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Declaring oneself as “queer” to these Straights is more of a political statement to them than an actual orientation

That's it, you got it. The main issue regarding current LGBT community comes from the way intersectionality works: the more "oppressed" labels you can get (being black, gay, female, etc), the higher you'll be percieved in the social hierarchy. And God forbids if you're one of the "oppressors": a white male cis heterosexual with no mental illness. However, claiming yourself as "queer" is quite easy: since the word is ill-defined, pretty much anyone who doesn't conform to some cliche or another can claim the label for themselves. And unlike being black or gay, where it becomes easy for people to notice overtime if you're faking it, most of the things pertaining to mental illness can easily fool people who don't know much about said mental illness.

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Which leads to the forgotten part:

Theory 3 They're high school catty mean girls who want an excuse to bully people for the rest of their lives. It's a power trip, and the less systemic power a group has, the more power an individual can claim. This is why the first thing the fakers do once they adopt the group is kick out the real people in the group for not being cool enough and that makes them sad.

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Which is why it does annoy me a little when people in here say "the problem is we don't bully kids enough any more." No. These were the kids who bullied you, not the other way round. That why they work through social pressure, shaming and exclusion. That's their skill set.

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Exactly. And it's also notable that these people started with geek culture, then went on to LGBT+ people here. It's the textbook level of a high school bully. First you go after the acceptable targets of the nerds, then when you've been accepted for targetting the nerds, you can start targeting the social misfit minority groups, then when you get accepted for that you can start on "anyone who's not one of the popular kids", then you become the prom queen/prom king and can attack anyone you want.

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Nail on the head. You can't bully people anymore, so as with everything else woke they just use a new name and it's acceptable.

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I miss the old type of “cringe” bullying tbh, at least the bullies back then wouldn’t make themselves out to be morally self-righteous and so were easier to deal with.

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This is why the first thing the fakers do once they adopt the group is kick out the real people in the group for not being cool enough and that makes them sad.

Is this why we see the “tucutes” constant cancelling of Blaire White and other so-called “truscum?” (i.e. actual real trans people who themselves were just so gay and opposite gender brained they felt it better to live as the opposite sex.)

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It is a big reason for it, but also the same as "the one thing Woke people hate more than anything is a person of their pet minority group who disagrees with them".

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Could you imagine if intersectionality became a fucking government push?

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That is true. Second point especially. If you're white and straight, the liberals see you as an "oppressor". So a straight white liberal slaps the "queer" label on to avoid being "the oppressor" and to be able to whine about how oppressed her or she is, because being oppressed is considered currency in liberal echo chambers.

Unfortunately, so many gay, lesbian and bisexual people simp for those LARPers.

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I have noticed that most of the hetero queer fakers such as non-binaries, transbians, “gay” transmen, neo-pronoun users & bi/pan girls who have never so much as kissed a girl all tend to be white.

I almost never see POC, especially Black people pulling this shit. When they’re gay or trans you know they’re gay or trans (hence why “black transwoman sex worker” is like the most revered oppressed class amongst the Left yet) otherwise they stay in their lane and don’t bother with the dyed hair or neopronoun trends.

Is it because just by virtue of being black gives hetero African Americans enough “oppression points” so they don’t need to opt in using queer or mental health disorder labels to escape criticism?

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Another factor is that black people in America don't buy into this LGBT crap. Homophobic black people don't mind if they offend LGBT people, so the LARPers have no ammo against them. Black people who support LGBT people also don't care if you label them as homophobic because they know it's not true - they'll simply laugh at you. And most of them know that this NB-shit is fake. In the rare case you do find a black NB troon he or she keeps quiet about it around other black people.

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I think what’s really telling about “transbians” and “gay trans boys/non-binaries” being fakers is that this is purely a Western/White phenomena. 3rd world countries or more traditional societies only have HSTS transsexuals (typically they transition in order to escape homophobia) and even the HSTS trans people you see here in the West all tend to be POC (Even Blaire White herself is half Hispanic).

You almost never see heterosexual AGP/AAP trans people from these cultures and that more than anything else paints this as an LARP event. The very definition of “first world problems” for straight middle-class white people who need to invent their own problems because they literally don’t have any.

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We get it, you hate White people.

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Well said. Most HSTS trannies are non-white. Which is a shame, because I have a thing for gay men who are black or Hispanic.

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Exactly, social class is a huge part of it.

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Nine times out of ten when I come across some unhinged woke take it’s almost always coming from the straight side of the “queer” community. I’m talking your neopronoun wearing fae/faeselves, “nonbinaries,” pan/bisexual girls who conveniently have never dated a girl and are currently with a guy, and of course straight trans people such as cringe AGP “transbians” and uwu soft “transboy gay guys.”

This isn't a slam on OP, just an observation. I think you guys should quit using their language, frankly it makes most people eye roll and get that gag reflex going.

All you need is retard and mentally ill, let's keep it real.

You legitimize it when you perpetuate it.

Also, it's really hard to follow. I can do fairly complex math in my head and I can't keep any of this straight. In fairness, it's because the subject makes me sick so I choose not to spend time on learning these terms, but still, you need a fucking glossary of terms at this point if not an entire dictionary.

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God, preach. It's extremely confusing, almost as if... It's designed to be...

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The observation that you've identified is the tip of the iceberg.

Theory 3: There's an hidden agenda to demolish all social norms, so these norms can easily be replaced substituted for a culture that had been long planned for the world.
Search UN AGENDA 21 for details (there's also a sub for that).

NGOs and "Philanthropic" foundations are worth trillions, and pour billions of dollars into this agenda.

It's almost a certainty that a high percentage of the extremely vocal advocates are agenda true believers, who are being paid handsomely to push the agenda in the pubic.

Another parallel operation that is closely related is the ESG movement.

I could go on and on, about this, and other tangential subjects.

Unfortunately, most aren't interested in ugly truths, so I won't bother.

I'll just mention that there's a transhumansist agenda at play. That's one of the primary agenda goals.

It's openly discussed. Publicly, in certain circles.

It's open, conspiracy, fact. An open conspiracy.

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"Queer" is such cancer.

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    I'm going to disagree with that, but of course I don't know what experiences you've had with it.

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    Blaire White and Arielle Scarcella are based though.

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    Someone is salty.

    Please, share your story with us!

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    Someone please capitalise on this by opening queer bars where these people can be contained.

    I've noted that these people shy away from groups where masculinity is the currency(and therefore unhip) like bears and leathermen.