When did the idea of wanting to live a less complicated life hit you? What built up to it? by forgottenpasswordguy in simpleliving

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I've been kept on a tight leash my entire life - so when I went off to college (free in my country if you have decent grades) my parents controlled me by threatening to cut off my spending money (food and dorm rent) every time I wouldn't do what they wanted. It wasn't much but it was definitely a control thing. A year in, I got a job and told myself that I'll never allow anyone to control me with money again. I learned a lot from frugal, simpleliving, eatcheapandhealthy and have trained myself to only buy what I really need or really want. It wasn't difficult since I started this lifestyle right when I got my first paycheck. I track my spending and plan my "fun" money. During the summer I have two months where I don't plan to save anything, I just travel cheaply.

This shit started again, but now it was my job that tried to control me. A few months ago, I quit a downright abusive job on the spot in the middle of one of the most severe lockdowns in the world. I had nothing else lined up and I could have never done that if I hadn't been habitually saving up for years. Everyone acted like I was completely insane and ungrateful because people were being fired left and right, but I was pretty relaxed since I knew I had enough in my bank for food and bills for almost a year. I think this is an underrated aspect of simple living - nobody can control you by dangling your livelihood in front of you

Check out this mod on Reddit... talk about pedophilia red flags by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Off the top of my head: Noragami, Psycho Pass and Shinsekai Yori. I know dudebro/ecchi stuff isn't targeted at us so I don't even bother giving anything with an ecchi tag or male-oriented.

Check out this mod on Reddit... talk about pedophilia red flags by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Couldn't agree more - I got into anime/manga 15 years ago and while the communities were full of misfits and socially awkward people, I don't remember them being so gross. I remember when politics and religion were considered controversial subjects (most forums had special debate subforums) and being offtopic was highly frowned upon. Now the discord trans agenda shows up everywhere.

What SHOULD be taught in schools? by Aureus in AskSaidIt

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I find psychology and communication very good knowledge to have and everyone would benefit from being more self-aware. However, it costs no resources to teach other than books, a classroom and a teachers' time, so going to college for this at US rates is pretty insane. Considering how many socially retarded people I deal with on a daily basis by working in tech (me included, occasionally) we could all use some extra humanities study.

Insightful and funny are two of four options you have regarding comments.... by Byebyeredditaccount in whatever

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That's why I like saidit so much - you either feed or ignore the troll. Quality bait is entertaining, low effort trolling gets put on seen and that really hurts.

Hide entire subsaidits? by kallyr in SaidIt

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How did I miss this option before? Thank youuuuu!

Some insight about free speech from Reddit: West turning into USSR by cloudrabbit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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This has been EXACTLY my experience too, down to the smallest detail. Corporate life is cushy and comfortable as long as you don't deviate from the script.

My grandpa was literally "canceled" by the Party, all his goods and property were confiscated, and he was banned from entering any university in the country. Now I realize I could be in the same situation and I'm scared that this censhorship/canceling shit will come here too and history will repeat itself.

What Reddit bullshit you've encountered? by cloudrabbit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I'm just as surprised as you are... yes we all speak our native language there, that's why I was VERY surprised. No, they all sounded native, some of them were actually decently articulate but all their arguments were imported from the American TRA's. Check out mainstreet.one and highergroundlabs.com, they are some outright dystopian startups that are offering their services in manipulatuing Internet discourse. I used to think this was a crockpot theory but no. It's a service, has employees who believe in its mission, who post their faces and their rates online. I hate 2020.

Hide entire subsaidits? by kallyr in SaidIt

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Thank you! It's not a mental health thing, I have my shit together and I don't give too many fucks, I "get irked and waste time" in a popcorn-eating, ranting-to-random-people way, completely unproductive way xD

Hide entire subsaidits? by kallyr in SaidIt

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I was thinking not having them show up on All either. I have a bad habit of wasting time and going through rabbit holes, I'd prefer to stop them from appearing entirely.

What are YOU doing to make Saidit a Better Place? by scrubking in AskSaidIt

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I JUST searched for /s/simpleliving and it's not here, if someone would create it I would gladly try to contribute with what I can.

What’s something you looked forward to as a child but now hate as an adult? by hylia in AskSaidIt

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Working "with computers, playing games all day long" in one of them fancy buildings in the big city.

Fifteen years later... hahahahaha

What Reddit bullshit you've encountered? by cloudrabbit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I'm from a small east-european country that is pretty socially conservative, and mostly posted on my country's subreddit. We had a referendum 2 years ago on whether to modify the constitution to make gay marriage impossible. The public opinion on every post was 50-50 and I've never seen such vitriol, heavy disagreement and upvote/downvote wars where a comment could swing wildly from negative to positive votes. Business as usual!

This year we had a conservative politician propose a law to ban all gender&idpol ideology from being taught in universities. The opinion was overwhelmingly negative, and all comments that politely agreed with the politician's proposal were downvoted into oblivion. I've seen astroturfing and vote manipulation before, but I know my people and there's NO WAY we did such a massive shift in 2 years. Hell, earlier this year a coworker said (in front of HR) that he would break a gay's legs if they tried to hit on him, and nobody blinked.

I hoped foreign-language subreddits would be safe from the blatant discourse manipulation that infected the entire damn site.

Is Saidit a reddit replacement or just righty reddit? by EY_SCOOF in AskSaidIt

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I've seen some lefties (even hardcore lefties) who quit Reddit precisely because they are ashamed to have their ideas associated with cancel culture.