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There's a 'mute sub' option under each post, just click it under a post from the offending subs, and they go away. I used it on all the new refugee subs, it works.

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Optional moderation will solve this nicely too. How great would it be that you could just click a filter that has all the subs you don't like on it filtered out? You would be free to make this filter or any else could and anyone could select it from a ranked list with other filters.

Free speech and free listening!

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    I was thinking not having them show up on All either. I have a bad habit of wasting time and going through rabbit holes, I'd prefer to stop them from appearing entirely.

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    'mute sub' will handle that. it shows on /s/all only.

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    How did I miss this option before? Thank youuuuu!

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    This option desperately needs to be streamlined.

    As a new user I was automatically subbed to hundreds, possibly thousands of subs (pages upon pages, it's insane) I want nothing to do with. The list to unsub is fucking ridiculously huge and every sub has to be clicked individually and there's a slight but annoying latency after each unsub.

    I've been avoiding the entirety of saddit because of this one flaw.

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    Nothing against certain subsaidits (subsaids? sub... fuck it.)

    Lol that gets to me too. And I get bad associations with Saudi Arabia. I wish the site was called saddit. Kinda like reddit isn't called readit.

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    I just want to be able to hide everything related to politics (leftwing, rightwing, everything inbetween) especially US politics. It's irrelevant to me, I waste too much time irked at things I can't control, and I want to focus on the non-political side of SaidIt.

    This is very much where I'm at, as well. It's going to be a real challenge to not get sucked into this election. Stay strong! Your mental health will thank you.

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    I think in this case it's best not viewing all, but just subbing to the subs you're interested in and viewing by subscription.

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    Thank you! It's not a mental health thing, I have my shit together and I don't give too many fucks, I "get irked and waste time" in a popcorn-eating, ranting-to-random-people way, completely unproductive way xD