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You mean that thing we all already knew was happening is happening? surprised Pikachu

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That thing many of us have been banned for trying to speak out about.

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Yeah no shit, even ChatGPT has been trained to deny even the possibility of the existence of ROGD. Google Bard is a little better, it at least didn’t dismiss the study out of hand.

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The thing I get called a transphobe for being concerned about.

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The thing libtard friends stop talking to you over.

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The living embodiment of the phrase, "if you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything".

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Homophobe / Transphobe is literally the smartest and biggest incident of calling people chicken in the history of the world. Calling the natural instinct to protect the gene pool a phobia, is a 4D chess move.

All of the current issues can be traced back to letting women vote. Which was the smartest way to control the masses ever. Women are simple to control and men will do whatever it takes to get pussy. Just watch a woman read the previous sentences for proof of how simple they are to make emotional and irrational ;-)

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Okay that actually is really bad, and it's what I'm talking about with this "new right" taking over in the past 3 years. Whatever happened to, you know, liberty?

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"Why do people have views that I don't share?"

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Because they're allowed to and have the right to. If people like you or SJWs take over we won't anymore, don't be a hypocrite.

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I lived through the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, and 2000s without ever hearing the slightest whisper about lots of teenage girls wanting to become men. It wasn't anything that crossed your mind.

You have to be young even to consider that this isn't a social contagion.

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I was born in the late 70s and was always a tomboy. My parents describe how when I was a toddler my aunts gave me a set of dolls and I lined them up like skittles and threw balls at them to knock them over. I played football, "bmx" (none of us had an actual bmx but we used to make ramps with bricks and planks of wood and ride over them on whatever bike we had), climbed trees, collected tadpoles, read comics and watched The A-team with the boys in my neighbourhood. But I never wanted to be a boy. I also had friends who were girls even if I wasn't that interested in a lot of their play. I quite liked baby dolls and playing at being a mother but I never liked fashion dolls like Barbie. I used to think I was lucky to enjoy the best of both worlds and I figured out very young that it was easier for girls to like boyish things than it was for boys to like girlish things.

Funnily enough, at Christmas a local community group posted up photographs of kids visiting Santa at the community Christmas party in the mid-70s. And the boys and girls looked much more gender neutral than anything you see now. The boys mostly had longish hair past their ears, while around half of the girls had bobs that were only slightly longer. Very few of the girls wore dresses. Literally one girl out of about 50 was wearing pink. Most of the kids were wearing green or red, which I guess could have been because they are Christmassy colours, but while it was normal to get new clothes to wear for Christmas, people didn't normally have special 'Christmas themed' clothing. So I'm guessing they were just the colours most in fashion at the time. It genuinely stood out how much more subtle the differences between boys and girls fashions were compared to now.

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During the past decade there has been a dramatic increase in adolescents and young adults (AYA) complaining of gender dysphoria. One influential if controversial explanation is that the increase reflects a socially contagious syndrome: Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria (ROGD). We report results from a survey of parents who contacted the website because they believed their AYA children had ROGD. Results focused on 1655 AYA children whose gender dysphoria reportedly began between ages 11 and 21 years, inclusive. These youths were disproportionately (75%) natal female. Natal males had later onset (by 1.9 years) than females, and they were much less likely to have taken steps toward social gender transition (65.7% for females versus 28.6% for males). Pre-existing mental health issues were common, and youths with these issues were more likely than those without them to have socially and medically transitioned. Parents reported that they had often felt pressured by clinicians to affirm their AYA child’s new gender and support their transition. According to the parents, AYA children’s mental health deteriorated considerably after social transition. We discuss potential biases of survey responses from this sample and conclude that there is presently no reason to believe that reports of parents who support gender transition are more accurate than those who oppose transition. To resolve controversies regarding ROGD, it is desirable that future research includes data provided by both pro- and anti-transition parents, as well as their gender dysphoric AYA children.

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Pre-existing mental health issues reads to me as these kids were told that being trans was the reason for all their problems, that's why they're depressed or w/e. Which I understand, if you're told that this thing is the cause of everything else ofc you're going to want to try to fix it. Absolutely irresponsible by everyone around them to go along with it though.

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There was a slide from a WPATH or some such presentation going around this week listing a number of other ways gender dysphoria may present. These included depression, anxiety, possible symptoms of autism and decreased feelings of gender dysphoria. Apparently gender dysphoria might present itself through you no longer experiencing gender dysphoria. But it's not a cult

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Drives me up the wall when it's the 'feeling uncomfortable about your body' one. For teens. Like bro, have you ever MET a teen? Just about everyone is uncomfortable with their body at that age because puberty does a number and a half on you! It's a sign of puberty, not of being trans.

The autism bit does not surprise me and def needs more looking into with the amount of autistic people that are trans. There's a link there but whether it's the autism itself or other factors would be interesting to find out. I suspect it's a bit of both. Like if you're putting things in boxes and something is outside of it and trans explains it? You probably need to talk with them and let them know men can like feminine activities without it making them not men. I do think that the 'acceptance' in the group is a factor too, especially when they likely have not found a lot before.

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You probably need to talk with them and let them know men can like feminine activities without it making them not men.

I think it’s age-related too. I teach 8/9 year olds and one year for a day where then school was collecting money for breast cancer everyone had to come in wearing something pink. I didn’t have anything pink and so went to the art cupboard and grabbed a pink ribbon, made a large bow and put it in my hair.

The children in my class loved it, but a lot of them asked me if I was now a woman. This happened even more during break time when I was on playground duty with children from 7-11 years old. Just having a pink bow in my hair despite being dressed in shirt, tie and formal trousers, was enough for them to be confused - and some of them were very confused by it.

It is similar to how Muslim girls seem to get very confused when they ask me if I have a family. A mid-forties man without a wife and kids breaks their cultural expectations so hard that they actually struggle with it, to the point of not believing me - doesn’t happen with children from other backgrounds and boys of any background just never ask (they get upset when I refuse to discuss football with them).

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Makes sense by little kid standards haha. Young kids don't have a lot of experience and pink is a 'girl' colour therefore wearing it makes you a woman. Quite sad that people use kids being kids to push an agenda rather than just helping them understand. It feels like we've gone backwards a bit from when I was growing up and boys could wear pink and play with the oven and just be a boy that wears pink and plays with an oven.

It also makes sense that Muslim girls would be confused there, you're basically a unicorn to them lol.

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For a while my wife had short hair, while I wore my hair relatively long, with a beard. I was also a bodybuilder, which means a VERY masculine figure.

Anyway, young kids would stare at us as if we were aliens. I would explain to them that being a man doesn't mean I can't have longer hair and that being a woman doesn't need to wear her hair long, either. But the kids were mesmerized.

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My sisters husband has long hair too and gets the same. It always makes him laugh when they call him miss/mrs and he just lets them know men can have long hair. Kids just haven't seen much yet and long hair equals woman to them until they encounter something outside that.

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I thought the same thing as a kid. Like how I thought dogs with pointy ears are cats.

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I used to think that way as a child. It actually made me unable to recognize my own gender dysphoria, because my favorite color wasn't pink and I didn't want to wear dresses all the time (funnily enough no one does at that age, but I failed to see it; I wouldn't mind now either). But if I did happen to like pink but didn't have gender dysphoria, I'd likely be confused into transitioning.

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It's why care needs to be taken. Kids don't really have enough experience to know themselves and can just believe what they're told. Not saying it's always the case but how fast some jump to active steps rather than seeing what the kid is thinking is an issue.

I knew some boys growing up that loved makeup. Not gay or trans or anything, just loved spending time with their big sisters and imitating them. I'd be worried if someone was telling them that because they like that they're actually girls. Because I can see them thinking and agreeing with that and not really understanding what it means.

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Christians in the US are starting to get the same attitude. I don't know what's behind it because their own Bible praises celibacy and discourages marriage.

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    What? If anything they're going in the exact opposite direction. They're like "Slay them all and God will sort them out!". Didn't used to be but the 2020 riots TRIGGERED them.

    I for one believe in the "cuck" turn the other cheek values.

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      According to the media's portrayal yes. In reality, before 2020 riots pushed them over the edge most conservatives had a moderate libertarian ideology with a strong emphasis on the Constitution and the founding values of America. Their "anti-gay" rhetoric mostly boiled down to "don't force a baker to serve a gay wedding against his religious beliefs". And they were "transphobic" because they didn't like how SJWs were banning everyone and demanding censorship over disagreements or even accidental instances of things like "misgendering".

      That couldn't be further from the truth now. They have indeed become entirely reactionary. They're actually going backwards on social issues as of late, becoming violently anti-trans and anti-gay, and even shaming straight people who don't conform to 1950s ideas about gender roles. Actually more like 1920s, because a lot of them now think women shouldn't be able to vote, even people you'd never expect to go this far off the rails. After the shooting they're now doing a 180 on gun control. They hate freedom of speech and rights and individualism in general. A few are beginning to act racist. They even hate America and usually want to go back to monarchy or some shit. Oh and they hate Jesus too, despite supposedly remaining predominantly Christian.

      How do I know this? Browsing sites like this one for the past few years was enough to watch plenty of people change, but I also live amongst it. They have lost their minds, almost as bad if not just as bad as the liberals at this point. It is unbelievable the way some people have changed. No doubt this is some social engineering plot for a dictator like Emperor Palpatine to take over.

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      I'm so glad I'm not a teen today. Fuck man, puberty is confusing enough. Doubly so for a gay person imo. I'd probably get put on the Troon train for wondering.

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      Lucky you. It'll never end for me.

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      Do tell

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      I have gender dysphoria

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      That's basically it. Any teenager going through puberty is going to be uncomfortable with their body right? That's not even gender disphoria. That's just puberty.v

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      Seriously, even without taking into account other factors like unwanted sexual attention puberty is not fun. Hormones make you a complete mess at that age if nothing else and I know more than a few people who had really painful growth spurts and periods of being really clumsy due to that.

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      I think it's dysphoria when it persists into adulthood and never ends.

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      But I'm now an adult and still just as uncomfortable with my new body. That is definitely not normal.

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      There's a reason I specified for teens. Adults can do what they want. They should def be asked the same questions but I do think it might be hard for a teenage girl to distinguish herself between puberty uncomfortable and dysphoria uncomfortable. Let alone any doctor that can't see into her head. If an adult is uncomfortable then you're at least not having the same issue of whether it's puberty or not so you have more to work with.

      Still need to be careful due to other issues that may be causing the feeling but I'd hope that any competent doctor would address those before jumping into potentially life altering choices.

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      Get your next girlfriend at the Detrans store, 25% off.

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      Natal males had later onset (by 1.9 years) than females, and they were much less likely to have taken steps toward social gender transition (65.7% for females versus 28.6% for males).

      Proof that most of the TiMs are just straight, normal sex losers who want an excuse to perv on the gals in the locker room.

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      I think another problem is that "trans" is just too big a bucket to use as a real category: it contains groups that even in the 2000s wouldn't be seen as even getting along with each other--drag queens, people with actual damn dysphoria, confused teens, men wearing their wives' lingerie during sex, the androgynous

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      u/ActuallyNot, here you go

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      Interesting paper, laying out a couple of hypotheses.

      It's not evidence yet. We'll see how the scholarly literature responds in the coming months.

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      Scholarly literature is too warped by wokeism to come to a reliable conclusion. If it doesn't agree with trans ideology, they'll hide it out of fear of being fired for "transphobia".

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      Scholarly literature is too warped by wokeism to come to a reliable conclusion.

      Science is the best tool we have for finding the truth. If you think that it's too warped, the problem not with the truth, but with your beliefs. Examine them. Some will need changing.

      If it doesn't agree with trans ideology, they'll hide it out of fear of being fired for "transphobia".

      There may be a little bit of that. But the science will find that truth in the end.

      And for the moment, this "Rapid Onset Gender Dysphoria" has no consensus amongst researchers, and is not accepted by practitioners. Papers are coming that refute as well as support that there is a "social contagion".

      What is important is that consistency and trend of GD is established before any non-reversible treatments are prescribed. And as far as that point goes, they're doing well, with only 1 or 2% de-transitioning.

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      Science is easily biased. That's why experiments are supposed to have such strict protocols (which are often not followed), and still end up with wildly different results. Already a biased media can pick and choose studies with results that seem to support the desired view. And the studies themselves can be biased to produce a certain result. And since the trans debate is so heated right now, it's one of the most likely subjects to suffer from this problem.