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The word queer makes me cringe now, and I'm not an English speaker.

Also the article was so dumb that it reminded me of jehovah witness propaganda. They wrote it as if the readers were preschoolers.

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The infantilization of grown ass adults is a signature characteristic of modern "queer activism".

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This is why I avoid any of these spaces. I am a goddamn grown adult, not a kid. Seeing such a language even between adult people, even as a "joke" makes me super uncomfortable and all I do is step away. I feel the need to show to straight people I want to be treated like anyone else. Like an adult, who you talk to like to an adult. Not like to a 13 year old, who is on Tumblr too much.

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Not like to a 13 year old, who is on Tumblr too much.

The problem is that many of those who participate on these "queer groups" have this exact mental age.

One evidence which points to this is how they go completely ballistic if they witness any semblance of opposition to their beliefs: instead of having a civil discussion, like most grown adults, they resort to histrionic screaming and flailing their arms like a toddler who was denied a toy.

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Yeah the infantile behavior extends to pretty much everything. One thing is doing it as a part of a silly joke but it seems like any self-declared queer person is supposed to have this childish vibe as a whole.

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Let's see what we have here:

Q: When do you feel the most queer?

A: Right now, I mean, look at my outfit! And last night, when I made out with a random girl. The feeling gets stronger with each passing day, and I love it.

So being queer is about consumerism and having bad taste in dresses, apparently.

At Christmas dinner with a bunch of straight people, I’ve been asked if I was a top or a bottom. That was an invasion of privacy. In those moments, I thought, “Shut up lady, I don’t ask you about your straight sex life.”

I can't blame her, really.

This shit is so normalized in certain "queer" groups that this person probably thought that being really invasive about his sex life was not only fine, but also a good way of showing her comfort with "queer culture".

Q: What’s the most queer thing you’ve ever done?

A: [Laughs] I’m thinking of an extreme sex story, because it went against all heteronormative standards, but I’ll keep the details to myself.

This is the same person who said the quote above, by the way.

You're not helping your case, buddy.

If you base your whole identity around sex, don't be surprised if people around you think that bringing up the subject all the time is a good way to be friendly to you.

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Having bizarre sex doesn't make you more queer. It may make you a weirdo, but not gay. I can only imagine what sex defying "heteronormative standards" means to this person... actually, I don't want to imagine it.

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Having bizarre sex doesn't make you more queer.

It's important to remember that "gay" and "queer" are not the same thing in this context.

The word "queer" is used as an umbrella term for a series of behaviors which break social standards and the notion of "normalcy" in general.

In this sense, a gay person can be "not queer" and a straight person can in theory be "queer".

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Yep. It’s now “queer” to not sleep with someone unless one has an emotional attachment to the other person (aka “demisexual”). A huge number of heterosexual people fall under this qualification, therefore, they’re “queer”.

You can’t make this stuff up. A huge number of heterosexual people qualify as “queer” just for preferring monogamy.

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There was a post in asexual forum asking if any other demisexual also develops sexual attraction quickly like them.

Words have no meaning.

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I met a girl like this on an LGBTQ dating app. She came out to me... as straight. Gray-ace and demisexual. Nice girl, but wish the straights would stop invading our spaces.

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Only if you give them the ground to take the term "queer" from us. It used to be confined only to gay people, and perhaps transsexuals, but now it means all manner of left-wing heterosexual. Which is unfortunate. I hope we reclaim the word one day.

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I do not, to be honest.

I hope they bring this word to the ground, where it belongs.

I have a very clear position on this whole "appropriating slurs" thing, which is a good and clear "no".

The first problem with this word is that it's so vague in meaning that it could theoretically be applied to anything "subversive", which is unhelpful at best and counterintuitive at worst.

Also, I personally thing that the first step in showing respect for oneself is to reject terms made to degrade and diminish oneself.

This might be a little radical, but eh... I believe it's appropriate.

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I know heterosexual academics who decades ago said they are "queer" or "male lesbians"-these men are not TS.