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I want to recommend this article to you:

Especially the part where he talks about critical social justice theory thinkers, who think debate and discussion are the tools of the supremacy and they need to be destroyed.

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That was the article that actually led me to the “peak woke” one. It’s such a great breakdown!

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I skimmed through this article too! Didn't have much time to read it, but what I saw was pretty great.

I might recommend this channel to you (this is just a nice example video of what it's about, recently).
What I like about it is that Tim, being a rational center-left liberal, is a living, breathing example of just how far the left has been radicalized in the last 20 years (well, that and his great views/videos, of course).

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People unaffiliated with the protests are using them as cover for their nefarious, petty vandalism?

I am more than willing to believe that this is true. But, if true, then the 'legitimate' protestors have a moral obligation to police those people. But they're not. It is abundantly clear from video footage that when the 'unaffiliated' people engage in criminal acts, the 'peaceful protestors' cheer them on, as well as hiding them and defending them from law enforcement.

As far as I'm concerned, that's affiliation

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I find it hilarious that I'm supposed to be terrified of right wing protests due to Covid, but supposed to cheer on BLM protests occurring during the very same pandemic. It seems like with a highly infectious disease with a >.3% fatality rate, you can just choose when to propagate fear and panic, and when to minimize it out of political convenience. I guess I reached "peak woke" way before "woke" even was popularized as a term. Back in 2011 the atheist/skeptic community got completely fractured due to intersectional feminism trying to take over through "Atheism+" and scandals like elevator gate opened my eyes to the absurd demands and accusations of SJWs (also before that term became popular) made towards average people behaving normally. I also noticed this new philosophy creeping into my hobbies like metal music, gaming, sports/fitness, and the shows that I enjoyed in the years leading up to the 2016 election. Eventually everything just reached a fever pitch where I couldn't use my escapist hobbies to escape from politics, so I now oppose this bs everywhere it pops up in my life. I kinda wish I was able to ignore this stuff until more recently, but unfortunately I'm almost at a full decade of exposure to this bs.

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Are you me?

No but seriously, this new woke bullshit feels like a religion. Part of me wonders if christianity wasn't serving as an inoculation against this new religion. Maybe most people can never actually be rational and need something to fill that nonsense hole?

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Reading what you wrote made me so angry because you're right. This shit is ridiculous!

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    "Floyd the Landlord."

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    These countries need to love themselves more, they need to celebrate their achievements and prosperity rather than lament their past (mis)deeds, which these disorders feed on. That's the source of unity which makes a nation strong, being proud and appreciative of the indigenous culture and its peoples are essential to stand up against these divisive forces.

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    The yt channel Unsafe Space is great at deconstructing Woke ideology.

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    You're 100% right. This is their way of "creating order out of chaos" - they're manufacturing chaos so they can pick up the pieces and reconstruct them to their liking, and all of the things you mentioned are what's causing or apart of the chaos.

    I'm honestly starting to believe we're fucked and we just have to buckle our seat-belts because we're already on the ride and it started moving a while ago.

    Also, welcome :)

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    A is white, B is black, and that's all that matters.

    Find your own color whitey!

    A is for alabaster. You need to find a color that starts with a W.

    Actually, alabaster probably is closer to the Caucasian complexion than white. It's like white+yellow.

    Alabaster. We should go with that.

    Alabaster folks, and black folks.


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    Alabaster is also fragile. So there!

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    That's funny.

    I don't think white people are fragile.

    I do think the media has unfairly shamed a dignified community.

    I don't blame BLM, or Antifa, or any of the other co-opted operations.

    The media mafia and globalist infiltrators are the real enemy. Foreign and domestic.

    The divide and conquer sham could end quickly if the American veterans recognized their brothers in arms, and remember their dignity.

    This needs to happen before a civil war starts, because the globalists will invade and support the traitors.

    It's time to identify any trial the infiltrators and traitors.

    It's time to expel the globalist invaders.

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    James Byrd Jr. (May 2, 1949 – June 7, 1998) was an African American man who was murdered by three white supremacists in Jasper, Texas, on June 7, 1998. Shawn Berry, Lawrence Brewer and John King dragged Byrd for three miles behind a pickup truck along an asphalt road. Byrd, who remained conscious for much of his ordeal, was killed about halfway through the dragging when his body hit the edge of a culvert, severing his right arm and head. The murderers drove on for another ​1 1⁄2 miles (2.4 km) before dumping Byrd's torso in front of a black cemetery in Jasper.

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    had to go back 22 years to find an actual hate crime

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    i used to work with an old black man, probably one of the nicest guys that i have ever known.. he had worked for our boss for all of his adult life.. he told me that when he was younger and he and the boss would go to lunch that the boss would walk in the front door of the cafe but that he had to enter the cafe using the rear door of the cafe.. he also told me that back in the fifties, etc, if he would go into a store and so much as brush up against a white woman that if he was lucky they would only run him out of town.

    when i grew up as a little boy, my parents were hella racist and they used to daydream about joining the ku klux klan.. they thought it would be a move up the social ladder.. my own mama would tell me that if i was to bring any niggers into our home that they would throw the nigger out and then they would throw me out.

    black folks is real tired of the bullshit, and that is what the black lives matter movement is about.

    i wouldnt be surprised if they actually lynch a few crackers(that is slang for white folks, cuz we is white like a saltine cracker)..

    peace and love to my brothers and sisters of color.

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    Channon Gail Christian, aged 21, and Hugh Christopher Newsom, Jr., aged 23, were from Knoxville, Tennessee. They were kidnapped on the evening of January 6, 2007, when Christian's vehicle was carjacked, and taken to a rental house, where both of them were raped, tortured, and murdered.[1][2] Four males and one female were arrested, charged, and convicted in the case. The grand jury had indicted four of the suspects on counts of capital murder, robbery, kidnapping, rape, and theft, while Eric Boyd was indicted in 2018 on federal charges of carjacking, but also indicted for theft, rape, and murder.

    Guess the races, since they were intentionally left out of the summary.

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    i wonder if mr james byrd considered that one day he would be written about in a forum, and that three anonymous people would click the insightful button.

    thats the trouble with black folks, they just dont think.

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    there is an idea in thinking (or philosophy if you will) called the hill of foolishness. one has to go up the hill (gaining false confidence) and then down (realizing there's still much more to learn but is much better than the commoner in this domain). scientific evidence back this up too (see the various reinforcement learning curves that spikes and before reaching the goal).

    also, dominic cunnings is a very smart guy.

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    I see.

    My name is Tom.

    I'm a simple man, and my philosophy is simple.

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    so long as it works, right?

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    Reddit is highly manipulated by communist China. Isn’t it odd that the blm protests really ramped up once China really came down hard on Hong Kong? Every video on publicfreakout were almost instructional videos on how to protest effectively and defeat police riot control protocols. I’m convinced at this point that a good majority of reddit accounts are controlled by foreign Psyop agencies. Twitter as well. There’s just no natural, rational conversation to be found there anymore.

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    Ugh,another whites came.This place soon will be like voat.

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    Voat is all black. I mean the sheer volume of N-words makes you feel like you are at the rap battle or something, so I'm sure they are all black.

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    should let us talk race realism here. But voat is a bit low brow. Not nuanced, just insults. Look at the post here. Long discussion with proof and facts.

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    Frederick Douglas? Uncle Tom.


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    There is only one problem I see with your post:

    There is, in fact, a difference between the protests against COVID-19 lockdowns, and the protests against police, and there is no hypocrisy in criticizing the former but not the latter.

    The first is essentially a protest against emergency measures intended to protect the population against a serious threat. The economic damage created by such measures is up for debate. Accusations of "government overreach" are borderline-laughable. There are plenty of ways the American government overreaches already, in far more serious ways, and none have garnered the response the anti-pandemic measures have. It takes a particularly extreme view of liberty to claim that government should not have the power to control a serious disease outbreak. The protests against COVID-19 do indeed have the air of entitled folks who rail against any disruption to their lives for the common good.

    The second, the protests against police brutality, are a genuine response against a group of people literally being allowed to kill innocent American citizens with impunity, and a multi-layered system that protects them to absurd degrees. The issue is serious, real, and has shown no signs of abating over decades. Indeed, violent protest seems like the only way to make any progress on this issue. The timing against the backdrop of COVID-19 is truly awful, but the grievance is legitimate and heavy.