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> Paragraph of rational claims and assertions.

> Sentence of insanity.

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A bit of a misunderstanding. That reply was from me. They banned me because I pointed out earlier that men in women's prisons would increase the chances of rape being committed, leading to more victimisations, male sex offenders molesting women at higher rates.

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Oi vey. Saying that lesbians are women is not rape apologia.

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Whaat- lesbians- women? No no no, liking the same sex disconnects you from womanhood so surly lesbians must be another gender! I'm not homophobic tho even though I think men can be lesbians/s

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Is the message, at, the, bottom, like, from the moderators?

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I'm pretty sure The first message is from the moderators who imbedded a quote from OP in their message as a note for what the ban is for (I assume a comment on the sub). The bottom "So, you're, like, a rape apologist?" was sent from OP to /r/AreTheStraightsOK mods.

I'm assuming the context for OP's quoted comment is in regards to Chris Chan, hence the rape thing.

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That's correct. I pointed out that sending Chris-Chan to a female only prison (well, it's not really 'female only' when TIMs are sent, are they?) would increase the chances of him committing rape, and that his sexual orientation didn't really matter that much, as lesbians should be sent to female only prisons, and exclusively same-sex attracted TIMs should still be in male only prison facilities.

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That makes more sense. I dropped my account before I could be banned, so I'm not really familiar with the process. It's obscene to me that they can arbitrarily ban people without even an explanation.

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No, it's from me.