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Actually, I'm expanding on and repeating my previous announcement.

As I stated, I already knew about the issues. Thank you for pushing back and making me notice they are interrelated.

It doesn't negate the fact that your 3 posts belonged in /s/VaccineInjuries because there are doubtless going to be hundreds, thousands, and perhaps millions more and we don't need them all clogging up /s/news and /s/whatever.

It doesn't negate the fact that most of the SaidIt core users follow /s/All or have All selected in their preferences for the front page.

It also doesn't negate the need for better organization on SaidIt in the topical subs for lack of metatags. Future researchers will value the cumulative effort we put in now.

We can lobby d3rr to make some changes to the default subs. Here's an outdated big list of many of the best subs, IMO: /s/Surveillance/wiki/index#wiki_list_of_potentially_topically_related_saidit_subs Let's discuss them and others now. Also, bring up topics you like and we may already have a sub for it, or some that are related. Perhaps you want to moderate some. Talk it out.

I'm not management, but I do try to lead by example. Sometimes I get misunderstood and sometimes I just fail. Always I try.

this is why i would not write code behind you.

I'm not asking you to write code behind me, under me, or for me. You're unpredictable, volatile, and I suspect you're not too dependable. Regardless, in September we'll be discussing and outlining some ideas for the Cassandra Team projects and you are free to consider them and if you want to do anything for them, lead a solo project, or pick holes in our efforts and shit all over them. Criticism can be valuable too - but it's usually better when constructive. You can prejudge them before you even see them - or when the time comes you may volunteer as you see fit. Eventually we hope to develop a code-bounty system that will payout cash or crypto upon delivery. These projects are not for me. These projects are for our SaidIt and the expanding truth-seeker communities.

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I'm not management, but I do try to lead by example

you are management material. I have worked under many phd management people, and you have the necessary ingredients to walk on that level. you dont get emotional, that is most important..

no, i am not interested to write code for saidit.. i will admit that i am a loose cannon and i am unpredictable and i am not the most dependable person on the block.. but hey, writing code at the level that i write code has nothing to do with being at my desk at 8am and leaving at 5pm on schedule daily, lol.. dependable on my level is about drinking forty gallons of coffee and smoking four ounces of weed and playing some AC/DC real loud and getting this shit done FIRST FIRST CLASS.

but i dont wanna work for you... i wanna work for me.. my site is going to be so ultra simple that at first you will swear that it isnt even a social media site.. lol..

i just cracked my knuckles.


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I've directed animation, live-action, and many creative projects - cooperatively. I despise authority almost as much as I loathe lies, so I avoid it or taking it at all costs - even at my own detriment. I don't get emotional much online, though I am passionate. In person I often don't have the time or focus to not be as emotional. Also, I'm not consistent / reliable / timely on many fronts. I want to be, but not enough to create the good habits necessary.

I don't want you to work for me. I hope you might consider some stuff in September (or later if I'm not timely), and then choose to take them on for your own reasons - or choose not to, as you like.

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in a nutshell, you need to do a ground-up from scratch rebuild..

the first thing that you want to do in designing a web application is focus on laying out the tables of the mysql database, and drawing up mockups of the various pages of the site.

the mysql tables should be able to store the relevant information that is required to render the various pages that you have mocked up..

rough draft mockups can first be made up with a marking pen or with a crayon..

final mockups should be developed as actual html and these static pages should be delivered to your development team along with the mysql database tables and sample queries.

i am a big fan of developing web applications using C language(gcc compiler) on a nice tight and thin linux box.

number one, maybe we want to shitcan that cloudflare nonsense and we would want to handle any of that functionality directly inside of our custom developed web server software.

the web server would be VERY stripped down and simplified and would also be the actual web application.

no more apache server.

web server and web application would all be wrapped up into one application that would bind to port 80.

very nice documentation about how to write a web server in C language for linux:

(i have at one time read every character of the above linked document from beej, i read it character by character... i know the entire thing by memory, or at least i did)

i do not take shortcuts.

also, it is so easy to have the site be rendered on the clearnet AND the darkweb using the same code.

video: brain research laboratory

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you dont get emotional,

Unless socks is involved.