER have children.

So far my life has been a smashing success!!! What's this about boycotting the American dream???

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Helen Smith is egregious wrong on many points here. First, American Society is no more anti-male today than it has ever been, and in fact is still an obviously patriarchical leaning society. But if men truly believed in being "responsible" people, they would stop impregnating women and leaving them high and dry. If men want something more, they should strive to be better human beings. And stop taking rights away from others. Unsophisticated and angry men in power are the reason America is falling behind even the worst third world countries in terms of human rights now. These men are irresponsible nitwits, and tend toward fascist behavior. THAT'S far more troubling than men going on strike in any way, shape, or form.