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they've been invading mainstreams subs tho :c

I know this might come as a shocker to them, but we've been there the whole time. Hell, I post in that very sub! And many other subs where people gleefully curse TERFs as if we're worse than pedophiles. Because unlike them, I am capable of engaging with people who I don't agree with 100%, and unlike them, I can express my opinions in ways that don't involve insulting or threatening people I disagree with.

Which, if you really think about it, is the great irony. We exist among them and they have no idea. They can deny our existence and call us things we're not and we don't care, because we know who we are. Meanwhile the mere suggestion that anyone doesn't agree with them has them screaming to the rafters that we are trying to erase them from existence. If you can literally be erased by other people's wrongthink, do you even really exist in the first place???

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"If you can literally be erased by other people's wrongthink, do you even really exist in the first place???"

Most trans people have personality disorders like BPD/NPD, where they lack a basic sense of self and feel like they don't exist. So on some level, they probably don't believe they exist unless people acknowledge them. They lack a core self and identity that most people develop as very young children.

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Goddamit, I have these feelings of "not existing," trauma history, the whole shebang. Yet, somehow I manage to interact with people and pull together shreds of self-esteem, and some days I feel pretty damn good. Even with the whole lack of core self that plagues me from childhood trauma. Goddam them.

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Don't be a bigot they just want to watch you pee!/s

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This is what is funny to me. I too have another account that I use on the main subs and I post and interact with tact with several people that I disagree with.

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Why aren't they posting the list of the anti-female subs that need to go? This doesn't compute.

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Spoiler alert: because they're men.