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Yeah I can’t say I disagree with any of it except the biology comment. Identity and deliberate obfuscation of sex is the new biology.

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I thought of it as saying that the proof of biology is comparable to the evidence that supports the theory of evolution. I paused at that one, also. But because biology is provable and didnt even need to be proven until recently because everyone knew what a man and a woman was lol. So imo it doesn’t work to say deliberate obfuscation of sex is the new biology because what’s being obfuscated is actual biology. So it be more like deliberate obfuscation of sex is the new Ten Commandments. Everyone must follow or they’ve committed a grave sin.

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Oh yeah I’m with ya now. Damn I’m dense sometimes haha.

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You didn't even touch on how gender is largely synonymous with some sort of soul or matter of faith - it's located on the same head of a pin that angels dance on. But also, all of this.

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That’s a good one! None of these are mine, I found this post somewhere and just copied the comments because I found it interesting. I’ve always heard trans ideology compared to a cult or a religion, I’d never seen people break it down like this before though. I remember the post in reddit outlining how cult-like the ideology is, but hadn’t seen a religious comparison. TRA’s are the new missionaries.

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Ideological purity / purity tests is one of the really culty ones - a Canadian green party member or some such was just booted from his founding party for saying transphobic things like JK Rowling shouldn't be getting death threats, but rather her questions should be addressed civilly.

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I think it’s a huge red flag that they attempt to cancel and silence JK Rowling rather than actually address what she said. And i also think it’s incredibly stupid of them to alienate someone who was actually showing a lot of support despite her other opinions.

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Apparently hating allies is a very long-standing tradition of transactivism

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The same can be written up for any movement. Just a few examples:

Heritic equals handmaid Male is the new original sin Autogynophilia is the new degenerecy

Its tribalism you'll find in any movement.

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The difference is that GC doesn’t say those things or make comments like that- QT and TRA’s do.

We don’t equate heretic with handmaid male (a term that doesn’t even make sense) and it doesn’t make sense to say it’s the new original sin. But even if it did, we don’t condemn or threaten these “handmaid males” for not sharing our beliefs. GC would say they have bought the ideology and don’t know better, maybe debate with them. That’s about it. GC would also say that agp is a fetish, not degeneracy. But even if we said it was degeneracy, we don’t force agp’s to not transition or speak a certain way. GC doesn’t turn gender into a religion that everyone must follow. There may be upsetting statements made- it’s not a cult-like atmosphere where everyone is forced to believe the same things and speak the same way or be punished.

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The formating got screwed up. Handmaid, male. Tried to make a list but it seems saidit doesn't like that. So sorry.

You don't, but you call them "dangerous", "poison" or "parasites" and I only have to quote one prominent UK GC feminist. Maybe the Christianity comparison is lacking, but language of disgust is used by many cluts and cult like organizations.

Why does GC advocate for therapy instead of transition then? Or am I just mistaken here? Also making the bar to transition unreasonably high is pretty much the same.

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Link to comments where Sloane calls trans people dangerous poisonous parasites? Unless you’re expecting Sloane to account for another individuals words, in which case you call women smelly fishy bleeder hysterical birthers, please account for this.

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Omg your flair! Lmao

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It’s still the funniest thing I’ve ever read. Cackled like an actual witch for ages lmao!

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It is because of this conversation, I think:

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I'm not referring to Sloane. I'm referring to to the GC movement and how parallels to religion can be drawn based on GC speeches as well. My comment made that quite clear.

If you want receipts look up Sheila Jeffrey's.

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If Sloane is to answer for all people who call themselves gc, could you please answer for John yaniv?

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I don't expect her to answer for the GC movement. Just for how parrales to religion can be found in GC as well as QT. For that I quoted Sheila Jeffreys.

I wasn't aware Yaniv had enough influence to speak infront of legislative bodies? Sorry but Jeffreys isn't anyone.

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I think you should be able to quote more than one person to say this is a GC thing. The reason what I posted works is because these are said by many QT/TRA’s, and often. One person is not enough to claim we do the same. GC advocates for therapy because it is so obvious that therapy- like extensive deep therapy not gender affirming therapy- is needed for so many QT. The bar should be high, for a lot of reasons imo. But that’s not comparable to what my post is comparing and should maybe be it’s own post or something. GC (some) advocating for therapy over transitioning has Nothing to do with religious comparison. The reasons it’s advocated for are plentiful, don’t see how it relates to this tho

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Also, male is not comparable to original sin, it’s just not and can’t ever be female. The value on male vs female comes more from your side, GC just says they are different and one should not infringe on the rights of the other. It’s not saying being male is bad or negative (something quite a few QT here will argue quite frequently).

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Really? Even if that person is influencial enough to speak infront of legislative bodies? I'm not quoting some random Twitter argument here.

I would like to bring receipts for the therapy thing, but the GC subreddits got deleted, so I'm not sure where to get them. And ovarit isn't a website I visit regularly. Maybe my impression of the GC movement is tainted by the old GCdebatesQT crowd. But having been there for I think 3 years I doubt it.

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If you were going to compare anything to "original sin" from a GC feminist perspective I think it would be male socialization but it's a bit of a stretch still

On the original subject, I find the idea of "gender identity" very similar to the idea that people have souls where their real personality resides and the physical body can be a prison stopping the soul from expressing itself the way it wants to.

TRAs love mantras and many all use the same phrases almost like they are little prayers that they learn.

"knowing" that you are on the "right side of history" is similar to "knowing" that you are "with God" or whatever.

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Someone linked me this in the discord - I've really been appreciating it - it touches on that ultimately all women want is the freedom to be women and do their own thing - we want what you could call "negative rights" -

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Yeah, I enjoy that guy's videos and this is a good point and another way gender identity ideology is similar to religion. All other civil rights groups simply want specific additional rights to bring them to make them more equal. For better or worse though TRAs demand we see reality the way they do or at least pretend to go along with it and base our laws on their worldview. The same things religions in theocracies do. Maybe we should push to get gender identity recognized as a religion, sure it would mean giving their organizations tax-free status but it would also mean we would get protections for being secular :)

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Hmmm... That's an interesting question, and a little depressing, how hard is it to start a religion in Canada?

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I really have no idea. If Scientology can get recognized it can't be that hard though. and I think I heard Cathy Brennan made some pagan church built around GC feminism already (in the US, not Canada)

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Found it!

I'm going to apply! Not sure how active it is though... What's Cathy Brennan's TLDR? I've seen the name but don't quite grok it.

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I don't know a lot about her besides that she is a lawyer and gender critical activist and someone TRAs complain about a lot. Here's her Youtube channel:

The church is an interesting idea as I don't think people can be fired and harrassed as much for things recognized as religious beliefs but I don't know I guess it depends on the jurisdiction.

Do tell us about it if you decide to join :)