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Total estimated saidit users: five

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Welcome. It is a nice community.
Browse the different subs to find something interesting.
When you browse frontpage and find an interesting post,
click on the sub to see similar posts.

But there are also some trolls and shills here.
But you have "block user" to avoid them, very useful.
And sometimes we get waves of spam. Report them.

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would be interesting to see 'x online' on the site. i don't think it's too hard to implement.

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Yeah, but ninety percent of them would be bot accounts.

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i think there can be filtering techniques for registration and stuff, but at this point it might not be a concern as they help saiditors to 'fake it til they make it', you know.

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Pretty sure it's 4 legit users, another 2 debating/arguing between their own alts and some stray bots advertising the most random stuff possible.


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    Thanks for getting to the bots (and thanks to Fred), which has made Saidit useful again. I've seen this in the mod logs.

    Perhaps there is a way of counting users with comment karma above - say - 100, as this would likely help with a census. Reddit had a survey/census in its first 2 or 3 years, which is how everyone knew that the demographics were essentially early-20-something IT people. That was before the Digg infestation of 13-year-olds.

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    I remember at least >12 (more if you count the ones i ignore deliberately) different personalities here from discussions and at least 10 are still existent and active yet. Even though i was offline for almost 6 months.

    So: Your numbers obviously are rookie numbers or fake news.

    My advice: You should have a sneak peek in some smaller subs, before rounding down unreasonably.

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    I'm a real person, don't I count.

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    I’m here because R**dit has become a shithole, glad to see you here!

    [–]JasonCarswell 5 insightful - 3 fun5 insightful - 2 fun6 insightful - 3 fun -  (4 children) lists /s/SaidIt with the most: 39,712 subscribers, a community for 3 years.

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    mr carswell knows that those subscriber numbers are not true at all.. for example, /s/wallstreetbets lists almost 15k subscribers, again not true.. if there were 15k registered subscribers to /s/wallstreetbets then there would be a lot of activity in that sub, but there is not.

    jason carswell is intentionally deceiving you, this forum is based on lies..

    no different than any other media source.

    welcome to the puppet circus.

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    Those are the numbers. I didn't make them up.

    I didn't say they were all active users. Hundreds, perhaps thousands are STABs.

    You wouldn't know a lie if you were saying it.

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    That's roughly how many accounts have been registered on SaidIt (anyone can leave s/SaidIt, but most people don't) — but keep in mind that, like, ninety percent of those are bot accounts, and a large portion of the remaining ten percent are alt accounts.

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    ~1 user here now

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    Welcome back.

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    To answer your question seriously: Not very many.

    The most populous sub had 39,717 subscribers.

    Many of those are bots. How many? Unknown.

    I believe, without evidence, that many of those actual humans were one-time signups that are now gone. Reddit subreddit bans come in waves. Each time a big wave happens, it results in a wave of signups here out of a response of frustration and anger. Those people appear to sign up, look around a little, and then slowly trickle away when they realize that the site just really isn't that large.

    You'd have to judge actual numbers on site engagement. Using the 90/9/1 rule of thumb, 90% of users are lurkers. 9% create an account and upvote and downvote and comment. 1% are content creators and submit new posts. So if you go by the front page, you have some posts that do not have any comments, just a few upvotes, and some posts make it to the front page without any upvotes at all.

    So not very many active users. Using this post as an example, you have 16 comments and 16 upvotes. Using the 90/9/1 rule, around 160 people saw this post and 16 interacted with it. And this was one of the more active posts on the front page.

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    During the outages that redirected to that horrid other website, someone mentioned that the "users here now" hovered around 400.

    Completely anecdotal.

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    I've been out of the game for some time, what were the "outages" about??

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    Hmm, I don't mean to be a peddler of site gossip, but word around town is that there were a couple of questionable billing issues.

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    First, where? What are you talking about? Specify.