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Watch for a boost in Ovarit numbers after that article.

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She became convinced that trans women are men

Well, they're certainly not women if they have to be trans to begin with.

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Such an odd thing to say. "She became convinced that reality was real."

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It's as if she suddenly started believing something everyone in the world accepted to be true until five years ago at most, and that most still do believe. What a crazy outlier.

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As if that's something you need convincing for and not just a brain and a pair of eyeballs.

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Right? It's the equivalent of saying, "She became convinced that the earth is round".

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What a garbage article by a handmaiden "journalist." These woke TRAs seriously think they're the ones living in reality. Only one side is doxxing, harassing, and deplatforming - it's not the GC one.

On these sites and others, they use many of the same trolling tactics as other internet-based fringe political movements to disrupt conversation, skew reality, and make the internet another dangerous place for trans women through doxing and harassment.



the article was literally posted today and it's already had two post-publication edits, admitting that they not only gave out blatantly false information but also misrepresented MK's views and stances (probably intentionally). whats even more telling, though, is that they were asked to change the sentence "she became convinced gender is fixed" to "she became convinced sex is fixed". instead of correcting it they simply took out the sentence altogether. why? because they know damn well that it's ridiculous to frame "sex is fixed" as a hateful conservative view that one only reaches after exposure to online hate groups. they could hide behind the word 'gender', which is ill defined and changes meaning depending on how transactivists want to use it, but they know they can't claim that sex isn't fixed. not if they want to chance in hell of anyone agreeing with this mess.




I wonder if the journalist informed her subject that she was going to be writing about her with utter distain or if that was a surprise

She left out the part where Burns got fired from her journalism job for libeling another journalist

I dunno but if I were going to use Grace Lavery as a source for a piece on “TERFs” and censorship I might have mentioned the time she advocated banning a book she doesn’t like

Honestly shocked this was published in The Atlantic. It’s so bad! Not just insanely biased but also boring, which IMO is a bigger crime.

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Why is this shocking ? All the rules are gone for left leaning journalism. No standards apply any longer. You can say whatever you want, push w/ever garbage you choose, as long as it fits the narrative. You won't be fired, you'll probably get a raise.

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Only one side is doxxing, harassing, and deplatforming - it's not the GC one.

This is a current trend across the whole left, always framed as "pre-emptive"/"preventative" violence in self-defense against anti-identity thoughtcrime.

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I have never seen the term "wombyn" used on Ovarit or here or GC Reddit. The only time I've seen it has been in discussions by and about First Nations Americans. Where did the writer get the idea it's a radfem tbing?

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Her ass, perhaps? I have only ever seen it used ironically.

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Honestly I always associated it with libfems. Not because it's a particularly libfem-aligned idea, but it's an easy way to feel "feminist" by altering words without actually doing much of anything.

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Sometimes I see women use it in michfest related stuff on other sites.

Not sure politically where everyone who uses it falls, other than maybe some devine feminine stuff (??)

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Yeah I'm very familiar with the oldschool womyn spelling but never the womb version.

What pissed me off was hearing that it.was ok for Native Americans to use it to distinguish and honour biological females. But not for other women. In that case it was terfy

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Their hypocrisy is the only thing that's consistent.

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I do see the womb version time to time but its definitely rarer than the others was what I meant. Lol “you get a terf pass”

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of course we can't honor biological women...that would be "terfy." (kill me.)

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Response from MK Fain including her conversations with the author as well as communication between Ovarit admins and the author:


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all feminism is critical of gender. TERFs constitute “a minority of a minority of feminists,” says Grace Lavery, a UC Berkeley literature professor and writer.

That's balls and she's full of crap. Most of the world is a TERF if you ask them questions like "is it okay to let self ID in men into women's changing rooms (80%) or into women's sports.

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That's balls and she's full of crap.

I think you mean he's full of crap. Grace Lavery is a heterosexual male who claims he's a woman (whose partner is a woman who claims to be a man). Lavery rocks a bushy mustache and brags on social media that he looks like Freddie Mercury.

Here's Grace's picture - repeated three times - in a recent profile by the Berkeley Alumni magazine. If you go to the bottom, you can see the telling words that show that Lavery didn't just approve this photo, Lavery actually provided it to the magazine:

Image source: Grace Lavery

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I am corrected.

And that actually makes more sense.

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I didn't mean to correct you just for the sake of it. But coz all these male creeps like Lavery are being allowed to get away the most obvious, egregious lies.

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I don't have a degree in journalism, but even I can tell that the author has done everything wrong in this piece. It's scary that the well-thought out answers from MK Fain and the Ovarit admins could be misconstrued so badly on purpose.

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Hey, I've been lurking at ovarit for some time now, but this article convinced me to formally join. So I was wondering who I should message to get an invite code

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[Dramatic narration] Eventually, her beliefs radicalized further: She became convinced that trans women are men and trans-rights activism is just another weapon of the patriarchy.

"Became convinced" is an interesting framing of 'realized'.

I feel like 90% of people read this and see right through the theatrical activist journalism and go to Ovarit, etc. to get the opposing take, and they find its just a reservation full of normies there banished by these "anointed" mainstream psychopaths.

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There is a frantic tone to the article, please believe what I am saying, these women are so awful, kind of tone