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Naw, I just think they're cunts.

Edit: Not the whole site, but I did get a permaban from AskReddit. The question was something like "What is some common assumption about women that is not true?" My reply was "That trans women are them? LOL"

I wrote it with a text obfuscator and it got 33 votes before the no-dick-tators figured it out.

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What is some common assumptions about women that is not true?

That they're not overemotional, make good leaders, and most of them will make your life better through marriage.

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Damn some people just don't have a sense of humor

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I've been permanently banned a bunch of times. You can only say Reddit approved things or you get the banhammer again.

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Yep. I think it started out as a temporary ban for something really stupid, and I reached out asking the mod why. That got me a perma-ban for daring to address a mod directly.

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I don't get why, but if you reach out to the mod just to ask a harmless question, they will move heaven and earth to get you kicked off the platform

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Many times.

My last ban was for questioning the "Canadian residential schools abuse / genocide / whatever" narrative. I said that a lot of the stories floating around seemed preposterous, and reading the news these last few days it looks like I was onto something.

Will they unban me now that I've been vindicated? Nah, but if they did, this is what I'd post:


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I was permenantly banned from Reddit for trying to secure the exsistance of the gay race and a future for trans babies.

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Something tells me you'd get initiated into DefaultMods for that, not banned.

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Yes. First I got banned from two subreddits for pretty B.S. reasons.

On /r/TwoXChromosomes:

I said that strategically pro-choice people would be better off attempting to appeal to people who might not think abortions are 100% ok all the time, but think it's ok in some situations instead of antagonizing them and driving them into the pro-choice camp.

On /r/Pics

I said that rather than just censoring and scoffing at Kanye West. It represents a teachable moment. Financial and entertainment sectors objectively are run disproportionately by Jewish people. When it comes to a conspiracy theory the worst thing you can do is deny an obvious fact. It's easy to point out the distinction between run largely by jews and run by THE JEWS. It would have taken two seconds to bring this up. But instead they did what they always do and simply scoffed and censored. This drives more people IN to the anti-semetic conspiracy theory.

The mod banned me, called me anti-semetic, and then silenced me for 10 years from appeal.

Permanent Ban

I accidentally made a comment on one of these subreddits from one of my alternate accounts. Nothing remotely bannable. I think it was something like "cool picture" or "good on you" but this violates the general rules of reddit. So I got permanently banned from Reddit.

Of course it wasn't that difficult to delete all those accounts and create some new ones while connected to a new VPN. I'm back on now...technically, but I don't really post anymore, just because I hate the site.

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What a fustercluck. Moderators just love to ban people for the lamest reasons. Good on you for finding a way in past their stupid gates

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Yeah, honestly the /r/pics one still REALLY bothers me. It's such B.S. and sucg a clear abuse of their power.

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I would disown them entirely

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Yep, my 13 year old account that was in a bunch of top karma private subs was banned because some trash LGBTQ fuck face insulted me directly and said a ton of bullshit made up stats and "facts." Well, I went ahead and defended myself and provided SOURCES from non-partisan sites which utterly destroyed their bullshit, and I did it respectfully whereas they were 3/4ths ad homenins. So I got perm banned for attacking a protected member. Fuck you Reddit, you are trash and on your way out. Crazy ass far far far left bullshit and their mods are utter tyrants. I had a fucking mod try to give me a KEYLOGGER and reported them to Reddit who promptly told me they are a mod this is ok, then banned me from their subreddit. What a fucking trash site owned by a trash company, run by trash people, with ignorant hyper partisan trash people on it.

Site only went to the shitter in the last 5 years or so, it USED to have decent debates, people could talk to each other and cover pretty spicy topics, and then the "minorities" came and started to demand special treatment, special rights, and to be in charge because it's "our time."

Nope... that site can burn in the fire it has created.

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Gamergate was 10 years ago. The site was trash then.

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They banned you for defending yourself and remaining civil? Fuck the mods worth less than shit

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First permaban from entire Reddit for "transphobia" and being TERF, then next because of ban evasion, then for "racism", next for saying that porn and prostitution isn't empowering for women and being sex worker isn't actual job, another one for being "too aggresive" and insulting other users, then for "islamophobia", then for saying that Indian men are the ugliest from all the men and no women of any race are actually attracted to them, another for "ableism", next for another ban evasion, then next one but I don't even really remember why, lol

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Hey come on aboriginals are far uglier.

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Welcome back, Clown Chan! It's ironic you say all this because I remember you being an Asian woman.

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Yes, because I said things that were double-plus-ungood according to the proprietors from Eastasia.

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What haven't I said and been banned for on that site? What I will say is that anti-troon stuff gets you banned the fastest.

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I got banned because some one said catholicism is a cult and I responded pride is a cult. I'm not catholic I'm just tired of a month of pride every year.

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Ironically enough pride is the worst sin because it affects everyone around you.

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LGBT is definitely a cult, but nooobody wants to see that as truth. Sure, kick the crap out of Christianity and be Christophobic, but if you come across as transphobic, homophobic, or Islamophobic, you are deemed evil. I don't have an issue with atheists that are chill, but these online atheists that like to bash 'religion' - code word for Christianity - while glorifying Bernie Sanders socialism, wokeism, and pride, are the biggest hypocritical cunts the world has ever seen. Yeah, like socialism and pride aren't their own 'religion.'

If you say you are a Christian, then they will laugh, mock you, and call you a mentally retarded backwards dumbass with no IQ. And for that, they say you should get banned. If, however, you tell them that you are also an atheist and take less issue with religion and more criticism against socialism and woke culture, whoa! They don't spit and laugh and ridicule you for being religious, instead they fly into a rage and start calling you an evil fascist nazi that needs to get punched in the face. And then get banned.

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LOL, I got banned for stating (and referencing) how the size of human brains generally gets bigger the further from the Equator the people are. It’s not controversial as scientists have measured many skulls.

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Nuh uh ive seen the pictures people post of a bunch of Caucasian skulls with the other different species type underneath them so all the species have the same skulls as Caucasians

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The difference isn’t big enough to naked eye. Scientists used sand or seed to fill the skulls and find the volumes. It’s enough to make one group have IQ 71 (sub Saharans) and another group to have IQ 105 (NE Asians).

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Yep. Cause fuck em, that's why.

Reddit is a special breeding ground for Maoistesque extremism that contaminates every possible subject and discourse possible, infecting friends and neighbors with a sort of bot-fueled group-think that "is extremely dangerous to our democracy".

They are Russian Collusion, they are the ghost of Kiev and the sanctified mob at the Boston bombing.

Yuppies and neck-beards conspiring lockdown enforcement policy and body mutilation.

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Banned 4 times for saying pedos need to be weeded out everywhere, and that there are even some hiding behind the LGBT flag.

It was overturned all 4 times due to their bias... because pedos aren't protected, just because they hide behind LGBT status didn't protect them from criticism. My statements were directed towards pedos, not gays and trannies specifically so they can get off their high horses. People criticize the church all the time for there being pedo priests but they didn't get banned. I do the same about LGBT pedos and boom, banned.

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Yes, it's a badge of honor. I wasn't even given a reason, but I suspect some faggot mod stumbled upon my very hidden and isolated sub I posted on by myself, r/random_shit and got offended I wasn't soy enough for they/them and started mass flagging shit. I was the only one there, and ignored all the false flags, almost all of them being some "hate speech against a protected class" bullshit despite them being critiques against feminist or jokes from The Boondocks. You know how faggy Redditors are.. Anyway, a day later and the account I had since 2014 was banned, including two other accounts I hadn't used in YEARS. A got an email saying all three were banned at once. They shouldn't have even known about the other two accounts, which just proves they do illegal IP tracking in order to know those other two accounts existed.

Anyway, I'm glad it happened and wouldn't have changed a thing, cause I would've never known this site existed without it. This is pretty much all I've wanted, a place to just speak my mind without the faggotry and soysorship that is Reddit. As a site, Reddit isn't bad. It's the people on it and the echo chamber environment that are absolute shit. So thank you to the dude who made this alternative.

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I have been banned from many subs including science and politics, which you might think would be open to discussions. It was for saying things that are technically true but pollitically incorrect.

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Really? What pissed of the science nerds?

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I don't remeber. Probably saying that biologically only two genders are logical.

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True, though genders can be made up by dumbass people. It's biological sex that's definitely binary and there cannot be more than two. Now scientists are denying biological sex as a fact

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That symantic game is not a real argument. The people who argue that gender is an immutable charicteristic of someone separate from sex are not using any reasonable definition, nor are they consistent with any of them.

If gender is the collection of non biological differences between men and women then no one has a gender because everyone can behave in any way they want at any time. In which case only sex has any real meaning.

The only way gender as a concept has any meaning is if it is intrinsically linked to biological sex. So everyone who is talking about gender is always inahrently talking about sex. The words are uses interchangeably, except when that disingenuous symantic argument is made in order to try to muddy the water to hide that you lost the argument.

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Yes -- they just close the account without explanation, and you can no longer sign in on it. They also shadow ban your comments, so that they only appear to you (like with YouTube, you open the comment section in a "private" / "incognito" window to check if it's visible to anyone but who posted it).

Dropped that vax-cattle barn years ago. Reddit is to online fora what television today is to entertainment.

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You do t have to do that with youtube. Just change the sort from top to newest or vice versa and you can see if yours got removed.

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Not if the comments are being shadow banned -- i.e., made visible only to the user making the comment. Often, and especially where comments are being posted in real-time, no even the total comment counter is accurate (a higher comment count shown when signed in).

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  1. "Antisemitism"
  2. "Racism"
  3. "Homophobia"
  4. "Transphobia"
  5. "Threats of Violence"
  6. Evading Bans

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Not I. Banned in plenty of subs, but not reddit as a whole.

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Which time?

They changed their signup process because it didn't have a wordfilter on it after I made the account /u/TheNiggerWord.

They also took away MuslimGangEnrichment and DesmondIsMolested, as well as my person account, FaqirIndahbut or however I spelled it.

And that's just a few.

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Yes, very hard. Mainly because of /r/The_Cabal.