If Biden Wins Say Goodbye to Saidit by scrubking in SaidIt

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And since when are Dems "big on censorship" (other than Feinstein, but fuck her anyway)?

When they weren't? (I'd bother to put up a more coherent argument but not when you are so obviously playing dumb).

If Biden Wins Say Goodbye to Saidit by scrubking in SaidIt

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What makes you think Biden will be a threat to Saidit?

Yeah, what makes you think a party big on censorship and cancel culture will be a threat to a site where a lot of users don't have their noses deep in Biden's rear end? It's not like he already promised to increase censorship and he is not even a president yet.

Canadian government monitors online forums. (CBC news) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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Wait, all this time it was possible to directly use government money for shill farms funding? I wonder why China and Russia even bothered with secrecy.

France attack: Hero mum-of-three, 44, ‘died like a warrior’ fighting Nice terrorist after killer beheaded churchgoer by jet199 in WorldNews

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Your "argument" was "we need the death penalty because of fanatics who don't fear death". I don't think something so obviously nonsensical necessitates your laments about not being taken seriously nine days later.

There is power in prayer. May God grant us an overwhelming victory today in the re-election of President Trump. by AziBase in news

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Not at all lmao. I don't believe in invisible conspiracies puppeteering jews, I call out jewish organisations openly doing what they're doing.

  • Why are you calling yourself Napoleon, you fucking schizo?

  • Uhm, mate, you are a patient of this mental health hospital too.

  • But I don't pretend to be Napoleon, I'm Caesar!

What's up with you schizos on this website?

The better question is what's up with you venturing outside of your shitty sub where you can surround yourself with brownnosing sycophants and ban everyone else.

There is power in prayer. May God grant us an overwhelming victory today in the re-election of President Trump. by AziBase in news

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Peak of US elections madhouse atmosphere, lol.

Also Biden will win, sorry bud.

Cop Gets 4 Years for Arresting People for Weed, Stealing Their Weed and Reselling It by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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So, they took weed from those who had a lot of it and sold to those who didn't have it? Modern Robin Hoods, people should worship them.

UN aid workers 'raped 60,000 in ten years' as sex abuse went unchecked. Estimate shows that the organization employs around 3,300 pedophiles. by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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The professor’s grim 60,000 figure is based on UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres’s admission last year that UN peacekeepers and civilian staff abused 311 victims in just one 12 month period over 2016.

Still not impressive enough then. IT'S "RAPED 600,000 IN 100 YEARS", more than the entire population of Malta! Now that's the numbers good enough to show.

France attack: Hero mum-of-three, 44, ‘died like a warrior’ fighting Nice terrorist after killer beheaded churchgoer by jet199 in WorldNews

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And this is why the death penalty should exist.

Yes, let's fuck up the judicial system for everyone to "punish" brainwashed fanatics who willingly sacrifice themselves for whatever religious bullshit. Next logical step should be the death penalty for suicide because why not?

Before his death, Osama bin Laden wanted to kill President Obama in part because he thought Vice President Joe Biden was "unprepared" to serve as president, according to newly declassified documents first reviewed by the Washington Post. by Orangutan in politics

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Well, their ISIS franchise experienced unprecedented market success a few years later, so he had a point.

Does too much CO2 or too many vaccines cause this? by zyxzevn in memes

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So, I know I'm in the minority here, but I believe the virus is real.

You are still at the conspiracy world 1.0, granpa and all cool kids are already at the conspiracy 2.0: not only coronavirus is real but all the people who claimed it's a hoax don't really exist. Everyone always took the virus seriously and Illuminati don't want you to know it.

‘Synagogue of Satan’: Black Lives Matter militants bully, shove Jewish men until they leave Philly protest by Trulytimes in politics

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Brownshirts is a protest movement heavily infiltrated by Nazis.

Keith Raniere Sentenced to 120 Years in Prison for NXIVM Sex Cult by Orangutan in news

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With his Beefy Jesus look it's not hard to believe at all. He was carefully crafted to trigger every possible exploit of the Western female brain.

Youtube-dl no longer in github. Github didn't try to fight this either, moral police and all... If you have software that you like, archive it now!!! by jamesK_3rd in censorship

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Wasn't the whole point of using the centralized site for source code hosting and management to make it easier for a random Github\Microsoft employee to remove anything they don't like? One press of button and you deleted someone's repository and all their forks. How cool is that?

Now if only we had a distributed version control system where each user has a local working copy and the full change history... wait a minute.

My Thoughts on What's Wrong with Saidit by Nemesis in whatever

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We need actual mods who can work to actually implement this dream of a "pyramid of debate" centered site.

That's not going to happen. The "internet janitor with a proud salary of $0" job will never attract a noticeable amount of normal well-adjusted people for a noticeable amount of time. I think everyone understands who and why ends as mods usually. I don't think there needs to be a push for them to do a less relaxed policing otherwise you are ending with s/fascism example where a mod, whose most intellectual contribution to any discussion is "ok libtard" bans people for "Dragging down discussion on Pyramid Of Debate". In other words you are ending back at reddit with a slightly different color theme.

I agree with your general notion about quality content but magic impartial mods won't appear out of thin air and won't curate it to your standards. The best you can reliably count for is some ex-redditor with reddit mentality. Fortunately magnora gave you a great tool to do it yourself, which is a "block user" link under each comment and post.

This site has been hemorrhaging users the last few months, people are leaving. Why? Because this content is all there is now, schizoposting and bad memes.

I disagree. This is a normal life cycle of a reddit clone: reddit reaches a new peak of retardation and spits out a group of refugees, they try all alternatives they can find (boosting their population for a while), eventually settle on one or return to reddit. I don't think something on saidit affected it.

Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor by Questionable in censorship

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Beyond that, both Facebook and Twitter receive substantial, unique legal benefits from federal law, further negating the claim that they are free to do whatever they want as private companies. Just as is true of Major League Baseball — which is subject to regulation by Congress as a result of the antitrust exemption they enjoy under the law — these social media companies receive a very valuable and particularized legal benefit in the form of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which shields them from any liability for content published on their platforms, including defamatory material or other legally proscribed communications.

So, if I understand the argument correct, if they are private companies then they should be treated as private companies. If they want to keep their privileges from state then "it's a private company" argument no longer applies to them.

Facebook and Twitter Cross a Line Far More Dangerous Than What They Censor by Questionable in censorship

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You read an article and don't get it? It dedicated at least a paragraph to that.

How Not to Respond to Twitter and Facebook's Alarming Censorship of the New York Post by Drewski in censorship

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Big Tech isn’t powerful because it has money, but because it has delivered superior products, those that have left platforms such as AOL, Myspace, and Yahoo in their wake.

Comcast isn't big because it has money, but because it has delivered superior services, those that have left providers such as Google Fiber in their wake.

Didn't know this sub existed, based by [deleted] in Fascism

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What? The problem with schizophrenic wordsoup is no one understands what the fuck you're talking about.

Sorry to burst your bubble but the reason you couldn't understand the comment you replied to is ignorance. Its' not "no one" it's you only. Read a book or something.

Didn't know this sub existed, based by [deleted] in Fascism

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Your heroes directly or indirectly participated in international commerce, trade, and finance.

Yeah, what a silly idea. How cooperating with a globalist financial tyranny can make you a puppet of a globalist financial tyranny? That makes no sense! \s

when International Finance literally fought a war to destroy the Axis

You mean when they flooded Germany's economy with credits, forgave reparations (very cute gesture during the Great Depression) and brought a famous "fighter against global financial tyranny" to power so that he could do rearmament and resist another "fighter against global financial tyranny" at the East? And then when he turned out to be a bit too effective started to help his opponent?

I find it most interesting all your lolbert conspiratards say literally NOTHING in every comment.

I find it most interesting that you can't see the overwhelming irony of this.

Someone posts a meme, gets a comment of a similar value, you are riding in with a banhammer, strawmen, ad-hominems ... and a total lack of actual arguments. I'm not a doctor but your line about "meds bro" looks like an obvious projection.

Didn't know this sub existed, based by [deleted] in Fascism

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If you take the schizophrenic worldview that mere existence means you are part of a giant conspiracy

Congrats, you bravely defeated your strawman. Too bad an actual argument was different?

Baldur’s Gate 3 Devs “Sorely Disappointed” That “Most Popular” Character Creation Option Is A White Human Male by scrubking in KotakuInAction

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“Even when presented with a wealth of options and opportunities, people will still default to making what’s comfortable and familiar: themselves,” said Kotaku AU reporter Ash Parrish. “Shouldn’t that mean, then, when game makers implement these character-creation engines they should add options that reflect all of what humanity has to offer, rather than just a narrow band of it?”

The big problem with this logic, Ass Parrish, is that you, (as Kotaku garbage always obligated to do), pulled your assumption out of your ass. For all we know the majority of players could be black women making a stereotypical Nordic Aryan man character for escapism purposes. Larian Studios analytics could report what characters are being made but physically can not report who makes these characters.

Sudanese and Somalians are white as per the University of California's racial classification chart, which they have for ... reasons. by jet199 in whatever

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Possibly also evidence of that famous American world geographical knowledge.

To be fair, you don't really need to know where your country at the world map is when everything is inside the US already, including the Sudan itself.

Sudanese and Somalians are white as per the University of California's racial classification chart, which they have for ... reasons. by jet199 in whatever

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I decide who is a Jew in the airforce

Taking a page from Hermann Göring, I see.

Democrats Smear Amy Coney Barrett for Saying ‘Sexual Preference’. The really Orwellian thing here is that Merriam-Webster’s dictionary took *only hours* to change their published definition of the phrase to be in line with the Democrats’ new messaging. 1984’s Ministry of Truth is real! by Chipit in politics

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I guess this is the point where SJWs completely lose the right to appeal to dictionary definitions. Come at me with your "FeMiNiSm iS AbOuT EqUaLiTy" now, lol.

Endless Corporate Bailouts, None For The People by EndlessSunflowers in memes

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And as for socialism in countries, don't the world banks and the CIA have a hand in many of their failings?

While the secretive nature of most intelligence agencies naturally lends itself to their omnipresence-omnipotence myths, with CIA you are giving too much credit for an organization which not only failed to assassinate Fidel Castro many times, they even failed to kill his beard. Imagine these clowns toppling down entire countries.

Hard to create a socialist state, when the world banks shut you out and your leaders are getting drone striked.

Well, if it's hard to create a socialist state being treated exactly as capitalist states treat each other then maybe socialism is just handicapped, ineffective form of social organization? It's not like socialists have some moral weak spots preventing them from international dog-eat-dog politics: late USSR was as inhumane and militaristic as it could get, they were just bad at economy and getting shit done in general.

Did you know everyone who climbed this mountain is dead or did not return and if you try to as well today ,you will die. literal death. by sagewill in Earth

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Your link redirects to login page.

However I know for sure that anyone who ever climbed any mountain will die eventually. Mountaineering kills, don't do it, kids.

Are Americans Tired of Being Called ‘Racist’ Yet? | The American Spectator by Questionable in politics

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When it's usually racists screeching 'racism' because others refuse to kowtow to them, "try to stop being racists" is like the least helpful idea imaginable.

"Being Pro-Trump Has Caused Me More Grief Than Being Osama bin Laden's Niece" by Trulytimes in politics

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Please note that the person im replying to literally blames jews for everything under the sun.

Well, I guess if you were crucified you'd be a bit pissed off too.

The Pope Just Called Private Property a ‘Secondary Right.’ He Couldn't Be More Wrong by NewsJunkie in news

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"Religious suffering is, at one and the same time, the expression of real suffering and a protest against real suffering. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, and the soul of soulless conditions. It is the opium of the people."

Pope Francis, 2013

Christian Satire Site The Babylon Bee Is So Good Snopes.com Treated It Like Real News – Reason.com by christnmusicreleases in news

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Snopes reply:

We found dozens of instances of social media users who were puzzled by this article.

"We aren't the only people with an intellect of an oak stool, there are literally dozens of us!"

The new Mozilla project: Help censorship grow by reporting "anti-LGBTQ+ content" by asterias in censorship

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When you send a YouTube Regret, the video and recommendations that led you to it are submitted to Mozilla researchers privately.

it's reassuring to know that in the last round of layoffs Mozilla fired some losers who developed a browser or something while managed to keep the most critically important part of Mozilla: purple-haired "researchers" who will sort reported Youtube videos. It would be terrible if they couldn't sustain the staple of Mozilla business - RegretsReporter browser extensions.

World map of fertility rates by country in 1970 vs 2014 by magnora7 in maps

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Well damn, you spoiled our plans YOU BRILLIANT MADMAN.

Our fleet leaves this wretched planet at 22.02.2022 and we are taking you too, don't bother to hide

World map of fertility rates by country in 1970 vs 2014 by magnora7 in maps

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idk imo in humans intelligence /reason is the marker of ultimate superiority. That's what distinguishes us from animals, after all.

Yeah, but this gets us back to "If you are so smart why aren't you rich?" argument. If animals kept us in cages rather than other way around it would be hard to argue that we are superior. If intelligence doesn't translate into some form of success then there is no proof that intelligence is even present.

World map of fertility rates by country in 1970 vs 2014 by magnora7 in maps

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Creating > destroying.

Keep telling yourself this. However if you put together a poor shitty painter in rags and a rich powerful strongman who can destroy said painter by snapping his fingers who do you think sane people will consider superior?

The Laws of this sphere were changed in late 2002

It's 2020 now, just saying. Resistance is futile, just accept your scaly (((superiors))) as your lords and saviors as that's not going to ever change.

World map of fertility rates by country in 1970 vs 2014 by magnora7 in maps

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I'm just pointing out that your excuses are nonsensical.You are living in the "system of slavery, ugliness, forced abjectness, poverty and disease". You are the bottom of the societal bottom of the barrel, there is no way (other than in your fantasies) where you can be superior to anything or anyone. No amount of inane fungus analogies will change that. You are not and can not be superior to someone who is infinitely more (((powerful))) and (((successful))) than you.

Besides that, instead of being positive and bowing down to our great (((reptiloid))) overlords you are just destroying your own life with enviousness to their talents. So what do you contribute to "beauty, organization, freedom, prosperity, greatness"? Your wishful thinking?

World map of fertility rates by country in 1970 vs 2014 by magnora7 in maps

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If you are so smart why aren't you rich?

World map of fertility rates by country in 1970 vs 2014 by magnora7 in maps

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subhuman parasites

If we are talking about species capable to direct the development of entire human civilizations over a century or more, all while keeping the total secrecy and at the same time being present everywhere and tightly controlling everything... I think the correct term would Übermenschen. Sorry, I mean (((Übermenschen))).

Atlanta BLM Founder Arrested After Spending $200,000 In Donations On House, Entertainment, & Suits by Drewski in news

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Page took in the donations "for George Floyd" according to his Facebook page. Instead the money was diverted to things like a home security system (ironic, given the looting and riots), dining and clothing. He also used $112,000 of the money to purchase a house for himself in Toledo, Ohio.

He should identify as black, change his name to "George Floyd" and sue FBI for racism.

People who have been watching twitch / streams for some time - what the hell happened? by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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I'm not sure what "isolation" are you talking about but I really hope you didn't pay anything for a saidit account and didn't do other ... "favors". I mean I wouldn't be surprised if you did (given your iq) but it would be a terrible abuse of an obviously handicapped person. Saidit isn't "isolated from the rest of the internet", anyone can make an account here for free. Even you.

People who have been watching twitch / streams for some time - what the hell happened? by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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Cry me a river.

I have no feelings towards you at all. If you don't have a problem with being a saidit's village idiot then carry on, you are welcome. Also "reee i'm just wasting your time" excuse doesn't work two levels deep after your "I'm deleting my comment I don't read anything you write". It's very obvious who is a moron here wasting his time because he just can't stop replying even though he knows he needs to.

People who have been watching twitch / streams for some time - what the hell happened? by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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You gotta make up your mind. Either you "don't really read anything he writes" or you are hysterically throwing tantrum telling him "to get fucked in his ass as hard as possible" or you want to "talk about actual policies"? It's like you are trying to act like a bunch of different people at the same time, all unable to have a discussion. If you are not really mentally deficient and just trolling, at least spend a few minutes to make separate accounts?

People who have been watching twitch / streams for some time - what the hell happened? by PencilPusher55 in whatever

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That's all allowed

That's not true at all, Twitch has a problem (and regular scandals) with moronic censorship for a while already. Streamers condemn Twitch administration for this and demonstratively leave all the time. And it's not just US-based segment, mind you. Streamers from countries not brainwashed by political correctness even more butthurt about it for obvious reasons.

If you want to have a "relationship", go to small streamers.

This is kind of true, Twitch censorship works on reports. If a streamer has 1-2 viewers he can get away with anything for a long while.

Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up 400% by [deleted] in TechCompanies

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Mozilla Foundation is a non-profit which lives off donations (a few millions per year) and does nothing basically.

Mozilla Corporation is a commercial company making Firefox and receiving $400-$450 millions from Google per year. Search deal handouts have always been (and always will be) the majority of Mozilla's budget.

You guys are so close!! Now apply this logic to voting, politics and a corrupt government.. by [deleted] in politics

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Try to get 12 people to agree and you have a trial.

So much this. After watching in reality how a group of random people tries to make a decision, it's basically herding cats getting exponentially harder with every new participant added. That's why I can't take seriously phrases starting with "Imagine if everyone" or direct democracy fantasies.

Firefox usage is down 85% despite Mozilla's top exec pay going up 400% by [deleted] in TechCompanies

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Most of these "shitloads of money" is a handout from Google for using their search in Firefox as a default. As soon as Firefox joins Netscape Navigator at the graveyard, Mozilla will be dead.

What the Hell just Happened? by Tarrock in politics

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Uhm, I thought the "BrainDead" tv series was supposed to be a political satire science fiction, not a documentary?

Trump on FIRE in NC: Blasts media as SCOUNDRELS, Wants Biden drug tested at debate, says SCOTUS seat WILL be filled by Trulytimes in politics

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I see where you are going, buddy. I agree, KANYE 2020!

30 Awful Images Taken By Realty Agents by kesh in whatever

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A pig definitely adds some coziness.

A YouTuber filmed himself defecating on the driveway of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco residence, referring to it as a form of “peaceful protest.” by [deleted] in politics

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Well, who are we to judge this brave determined protester?

JK Rowling’s latest book is about a murderous cis man who dresses as a woman to kill his victims; gets criticised on social media by [deleted] in books

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JK Rowling’s latest book is about a murderous cis man who dresses as a woman to kill his victims

While it's disturbing development of Harry Potter's personality, it's kind of understandable given his life experience. Don't play with magic, kids!

A takedown of the "Let's Be Honest Folks" #OrangeManBad meme by Aureus in politics

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it would be best to use sensors and drones

To be fair, I suspect it could work if automatic turrets were added to this equation (I think Israel had certain success with it in 2007-2008). I wonder what would illegal migrants think about this idea.

Vaush completely changes his view on woman's rape story when he finds out the race of the perpetrator by dmitrykaramasov in videos

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This was so pathetic it's actually hilarious.

Programming is a losers game by [deleted] in programming

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It depends, because in some places this is exactly what happens.

Okay, I'm calling 911.

Church leader who blamed Covid-19 on gay marriage contracts virus by Pis-dur in WorldNews

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Yeah, but thief preaching how theft is bad gets zero credibility and moral authority and every church is about this exactly. "Do as I say not as I do" notion is usually considered insulting.

Church leader who blamed Covid-19 on gay marriage contracts virus by Pis-dur in WorldNews

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Well, there is definitely no girls at the picture. (He is one at the right).

Eastern Orthodox churches (strikingly similar to ex-USSR prisons) are notorious at having disproportionate amount of homosexuals at their ranks (sometimes referred as the 'gay lobby') and at the same time vehemently condemning homosexuality in public.

Programming is a losers game by [deleted] in programming

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That's why I vowed to never go into programming as a career — I don't want my art to be muddied by money, and I don't want a boss over my head.

I don't understand this logic. How exactly programming as a career is incompatible with amateur (hobby) programming? Do you think they force you to stay at work non-stop 24/7 at IT companies? Or do you think professional programmers give some kind of oath pledging to avoid any kind of coding related activities in their free time?

Look at this dumb white cracker! by Iam1ofMany in politics

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Yeah, he doesn't look like Jacob Blake. Did he really think he could fool anyone?

Dear Men: Stop Working Out. by Drewski in NotTheOnion

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It looks like pink Babylon Bee.

Vietnam rice mountains by Anticapitalist in Earth

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Minecraft with RTX on.

Kamala Harris Goes Full Anti Vaccine, Leftists Refuse Vaccine Due To Trump Derangement Syndrome by Tarrock in politics

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Traditional anti-vaxxing and refusal of COVID vaccine are two different things. Not because "trump is ebil" but because this vaccine is extremely rushed and also serves as a tool to make political points. If you have at least two brain cells you will wait and watch what happens with those who take it.

Demonstrations by Swedish Moslems turned mostly peaceful and included chants in Arabic about killing Jews. In the rioting, several cars were set ablaze and at least 10 people were arrested. by Chipit in news

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I'm pretty sure this is exactly what was his inspiration. Real life assassins (ismailite dudes from Alamut, Syria) have mostly been famous for inventing suicidal terrorism, using hashish to brainwash their fanatics and have been stomped by Mongols long before masons even entered the picture. Obviously in reality there is exactly as much common between assassins and masons as you would expect from completely different organizations existing in different geographic locations and times: basically nothing.

Trump bans critical race theory training in the government by jet199 in politics

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Couldn't find a good report on this, everyone's trying to put their slant on it.

I like this one: relatively short and concise.

CNN Complains About Fox News Being Chosen To Host Debate; “Network Has Pushed Disinfo, Conspiracy Theories” by [deleted] in politics

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I think he secretly hopes to get a gold medal when throwing stones in glass houses becomes an Olympic sport.

Black Minneapolis salon owner says rioters burned her building to the ground and then the city stuck her with a $200K bill by scrubking in politics

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Parsing error: Encountered end tag "[/s]" with no matching start tag.

Reddit isn't happy about President Trump's "anti-censorship" executive order by scrubking in politics

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A site would turn to trash fast without some sort of moderation.

"some sort of moderation" also includes self-moderation and, miraculously, it also doesn't make site liable for user content because a user does it for himself rather than site on someone's behalf.

This will kill free speech by killing all of the platforms.

You are basically saying "forcing to make a choice between having a free speech or die will kill free speech" which doesn't make much sense. Some platforms will definitely stay censoring shitholes while they can and then drop the user-generated content completely (e.g. certain SJW propaganda rags already dropped comment sections). Okay, this will free some niche and audience for platforms with free speech and encourage it in general.

Magnora censored and banned that Nazi dude the other day.

And if he wasn't allowed to do that he could argue with his host that he can't, thus allowing fine gentlemen from IcePoseidon2 to stay.

Reddit isn't happy about President Trump's "anti-censorship" executive order by scrubking in politics

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If sites moderated and then lost their protections and were held liable for user content, then it would kill free speech by killing all of the user-generated content platforms.

Because the God doesn't allow to exist platforms where users can choose whatever content they are allowed to see without self-imposed moderators's "help" or something?

and letting the users to make the choice to find a better community that doesn't suppress content unfairly

I'd rather have a community that doesn't make censoring choices for me. It's not like it requires some rocket science, even saidit (with introducing of "block user" feature) could already be one if /u/magnora could afford to have a complete hands-off approach.

Cuomo: Trump 'Better Have an Army’ to Protect Him if He Visits NYC by scrubking in politics

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Trump: NYC is a lawless shithole.

Cuomo: You gotta have an army of bodyguards just to be able to walk down the street in New York.

I think it's like punching someone to prove you don't have anger issues.

How Much? by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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Editor. Currently: @SInow, @PTBNL_Quarterly. Previously: @WaPoExpress, @SBNation, @presscitizen, @theeagle

At least she put these money in good use, getting one the most respected, skilled, high-demand professions: freelance writer and editor in D.C..

Redditor has a bad time at a gay orgy. The level of entitlement is astounding. This is what happens when you have little to no real world experience and fall for what the internet tells you. by Chipit in MeanwhileOnReddit

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there is nothing more hated in society still than a lesbian

Lol, imagine being this ridiculously deluded. It's not like anyone even needs research to prove it's bullshit, just compare how gays and lesbians have been treated by law "since the beginning of time". Unfortunately it requires at least a double-digit IQ, so it's out of reach for a typical "REEE women most affected" feminist.

because men are rapists.

I said "deluded"? I meant deranged.

19 Black Families Purchase 97 Acres Of Land To Build A Safe City For Black People by kesh in whatever

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It's unfortunate how their aspirations shrink over time. First they tried to make an entire country (Liberia), now a city, what's next? "One black family rents a vacant lot to build a safe shed for black people?"

True friends by [deleted] in whatever

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Oh, I know this girl. Her name is Albert Einstein (sorry for doxx).

To Bust People for Buying Crack, Cops Are Now Manufacturing and Selling People Crack by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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  1. Catching drug dealers
  2. Compensating the police defunding

Pretty smart idea, killing two birds with one stone.

2+2=5 is catching on among the "woke". Good Lord, when you're taking your direction from the villain in George Orwell's 1984, how on Earth can you claim you are on the side of the good? by Chipit in politics

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Please don't mix a reliable scientific theory you can make sure is true with your own eyes (Flat Earth) and crazy conspiracy theories (AntiVax, AntiMask), not only absolutely asinine but also endangering people. Thanks.

Can I rant about sex work for a moment? (self-repost) by madnessinamerica in whatever

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tl;dr feminism is feminism but 50 euros is 50 euros.

Can I rant about sex work for a moment? (self-repost) by madnessinamerica in whatever

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I was pointing out the hypocrisy of feminists while objectifying themselves.

These are two different sets of feminists and screeching about objectification is a hypocrisy itself. "Grrl power! You can choose what you want! No no not like that!! You are not allowed to participate in sex work!"

Why do you think men have a harder time getting paid for sex than women?

Because it's incomparably easy(-ier) for women to get sex for free?

I think there is a difference

It's a difference between skilled and unskilled labor and sex work is just one of many unskilled jobs, isn't special in this respect. You don't need any skill set, knowledge, or talent to flip burgers either.

I didn't mean that the issue is that it decreases the demand of sex for me or other women. I meant that it decreases how much society and potential partners value women as a whole. It ruins the ability to form meaningful relationships and shifts society's view of women entirely.

We agree with this right here. I am literally saying that women should provide something more valuable than the hole between their legs!

I'm not sure how else to put it. Sex workers do not affect how much the society values women, just like sewer cleaners don't affect how much the society values men. Sex workers only affect women who don't have anything sex workers don't provide (access to genitals) by being better competitors. There is also nothing wrong with unskilled labor (like sex work), millions of people don't have skills or talent to any lucrative activity, yet they have to earn something.

You're welcome to disagree with this, but lately, men (and women) have been coming out and writing about how much porn has destroyed their views of women and has ruined their mental health and relationships with others in real life.

If porn allowing people to become clear-headed and break from their hormone-intoxicated state destroyed their relationships then maybe these relationships weren't "meaningful" and healthy in the first place.

Can I rant about sex work for a moment? (self-repost) by madnessinamerica in whatever

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I hate seeing all these videos about feminists trying to normalize sex work and prostitution, claiming that it empowers women and promotes equality, when it absolutely does not.

May be you should switch to videos about feminists screeching about objectification, exactly the rhetoric you are peddling here minus your two last paragraphs.

Ever wonder why the majority of sex workers are female?

Because it's more difficult for men to get paid for sex? For example male porn actors don't ever hope to get close to the same profit their female colleagues raking in.

Sex work devalues women. It degrades women. When we are treated like a commodity

Sorry to burst your bubble but you are just a human resource at every single job. No one really gives a shit about your self-entitled excuse of personality.

As a result of young women doing this, and some young men pressuring them to do it, ALL women are overall valued less.

LMAO, so this is really it. You just couldn't not give yourself away. All this "blahblahblah degrading blahblah objectification" is just a thin cover for a real reason you are whining about sex work and porn: increased supply of sex (in any form) decreases demand for you. You just can't trade access for your vagina as well as your granmas could in more puritanical times.

Let's go into the mind of a man who purchases this contact from sites like OnlyFans.

Let's not, your post is terrible as is without you pretending to be a telepath in a pathetic attempt to support your illogical argument.

Now, younger men may value women less and not see the value of marriage and a family when he can easily buy women for sex online.

I will throw an incredibly bold and fresh idea here: may be these women should provide something more valuable than the sole fact of having a hole between their legs.

Not all superheroes wear capes by christnmusicreleases in memes

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It's a shame the Chinese government doesn't do anything about that bridge. At the very least they could setup a policeman or two there to shoot the jumpers.

Don't believe the white-guilt, liberal narrative that Americans are stupid. Americans are much smarter than they think. by suckitreddit in whatever

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Yet there's this white-guilt, liberal narrative that Americans are dumber than foreigners.

I'm not sure you can blame the stereotype shared by the entire world outside the US on "liberal white-guilt". The image of incredibly dumb, uneducated and arrogant yankee is probably more than a century old now, though modern American Left definitely put a lot of effort to invigorate this meme by their own example.

Lives Matter by [deleted] in memes

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"Lives matter" only applicable to people with souls, sorry.

Caught my son on /r/atheism again... actions have consequences. -Marty by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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And I only believe in Pepe the Frog, The Holy Reincarnation of Kek.

We should handle it as real believers do. Fite me irl, you heathen.

Charlie Kirk calls Trump the 'bodyguard of western civilization' on first night of GOP convention by Nemacolin in news

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Further, our nation ought to welcome refugees. After all, we are still shamed that our grandfathers sent Jews back to Hitler. It is better to be generous than not.

Palestinian administration's famous last words.

Firefox just died for me today after I found out they support BLM. I'm now on Brave browser! by suckitreddit in whatever

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It's not as clear cut with Firefox.

  1. It's harder to separate politics and technical merits when browser abuses notifications to send you political propaganda.

  2. The less people use Firefox the faster Mozilla dies. This may be more important for someone than technical differences between browsers. After all some people migrate between browsers all the time, it's not like Firefox is fundamentally more valuable than any other browser.

Youtube censorship has gotten so crazy. by PencilPusher55 in censorship

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They have completely blacklisted me.

And even this you can't know for sure with Youtube comments being a flaming pile of shit technologically-wise. Between comments disappearing on expanding, notifications arriving years later, comment history showing different comments depending on the phase of moon and so on and so forth, it's hard to even tell whether you have been shadowbanned in some way or it's another bug. I think after their attempt to merge Youtube comments and G+ and forcing everyone to their stillborn social network, Youtube comments have consistently been the worst commenting platform I have ever seen.

These days I just installed browser extension to hide comments and pretend I don't even remember Youtube ever had them.

Spain: Women Beaten by Police For Not Properly Wearing Face Masks by scrubking in WorldNews

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My initial reaction from the title: "women being handled by police in the arguably most cucked country of Europe? No way."

In the article:

two women involved in a confrontation with the female officer

Well, that's clever workaround.

Parents Asked To Ignore Kids Online Classes As Far left Indoctrinates Kids - Tim Pool by zyxzevn in propaganda

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and even becoming FRIENDS with such people!

Yeah, because being taught that your skin color automatically makes you racist with ez mode in life totally supposed to make you friends with "children from other socioeconomic classes and races".

and learning to think critically on their own

I think cats don't lick their balls as vigorously as woketards autofellate themselves in comments.

The funny thing is nothing really changes, 40 years ago morons would screech hysterically because someone would be against prayer in schools, now they screech hysterically because someone is against leftist degeneracy in schools. Labels change on the surface, morons still think that they have the sacred right to brainwash someone else's kids.

The sellout is already happening: saidit admin magnora7 is now personally moderating controversial subs by [deleted] in politics

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admin intervening in a sub to unban a known troll

So, he isn't moderating subs like your title states, he moderates the moderators. If your issue is that you can't ban people for wrongthink then ... tough luck? It's not like your janitorial work is extremely important here, if someone is indeed a troll there is a "block user" button under each comment.

Reddit reports 18 percent reduction in hateful content after banning nearly 7,000 subreddits by Excantare in news

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This means they were 118% hateful before.

"I Was Raped by Top Democrat Donor - I Know More Than You Will Ever Know About Their Evil" - Hollywood Actress Goes Off on Biden and Democrats by scrubking in politics

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Well, if Obama couldn't destroy the US in eight years, I don't think Biden can in four. He may even not have these 4 years with his physical state. While I understand the stakes are high and how important to you to destroy the US as soon as possible, he is hardly up to the task.

China is building a GitHub alternative called Gitee by [deleted] in Internet

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Is this supposed to be a counterfeit version of Gitea? Should have gone with GetHub\BetBucket, imo.

Kim Jong-Un Reportedly Orders North Koreans To Hand Over Pet Dogs So They Can Be Eaten by [deleted] in politics

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Absolutely unrealistic propaganda. We all know the leader of the Greatest Korea doesn't need to order anything as the pet dogs empowered by the revolutionary Juche ideology would willingly sacrifice themselves to support the heroic struggle of progressive people of the world against imperialism.

Robots Are Taking All The Jobs! by EndlessSunflowers in LateStageCapitalism

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are going to try their best to erase genetic lines the least suited to the roles of slaves

You are mixing two incompatible fantasy settings. The entire dramatic point of the one with robots is that humans aren't needed, let alone human slaves.

Why was the slaughter of the Romanov family shrouded in such mystery? by iraelmossadreddit in conspiracy

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Tortoises can live up to 180 years, there is no reason zionist jew-reptiloids would live less.

Why was the slaughter of the Romanov family shrouded in such mystery? by iraelmossadreddit in conspiracy

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nicholas II looks jewish himself.

LMAO. Do you realize that Nicholas II was a king, not a result of your random one night stands in Alabama bars? The question of bloodline and heritage is like the most transparent thing in most absolute monarchies (with Russian empire not being exception) because it's literally the question of who is going to rule next.

It's like you are crashing into the Moon landing conspiracy discussion with a "Moon looks like made from cheese" oh so wise observation.

Daughter goes full SJW on dad, dad returns fire... by SNCA_Furweeb in whatever

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Lol, you are trying to call it "belief" so desperately it's actually cute. Like it makes it even more obvious you understand perfectly the difference between a belief and not believing someone's delusions (yeah, literally opposite things) but you want so hard for it to be a belief. Man, it looks like you are trying to convince yourself in the first place, not me.