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"Pride is a protest! NO NOT LIKE THAT!"

This has been a very useful situation to help sort the wheat from the chaff. There are the ones whose reaction has been "Don't like dick? Isn't that definition of a lesbian?" and the ones that are beyond saving and still defending the actions of the police (funny how quickly ACAB gets forgotten when they're acting as your personal goon squad). The funniest for me is Boy George saying anything on the matter, shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that he doesn't see anything wrong with rapey rhetoric

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The funniest for me is Boy George saying anything on the matter, shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone that he doesn't see anything wrong with rapey rhetoric

Oh, is there a story?

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He once tied a rent boy to a radiator and beat him with a chain. Kind of funny how that one got memory holed pretty quickly

George Michael would have never

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He did come out a few years back to say he didn't do it but was advised to take a deal.

Which would be unusual for a celeb who lives on their reputation.

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George Michael? Lives on his reputation? The same man who got arrested by police for blowing strangers in a public toilet? What reputation?

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No, Boy George.

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George was a bit of a faggot.

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Depends - before the internets it was much easier to brush things under the rug as long as people stopped talking about it.

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"Get the L out"! I just suggested that. I'm glad others are of a like mind. Lesbians need to ditch the rainbow, everyone else in that rainbow is cool with cock, and they want lesbians to be down with cock too. And that's pretty diametrically opposed to what lesbians are.

You can't even say this on any major platform without catching a ban. What the hell happened to free speech and the internet in particular. Dark times...

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My theory is that many trans people aren't very likable and therefore don't have many friends. Usually these are the types that get set off every time they are "mis gendered" aka the trans Karen types, there are exceptions but they aren't usually seeking attention and just want to be left alone.

Given that the internet is about the only place that the biological realities of life don't matter, the internet is the only place where trans women can get validation that they are the same as natal women. So I think that rather than deal with reality many of them simply spend an inordinate amount of time online between porn sessions and online communities. So no matter where you go online there's going to be a much higher persistence of trans people than in real life and they'll shut down anything that doesn't validate their identity.

You can usually tell when you've hit at the truth of a matter based on how angry someone becomes upon hearing it. Which is why when you mention that Lesbians won't want to have relationships with trans women by and large because they are only interested in females, you'll see them get indignant, and that's simply because a bunch of trans-women are simply straight men with a weird fetish that want to get in bed with lesbians.

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Yeah, this works with the overarching problem this had:

What began with an apple must end with a horse.

What began by demonizing gamers must end with gamers applying a God Mode cheat.

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Given that the internet is about the only place that the biological realities of life don't matter, the internet is the only place where trans women can get validation that they are the same as natal women.

Aside from every Fortune 500 company and major university.

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Given that the internet is about the only place that the biological realities of life don't matter

Transhumanism... Or we could even say the Internet is about the only place that reality does not matter. Case-in-point Zuckerberg's "metaverse." If one seeks to make an "alternate/virtual" reality, well, it's really quite there in the words, no?

the internet is the only place where trans women can get validation

The internet is the number one place for crafting any sort of persona, trans or not, irrespective of how that person actually is. They could be, wise, or likeable, or funny, etc. This isn't any different on mainstream social media. Perfectly heterosexual people are equally wrapped up in the internet's siren song, which is: to be anyone you want to be. See the trouble with that? There's some complicity with regards to trans there as well; I admonish everyone on that, because it derives from the mainstream.

So no matter where you go online there's going to be a much higher persistence of trans people than in real life

There are a few spots outside a trans convention where you can find an abundance of them. In my limited personal experience, it's in places dedicated to erotic phenomena. Sex shops, fetish clubs, BDSM "munches." etc. This mostly pertains to the common MTF type. FTMs, in my experience, are lacking from public or quasi-public places. Curious... worried... where are they? But I never get the intuitive sense that the MTF in these scenarios are comfortable. It strikes me that they're walking on eggshells, yet prepared to lash-out. They're seething, internally, but, it's not the Internet, and real social rules apply. Maybe it's just the exaggerated high-heels they're wearing without much experience, but no, I think... they're tying to have peace from without, as opposed to within. It's exhibitionist, but yet a cry for acceptance. I don't think they're getting it, never mind the more lax attitudes about well, everything in these sorts of places.

Lesbians... because they are only interested in females

Which invalidates the transsexuals' wish that they are female. Because lesbians are not into them, thus, not female. Lesbians don't like men. Lesbians don't like MTF trans, thus, not women.

Male-to-female transsexuals are generally not inviting the validation of men, because men are often not the object of desire (with the exception of behavioral homosexuality--because it is "women" who have sex with men.) Combine this with the co-option of LGB...TQ+ and the circuitous assumption that it's always been that way, as one, big happy family, it's understood as a betrayal--one of the worst offenses--that they are on high alert for.

Or, simply put, they seek sexual validation, not societal validation per say, but sexual validation. They're not getting it, and it's causing a huge ruckus.

Finally, I'll add, I don't think we're giving enough credence to sexual phenomena. You might not like them, but they are here, present, and they are compelling. Case in point?

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A woman wanting to be a man is very rare, those are trannys I can accept. It takes a special kind of person to WANT to be in the manosphere. It's lonely, it's hard, you only exist on merit.

But in the troon department, a bunch of derranged unlikable ugly men try to be women because they think they'll get easy attention as most women receive. The reality to me is that most men wanting to be women are just a bunch of perverts trying to invade female spaces.

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A woman wanting to be a man is very rare

It was, you missed the explosion of FTMs and NBs?

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They want to be Korean boy band singers, not men.

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I think only exist online. I see the troons everywhere, but they are men pretending to be women. I only know one female to male.

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Not basing it on online fuckery but the reported 1400% increase reported by medical sources.

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Don't fucking care, frankly its about fucking time the shoe ended up on a other foot...

See big red, Warren Farrells talk at a Canadian uni, protests at the red pill movie showings, mens rights conferences, etc, etc...

Fuck em, let them fight...

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Hmm what if we didn't drop the T but just dissolved out of the alphabet soup and into our own communities for a while? And maybe later regroup as LG? Not aggressive, not controversial, just don't engage, drop out and make our own alliance. TQ+ thrives on drama and confrontation. And without L and G, which make up the largest chunk, the rest collapses.

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It's already happening. The forced teaming is due to money-seeking orgs like St*nwall. The L, G and the B often don't want anything to do with each other.

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I fuckin hope so. Has stonewall outlived its purpose? Iirc a few of my friends dislike them because they took credit for gay marriage being passed. And their pivot to trans issues instead of gay issues.

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The left is eating each other as usual.

Anyway, I know I keep saying this, but I have zero respect for British police officers. They simp for shitlibs and globalists. One of the worst police officers on the planet, next to Australian, Dutch, French and German police officers.

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They're so focused on community outreach and PR, they've forgotten that their actual job is meant to be fighting and solving crime.

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Remember the Met was led by a woman who actually failed upwards (amongst other things she was Gold commander and gave the order to kill Jean Charles de Menezes), there was no blunder that she made that they didn’t reward her for, and then people acted shocked when she repeatedly and absolutely cocked the top job up (and they were still reluctant to get rid of her).

The police’s (along with the rest of the emergency services, the NHS and the armed forces) obsession with DEI is due to Whitehall and Westminster. Ministers and Mandarins have been pushing that shit for years, and whilst organisations like the College of Policing bear some responsibility ultimately it’s down to the government. The fact that it’s accelerated under a Tory government just indicates the institutional capture that has occurred.

The Civil Service has become a bit of basket case over the past decade, the refusal en masse to return to their offices is beyond a joke, and I wonder if this is just one of the DEI chickens coming home to roost.

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She didn't fail upwards.

Rather she was successful in agreeing with the politics in fashion among the elites and telling them what they want to hear at every point in time.

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Ironically, they’ve fucked their PR beyond repair.

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it's almost heartwarming how troons are bringing everyone else together. lesbians and conservatives who would never otherwise see eye-to-eye on anything have a common enemy for once. men who never cared about feminist issues are taking interest in women's safety because the ladydicks are popping out around their children. trans cooms are gonna save the world.

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The Ts vision for the world is a tacky dress-up party where everyone fucks each other and nothing matters. How inspiring. It's time to stop pretending these "people" are anything more than degenerate social rejects, they deserve scorn not idolatry.

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Regular reminder that the leader of the welsh assembly is a social science lecturer who brought his own autist son up to be a rapist.