This is Who is Calling You a Nazi Online. by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Reading this I kept going between "it's real" and "it's not real"

Anyway, I don't want to believe.

Warning: rape by deception on broad daylight. by Neo_Shadow_Lurker in LGBDropTheT

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Maybe it would attract straight men looking for casual hookups.

"Yes. I'm one of them gays. I was told there would be pussy here?"

Sorry enbies, the bros say a big fat no to non-men of all descriptions by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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That guy can into words

Intersectional feminism is failing Indian women by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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I judge them by their culture. For example, I have nothing against regular indians, but there are some--what they call the lower castes I guess--who make children just to sell them into slavery at the earliest opportunity.

Hot lesbian take: "I actually hang out with faggots and have observed them absolutely crushing trans dude pussy" by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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how can I smell it through my screen

r/The_Cabal banned for "promoting hate" by NutterButterFlutter in WatchRedditDie

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what was the_cabal?

The company we most definitely don’t want to keep by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Then the same people are like "I wonder why some people/societies are homophobic. I can't come up with any reasons."

The company we most definitely don’t want to keep by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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How can he not understand that two consenting adults having sex is NOTHING like an adult sexually abusing a child

90% chance he's a pedo.

10% chance he is not a pedo, only brainwashed by whatever is going on in the woke community

The company we most definitely don’t want to keep by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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Duke professor Kathy Rudy is questioning the taboo around bestiality

Today I was thinking about how the wildly popular Call me by your name is just a grooming story. And everyone was okay with it.

Bacha bazi - abused children by Cass in GenderCritical

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Thank you, I appreciate the sentiment. I'm a lot better than I used to be, but I'm still not normal.

Pop quiz: How many of you have heard of Dr John Money? (no spoilers please) by JoeyJoeJoe in LGBDropTheT

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I didn't know who he was either. So I googled him.

Pop quiz: How many of you have heard of Dr John Money? (no spoilers please) by JoeyJoeJoe in LGBDropTheT

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I had no idea who he was until I saw this thread.

Bacha bazi - abused children by Cass in GenderCritical

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And most importantly, they make shitty mothers. I know that from experience. My childhood was pretty much the same (re mother wanting an abortion, then being thrown around relatives, eventually ending up with her and being severely abused, not specific acts of abuse) as that of Gabriel Fernandez.

Now that I am an adult I understand my mother was deeply wounded herself, and didn't know how to care for herself either. But knowing that does not really help.

Why have we (especially L&G) been so hated through history? by usehername in LGBDropTheT

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You don't understand what gender roles are and how they work.


We went through a list of over 100 major maritime disasters spanning three centuries to see if we could find data on survival rates of men and women. We ended up with data on 18 shipwrecks, involving 15,000 passengers. In contrast to the Titanic, we found that the survival rate for men is basically double that for women. We only have data on children for a limited number of shipwrecks, but it is evident that they have really bad survival prospects: just 15 per cent.

let's look at what happens in conservative societies with traditional gender roles when everybody is in danger

Since 2013, the demographic profile of asylum seekers in the EU-28, Norway and Switzerland has become slightly more male (67% in 2013, 71% in 2014 and 73% in 2015), with a steady share of asylum seekers arriving under 35 years of age (80% in 2013 and in 2014, 83% in 2015).

UNHCR has to fudge the language in order to cover for the large discrepancy between men and women refugees

In times of displacement, this problem escalates. Women and girls make up around 50 per cent of any refugee, internally displaced or stateless population

Internally displaced and stateless are not refugees. I can't actually find any study or concrete numbers on female refugees besides this quote here.

"Gender norms" never benefited women. And this whole thing with chivalry and sacrifice or whatever you're talking about only existed in novels and for people who have a golden image of the good old days.

I don't understand why you have to invent this whole story when you are contemporary with real societies where homosexuals are imprisoned or even executed. here's a list.

Then you do some research. Since all of those places have access to internet you can find people who will explain why they hate gays.

Specifically regarding Afghanistan, a couple days ago I made a post where I was wondering about the connection between the Taliban, who execute homosexuals and bacha bazi. If those abused boys grow up to become radicalized and join the Taliban then they probably don't make the distinction between pedophile who rapes boys and homosexual.

In fact here's an article which appeared in a reputable magazine about homosexuality in islam. Notice how it's actually about men taking boy lovers.

Women's perspective on sexualized video game female characters? (Mortal Kombat, media aimed at women) by Kai_Decadence in GenderCritical

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I remember the first time I saw Bayonetta and thought she was awesome.

I personally never minded the skimpy outfits for women. Maybe it's objectification, but I like to look at beautiful people, and the more naked the better. Instead of putting more clothes on female characters I want less clothes on male ones.

idk if it's empowering and I don't care. Here's a comment I recently wrote about why I dress the way I do

Dude's argument was retarded.

One thing I want to add, not necessarily related. I've been learning how to draw and sketching a lot of nudes. I started to find the naked body more and more pleasing to look at. I guess my perception changed from something slightly taboo to feeling like no one is truly ugly, as long as they're naked. I've became more comfortable with my own body too.

"The problem with climate change is that even those who believe it are unwilling to make any personal sacrifices for the sake of remedying the problem. Why do you berate others for not believing in climate change when you know it exists, and you're actively making the problem worse?" by Chipit in environment

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  1. no personal sacrifice I'll make will do anything to "remedy the problem"

  2. the very few companies who contribute ~80% to this are putting the blame on regular people. believing their propaganda is straight up stupid. nothing more to say to that. that's the problem with climate change.

edit: an addendum to point 1. I don't have a car and probably never will. I recycle. etc I don't do this for the sake of climate change.

edit 2 I use metal straws and these fuckers go to the moon on vacation

Bacha bazi - abused children by Cass in GenderCritical

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This made me wonder about the connection between those abused boys turning into men and the state of women in that society.

I'd also like to know if anyone delved further into this topic and investigated how their lives look like after they reach adulthood. Do they join the Taliban? Do they learn empathy because of their abuse?

A psychological study on these abused children (because their abuse was accepted by society) would be so interesting.

Besides that I coincidentally started watching a documentary about some children who grew up in the sex cult "The Family International". It's very interesting.

Abused children, boys and girls, grow up to become broken adults.

This docu reminded me of that pic with the little girl surrounded by men in kink gear. Many replies to that pic on twitter said she doesn't understand anyway. Yet here are some people who were exposed to sexual acts as children and they are obviously still traumatized.

r/TwoXChromosomes - The response to the OnlyFans porn ban shows just how much people hate women by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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They ditch it because of pressure from banks. That's like praising uk for being anti T because of pressure from fundamentalist muslims.

Twitter de-verified Danny DeVito for tweeting about the Nabisco strike by Chipit in SocialMedia

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I think they were sarcastic.

Hundreds of men in Pakistan investigated over mass sexual assault on woman by Cass in GenderCritical

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I wanted to share this because it's mind blowing. wtfwtfwtf

Twitter and hipocrisy, about pro-Taliban accounts by ZveroboyAlina in GenderCritical

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Saying you don't want to have sex with this or that person or that you exclude someone from your group, even if you have good reasons, that's not tolerant.

This is how they see things. These things are not tolerant/inclusive, according to their definition of tolerance.

Since tolerance = good/moral and intolerance/bigotry = bad/evil (according to the msm/woksters etc) then suppressing the bad/evil people is a good thing in accordance with their ideology.

Twitter and hipocrisy, about pro-Taliban accounts by ZveroboyAlina in GenderCritical

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About the muslim world. Muslims worship Muhammad as the perfect human being. The ideal. He married a 6yo girl. He had full sex with her when she was 9. They did other sexual stuff before that. Now that you know this, why would they be upset women are forced to marry?

As for twitter, they want to be tolerant and inclusive. Being tolerant nowadays is a benchmark for how good of a person you are.

Saying you don't want to have sex with this or that person or that you exclude someone from your group, even if you have good reasons, that's not tolerant.

I don't agree with it and I want things to change. But if you try to look at things from a perspective of "how can I be the most tolerant and inclusive here" then it makes sense.

Point me to one "t*rf" who says all THAT... by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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I had no idea that FDS was full of black women. I only went there when it was linked to other subs, to make fun of what they posted.

Back when gender critical was on reddit I noticed most of the participants there were very scared of being called "racist". I remember one incident in particular when a black woman started freaking out about how karen is a black thing and using it is cultural appropriation. She was saying some racist af things and yet many posters were falling over themselves in trying to appease her.

Perhaps that is why they invited FDS on ovarit, to feel like they're not racist.

The Taliban spokesman got a question about freedom of speech and he said the question should be asked to US companies like Facebook who claim to promote it while still censoring. by Chipit in censorship

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something is being set up.

A wave of refugees, mostly young men, is what's being set up.

Point me to one "t*rf" who says all THAT... by DickFreeBacon in LGBDropTheT

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Ovarit was deliberating on whether it's appropriate to give invite codes to people from the subreddit "femaledatingstrategy"

nooooo lmao

edit: I think there's a difference between terf and actual real transphobes who happen to be women

An observation... by SerpensInferna in LGBDropTheT

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was that all except one were dressed like complete "bimbos"

it was really not what the majority of women do

Sometimes I'd like to dress like that. Not even like a bimbo, since it's summer I'd just like to wear super short shorts and heels and sheer tops. But I never do. I have a sheer top that I literally never wore without a tank top or smth like that under it.

That's because I don't want certain men to take exposed skin as an invitation. I've already been touched, rubbed, had my breasts grabbed in the middle of the day while I was walking on the street with my grandmother... even though I dress very conservatively. I can't imagine what would happen if I dressed like I actually wanted to.

I assume that since those mtfs are men they don't have the same fear/experiences.

WTF do people mean when they say that they ''don't believe'' in same sex relationships?! by septemberfall20x in LGBDropTheT

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That they don't agree with them/their agenda or whatever. It's not literally "not believing".

Where are things good? by HelloMomo in LGBDropTheT

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I'm in a conservative east european country and the LGB + T thing is starting to gain mainstream acceptance. But the T is definitely viewed the same way/ like it is the same thing as LGB.

So there is opposition towards LGBT or support for LGBT, no nuance.

Trans women act like men. Almost as if ... by jet199 in MeanwhileOnReddit

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So close, yet so far away.

University of Wisconsin moves Chamberlin Rock, seen as symbol of racism by forgottenpasswordguy in news

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“It’s not the rock’s fault that it got that terrible and unfortunate nickname,” he said. “But the fact that it’s … being moved shows that the world is getting a little better today.”

This is so stupid I have nothing to comment

New York Governor Cuomo resigns after sexual harassment findings by Touchngo in politics

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Tangentially related, but I once went to a therapist who was director of a governmental anti drug organization in my country and she was the worst mental health professional I ever went to. Later I looked at her resume and saw she linked in there her tv interviews. Where I'm getting at is that perhaps being useless and stupid is a requirement for these anti drug things.

ACTUALLY gay - the face of their derangement by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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why do you want to make me barf

/r/MGTOW banned by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Being jealous of milk cows isn't very empathetic.

edit: let's take the greatest book ever written, the Iliad. In it there are men and women.

Men's lives are shitty. They have to fight, they die etc. Meanwhile women sit behind the city walls, because they're frail and precious.

They sit there waiting for their children to be killed and for themselves to be taken into sexual slavery. The young ones, the old/ugly ones would be killed ofc. Except for Helen none of the named women in the Iliad have a happy life/death. I'd argue not even Helen, since she talks a lot about wishing she was killed at birth.

Why would you be envious of that? Why would you desire that for yourself? Why can't you imagine that even if you do want to be in that position, other people don't? Where is the empathy?

I'd rather be the lowest soldier rather than any woman in Troy.

I feel depressed when women talk about guys (I'm a lesbian) by oofreesouloo in LGBDropTheT

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Seems like a lot of your issues come from comparisons that you make yourself between you and the women you interact with. It would be worth it to explore in therapy where this impulse is stemming from and how you can transform it into something beneficial.

No one burns like Allison Bailey burns by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Maybe some of them men can transition to even up the numbers.

I propose a lottery system where prepubescent boys are selected and put on hormones.

/s ofc bc the whole situation is insane wtf

/r/MGTOW banned by Vulptex in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Who the fuck cares. If the sad losers want a support group to get them through life let them have it.

At some point the penny is going to drop for the Gaydens, surely? by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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this is the original post and if you read the comments you can see who is a man and who is a woman by the way they formulate their speech. There is a convo in particular where one had a more aggressive tone and the other one instantly went into appeasement mode.

Basic Facts About Race in 13 Minutes. by [deleted] in debatealtright

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I have my own theory about these differences he's talking about: victim mentality.

If you've ever been in therapy then you know that your therapist puts in a lot of effort to make you stop seeing yourself like a victim. It is very important for people to feel like they have agency and control (in a realistic way ofc). You'll never go into therapy and be thought to feel like a victim.

Meanwhile from what I am seeing black people are encouraged and thought to victimize themselves. Even the high class, successful and rich ones are doing that.

Chris Chan (trans-identified male) admits to sexually assaulting his mother (read the comments to understand the background). by SexualityCritical in GenderCritical

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I'm sorry for his mother.

But this is hilarious. The memes and reactions that came out of this are hilarious too. Thanks for posting.

Homeownership can bring out the worst in you by BiglyBased in debatealtright

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edit: Jerusalem the author is a black woman. No wonder she's racist.

But if the US becomes a nation of renters then the most affected will be the low income group. You know, the one in which poc are over-represented. You'd have to be really stupid to believe this renting mentality benefits anyone other than the large corporations who buy thousands of houses right now.

It’s the biggest thing you might ever buy. And it could be turning you into a bad person.

It would be hilarious if people weren't falling for it.

They may even find themselves unable to afford their rising property taxes after they’ve spent a lifetime paying down a mortgage.

This is the only good point in the whole article. I think it's stupid how in the us property taxes can go higher and higher until people who own the property can't afford it anymore. It's basically renting from the state. If the us really turned into a nation of renters then this would never become a talking point again, since for a landlord higher taxes only mean increasing the rent to cover them.

Older and wealthier people often have a preference for stability; they’re closer to retirement and more likely to be facing medical needs, as they are later in life. That means this group is predisposed to fear change even more than the average person. And they are overrepresented in our political system.

The need for shelter is one of our primary needs as humans and yet the moron who wrote this article somehow twists it into being a bad thing, without saying so outright. He never goes into why is stability bad and change good. And who is the "average person" if older people aren't? Very subtle language manipulation - older white people aren't "the average person" and yet at the same time they are "over represented".

Retirement means lowered income and medical needs mean higher expenses, they're "fearing change". In this context fearing change means that they don't want to end up homeless or unable to afford their basic necessities. Yet this is somehow racist and not something the "average person" would fear.

Because while there is some rationality to the fears that drive homeowners to oppose growth and progress in their communities, there is also a massive cost.

The author basically admits he's a moron here.

All of that "massive cost" can be reduced by promoting work from home.

I don't know by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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You're the kind of person who turns trans just so they have more drama in their lives.

I don't know by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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Bisexual allies


You engaged in wrongspeak by excluding the bisexuals and demoting them to "allies".

Whatever you do, don't listen to the adult in the room by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Yet my second and also current therapist referred me to hormone-prescribing docs right after the first session

Meanwhile I spent months and months trying to get diagnosed with ADD until I lost my job (bc of ADD) and couldn't finalize the process in order to get treatment.

Meanwhile on Reddit, *shocked Pikachu face* Religion isn't very trans friendly. by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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Usually the woke are quick to yell islamophobia but I guess it's okay to be islamophobic if a tim's roleplay is invalidated.

'I was assaulted in a women's prison by an inmate with male genitalia' by BiologyIsReal in GenderCritical

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'The look in her eyes was frightening,' Amy says, her voice quiet but assertive. 'She leered at me before lunging forward and grabbing my breasts hard. She squeezed them and I cried out in pain. I was terrified she would rape me.'

she was raped my a man, why is she using female pronouns? can a female rape you with her penis now?

Between 2016 and 2019, 97 sexual assaults were recorded in women's prisons, the judgment said.

Of these, it appears that seven were committed by transgender prisoners without a GRC. It is not known whether any were committed by transgender women with a GRC because they are, apparently, disregarded in Government figures.

soo 10% at least?

But the judge said the statistics '. . . are so low in number, and so lacking in detail, that they are an unsafe basis for general conclusions'.

at least 10% you dumbass

The number of transgender prisoners with a certificate — of which J is one — is thought to be in single-figures across the prison population as a whole.

how is it possible to have more tims with no certificate vs ones with certificate? shouldn't it be the other way around?

Despite the history of such assaults, this month the court decided that, ultimately, the rights of transwomen trumped the concerns of natal female prisoners.

whoever wrote this article is based

Advice for finding an LGB partner who DOESN'T support the QT+ movement? by FartandSnap in LGBDropTheT

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Black people in Ireland hate the Irish people. They claim they've been there since the dawn mankind and St Patrick killed them all so white people could come and settle. They also tried to have their own violent blm protests after some violent black druggie was killed by the police recently, after he attacked the police and they tried to use other means to subdue him.

Here a clown, there a clown, everywhere a queer…er, straight clown by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

[–]Cass 6 insightful - 1 fun6 insightful - 0 fun7 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children) here's a video if you want to see what a couple of crazies like that does to a baby

Long-Term Consequences of Castration in Men: Lessons from the Skoptzy and the Eunuchs of the Chinese and Ottoman Courts by Cass in GenderCritical

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I don't understand the times we live in.

Lesbian in the middle of straight girl friends - wanted to cry by oofreesouloo in LGBDropTheT

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calling someone broken bc they have empathy and aren't socially awkward

getting called out

ermarghed so emparassing wtf is wrong with you


Long-Term Consequences of Castration in Men: Lessons from the Skoptzy and the Eunuchs of the Chinese and Ottoman Courts by Cass in GenderCritical

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This was a fascinating read, even though I'm not usually interested in the subject. afaik during bottom surgery for TIMs their nuts get chopped off.

The tl;dr is that the long term consequences of this practice are pituitary gland enlargement, the prostate disappearing, osteoporosis, urinary issues

It also got me thinking about how in the past men were forced into castration in order to serve others and now they're doing out of their own free will.

Also here's an ironic part (this was written in 1999): Hopefully, it will never again be possible to repeat the studies reviewed in this paper, as in more recent times we have used different means of expressing man’s inhumanity to man. It is to the credit of the pioneering physician scientists involved that useful medical information was obtained about the long term effects of castration, under circumstances that must have been difficult, from the study of these now extinct groups of castrated men

Need to know a site that won't ban gender critical bloggers. I'm about to go nuclear. by GConly in GenderCritical

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after seeing some pic of a 13 yo with a doubly mastectomy

What in the name of fuck??

Is the Wi-Spa incident a hoax? by Camberian in GenderCritical

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oh no the MSM lying about something. that never happened before.

JK is going to peak the planet by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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I used to dislike JKR because she came across as woke af. She used to say UK should receive more middle eastern imigrants etc etc That was before the rise in acid attacks and the discovery of all those rape gangs. Now I'm back to kinda liking her.

You’re Not Trans. You’re Just Weird. by Cass in GenderCritical

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I left the c-ptsd sub on reddit because of this. So many trans people. I was always like "Maybe you just have c-ptsd and you're not actually trans?"

Burn Trantifa burn by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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Yeah, but if you go to certain places, like reddit, and say you're anti antifa you're gonna be called a racist.

To people in the radical feminist community who supported Anita Sarkeesian for all these years, this is how you get rewarded by shzprm in GenderCritical

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I remember she never even played the games she bought. She used gameplay taken from random yt channels in her videos.

To people in the radical feminist community who supported Anita Sarkeesian for all these years, this is how you get rewarded by shzprm in GenderCritical

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I always thought she was a moron.

How is "I don't want little girls to have dicks waved in their little faces" dehumanizing for the troons? Anita sure likes to use words she doesn't know the meaning of.

Rest assured that we are attracted to men in a GAY way by Chunkeeguy in LGBDropTheT

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I only want to point out that her profile illustration is really bad. The coloring is amateurish and you can tell she never bothered to study any anatomy to get the proportions right. Yet she is an "aspiring illustrator"

Maine’s female governor just signed a bill allowing violent male offenders into women’s prisons. Call her voice mail and give her hell, which is where she should be. Info inside. by BEB in GenderCritical

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I read about it a while ago but thought it wouldn't pass.

This is why we should just call them "he". They even take your pandering as an insult. by usehername in GenderCritical

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He literally has "they/them" in his twitter profile.

Germany lifts restrictions for descendants of Nazi victims to get citizenship | Germany| News and in-depth reporting from Berlin and beyond | DW | 25.06.2021 by carn0ld03 in Europe

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"This is not just about putting things right, it is about apologizing in profound shame," German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer had said about the bill back in May. "It is a huge fortune for our country if people want to become German, despite the fact that we took everything from their ancestors." 

Then german politicians like him turn around and praise the chinese for their concentration camps, because "it's good for the economy". Maybe in 80 years they'll realize that genocide is bad too. barf

Thread discussing killing old people off gets 1000+ upvotes and hundreds of comments in support by Cass in MeanwhileOnReddit

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I was so disgusted after reading that post.

I used to work for AOL and from my experience 99.9% of the older people I've spoken to were nice and patient. They also knew how to say "please" and "thank you" and be appreciative because I was there to help them and make conversation about interesting things while I was trying to figure out how to fix their crap.

Where WE’RE headed?! British charity (Oxfam) goes off the rails claiming white women who’ve been raped/assaulted reporting their attackers is ‘white supremacy’ by Cass in GenderCritical

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93% of all sexual assaults are intra-racial. This means that White men are the primary perpetrators of sexualized violence against White women, and likewise African-American women and women of color are most commonly assaulted by African-American men and men of color. Of the 7% of sexual assaults that are interracial, 3.4% involve the assault of a Black woman by a White man, while 3.3% involve the assault of a White woman by a Black man (Menachem Amir, criminologist, 1991)

Found it here:

I read that this statistic applies to all types of violent crimes, but I can't find where exactly I read that. I was thinking to make a post because I've seen a lot of people lately--especially women--talking about abolishing prisons and I was wondering "who would that benefit?" and "who are those victimized in case prisons are abolished?".

Where WE’RE headed?! British charity (Oxfam) goes off the rails claiming white women who’ve been raped/assaulted reporting their attackers is ‘white supremacy’ by Cass in GenderCritical

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That must have been awful. sending hugs I agree with you.

Announcement: SaidIt is a sinking ship by [deleted] in SaidIt

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That's really sad. I hope it can be averted tho. There's no other reddit alternative I like. I feel like there's no place on the internet for people like me.

The Neoracists A new religion is preached across America. It's nonsense posing as wisdom. by Cass in conspiracy

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When black people say you have insulted them, apologize with profound sincerity and guilt. But don’t put black people in a position where you expect them to forgive you. They have dealt with too much to be expected to.

Black people are a conglomeration of disparate individuals. “Black culture” is code for “pathological, primitive ghetto people.” But don’t expect black people to assimilate to “white” social norms because black people have a culture of their own.

Silence about racism is violence. But elevate the voices of the oppressed over your own.

You must strive eternally to understand the experiences of black people. But you can never understand what it is to be black, and if you think you do you’re a racist.

Show interest in multiculturalism. But do not culturally appropriate. What is not your culture is not for you, and you may not try it or do it. But—if you aren’t nevertheless interested in it, you are a racist.

Support black people in creating their own spaces and stay out of them. But seek to have black friends. If you don’t have any, you’re a racist. And if you claim any, they’d better be good friends—in their private spaces, you aren’t allowed in.

When whites move away from black neighborhoods, it’s white flight. But when whites move into black neighborhoods, it’s gentrification, even when they pay black residents generously for their houses.

If you’re white and only date white people, you’re a racist. But if you’re white and date a black person you are, if only deep down, exotifying an “other.”

Black people cannot be held accountable for everything every black person does. But all whites must acknowledge their personal complicity in the perfidy throughout history of “whiteness.”

Black students must be admitted to schools via adjusted grade and test score standards to ensure a representative number of them and foster a diversity of views in classrooms. But it is racist to assume a black student was admitted to a school via racial preferences, and racist to expect them to represent the “diverse” view in classroom discussions.

I'd add to that that now it's racist NOT to care about someone's race. And thinking that someone's race says something about that person (stereotypes) isn't racist.

Do you find "people who menstruate" or "birthing people" dehumanizing? by Rage-Xion in GenderCritical

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the definition of dehumanizing is "depriving a person or group of positive human qualities."

The reason they use "people who bla bla" is specifically because they want to deprive women from positive things like menstruation and birthing. So it's very simple.

They do this because these qualities being related/applied to women don't allow for an easy reworking of what a woman is.

Where WE’RE headed?! British charity (Oxfam) goes off the rails claiming white women who’ve been raped/assaulted reporting their attackers is ‘white supremacy’ by Cass in GenderCritical

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Apparently this whole thing was inspired by a book:

In Me, Not You, Alison Phipps builds on Black feminist scholarship to investigate how mainstream feminist movements against sexual violence express a ‘political whiteness’ that can reinforce marginalisation and oppression and limits the capacity to collectively achieve structural change and dismantle violent systems.

The author of the book believes that minorities are rapists and this is why she wrote the book. That's racist, but apparently not if you're woke. She's probably one of those people who want to "abolish prisons", whatever that means.

So basically you're right, but from a racist/racial viewpoint. I think that if after doing her research it would have turned out that most rapists are white men she would have promoted the death penalty for rape or something.

Edit: I was randomly reading another unrelated article and stumbled upon this phrase

She considers the way accusations of sexual threat have been used against Black and queer people and then uses that understanding to extend empathy to those accused of sexual harassment.

So "don't protest sexual assault if it's from a minority" is gaining track.

Interesting how both of these are women in academia where they can further influence other people.

Where WE’RE headed?! British charity (Oxfam) goes off the rails claiming white women who’ve been raped/assaulted reporting their attackers is ‘white supremacy’ by Cass in GenderCritical

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It's mostly white guilt, in my opinion.

a hundred years ago some people who looked like you raped some people who looked like him

better let him rape you so we can make things even

stopping minorities from doing whatever they want is oppressive and racist

The logic is retarded, but it's there.

Where WE’RE headed?! British charity (Oxfam) goes off the rails claiming white women who’ve been raped/assaulted reporting their attackers is ‘white supremacy’ by Cass in GenderCritical

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Fuck being 'woke', try being AWAKE.

I like this.

as well as personal responsibility, not dogmatic proclamations about whoever having the most victimhood being right.

I agree 100%

Massive amount of JIDF Zionist shills and trolls are starting to take over Saidit; none of them follow the Pyramid of Debate by Jesus in AskSaidIt

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wait, why did u/magnora7 disappear? Did something happen to him?

Where WE’RE headed?! British charity (Oxfam) goes off the rails claiming white women who’ve been raped/assaulted reporting their attackers is ‘white supremacy’ by Cass in GenderCritical

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Was the author of that novel Nostradamus? I remember how only 10 years ago being woke was a bad thing, worthy of derision. Feels like things changed over night.

Maybe they should decriminalize petty theft and be more vocal about white women not reporting assaults and so on. Maybe things need to get a lot worse before they get better.

Where WE’RE headed?! British charity (Oxfam) goes off the rails claiming white women who’ve been raped/assaulted reporting their attackers is ‘white supremacy’ by Cass in GenderCritical

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The coffee shop took all kinds of shit for calling the police

That's some incel level logic there, but applied to black people instead of virgins lol

I wish this is what gender critical men and women focused on more. You can walk away from trans people, you can't walk away from rape or assault. This is one of the reasons I wasn't too hot on the original GC sub on reddit, because besides the trans thing they were woke af.

I have a lot to say about this, but I'm too lazy atm

edit: well, I'll say that I just read an article about Europol orchestrating police raids in several countries over hate speech. Hate speech. I've never heard a similar thing happening over something like rape. Even mass rapes and pedo traffickers like we've had in the past in Europe. Wonder why they struggle so much to protect the feelings of some minority men but don't do anything to ensure the physical safety of women and children.

Stonewall's future plans - remove sex based rights, legalize rape by deception, promote Self-ID, remove transsexualism from law and not a single word about LGB by ZveroboyAlina in GenderCritical

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I actually kind of agree with the first troon there: "The erasure of us Transsexuals was always Stonewalls aim, replacing us with a social identity to comfort the majority of 'trans' community. The GRA was intended for those of us with mental health issues, not for anyone to self ID as whatever they 'feel' like on any given day."

The erasure of transsexuals is an interesting concept. I do believe some troons suffer from real mental issues and trivializing it probably makes it harder for them to get psychiatric help.

Thank you for your work erasing women by Chunkeeguy in GenderCritical

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This is twitter so he probably got praised because he's such a beautiful courageous woman.

What's the general consensus on sexuality being a choice? by SexualityCritical in GenderCritical

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I also think sexuality isn't a choice.

But I don't understand how the left believes "sex is a choice" and "sexuality isn't a choice" at the same time.

"Maine's Committee on Criminal Justice & Public Safety just voted unanimously to let male offenders, including rapists and domestic abusers, into women's prisons based solely on their "gender identity." by BEB in GenderCritical

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Maine is where Stephen "JKR is a transphobe and I'll post this all over my twitter" King lives. IDK if it has anything to do with this vote, but who knows. He's a prominent figure in the area, I'm sure, and he's basically a trans activist.

According to Elizabeth Spelman's 1988 book: Inessential Woman 'gender realism' is "the view that women have some social feature in common that makes them women" – so there is an official term for TRAs: gender realists by SnowAssMan in GenderCritical

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it's funny because it reminds me of race realism, which the left thinks it means racism

Germany on the verge of introducing Self ID, compelled speech, and surgery on minors (14 y/o) by linda_senora in GenderCritical

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Germans love censorship and they are also scared of appearing intolerant at the same time.

Germany on the verge of introducing Self ID, compelled speech, and surgery on minors (14 y/o) by linda_senora in GenderCritical

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Germany is a shit hole. First they introduced the misogynistic arabs, then widespread censorship on the internet, then they said genocide in China is fine bc money. Not surprised if these laws end up passing too. And whatever laws they pass will end up influencing the whole union.

Gay Rights... Trans Rights... by Happy_Blueberry3910 in LGBDropTheT

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Maybe not legalized, but there are a lot of people who defend pedos or act like they don't care.

Off the top of my head I remember some cases from my own country where prosecutors said a 13yo is old enough to say no, so the rapist didn't go to jail, same with an 11yo where the rapist threatened to kill her family etc These are just from the past year and I don't follow the news or I'm sure I could give you more examples like this.

"Vaginas and MTF vaginas are indistinguishable": This level of cringe is beyond unbearable! by LeoneOkada in LGBDropTheT

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I unsubbed from a TIM I used to like watching on YT when he said his neovagina looks better than a real vagina. How deluded can you be? Up until that point I thought he was a reasonable person.

NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC on the discovery of a female prehistoric big game hunter, "Importantly, the team cannot know the individual’s gender identity, but rather only biological sex (which like gender doesn’t always exist on a binary)" by BEB in GenderCritical

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I am not knowledgeable about what is going on in the field of archeology. Are they starting to adopt wokeism? Why is that happening?

this is my experience of Saidit these days. by bobbobbybob in SaidIt

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wth is the iron left?

I don't think you can become the opposite sex no matter how many surgeries you do by [deleted] in LGBDropTheT

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I will be a woman even if society didn't treat me like one.

But they think that the way they are treated somehow makes them into something they're really not.

Reddit claims to have fired Ashton/Aimee by EveSerpent in GenderCritical

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Yeah, I am 100% sure there are more people like that. You can see for yourself if you go to the conservative subs. At least r/conservative and r/jordanpeterson are the only subs I've seen people referring to the pedo as "him".

edit: that being said, I wouldn't bring it up irl either. Even my best friend was horrified when I said TIMs aren't women.

Reddit claims to have fired Ashton/Aimee by EveSerpent in GenderCritical

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I'm still on reddit and think it's bullshit, but I'd never comment bc I don't want my account to get suspended. I was already banned form one of my favorite subs.

OVARIT SUCKS by akkordeonplayer in GenderCritical

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I never even went there, since I thought the og gc subreddit sucked too. Too narrow of an ideology that you had to adhere to if you wanted to not get banned.

I can't believe the mods are so-- Reddit like?

Give a little power to someone and they'll show you who they are.

Why is trans-culture attacked while trans-gender is celebrated? The hypocrisy of the attack on Hilaria Baldwin by BEB in GenderCritical

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Those were my thoughts exactly.

President Biden Moves to End Female-Only Sports and Services On His First Day In Office — Women's Liberation Front by [deleted] in GenderCritical

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They got away with it in Nov, again in GA in Jan, and now anyone who questions vote results is a traitor.

Worse than a traitor, a conspiracy nut. To a traitor you can still listen to but someone crazy is worth only of derision.