Microwave designers were the original assholes by trident765 in technology

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Same, I am easily distracted at my advanced age and need beeps.

The Jesuits were controlling Castro and the CIA simultaneously, so they are responsible for most far right and far left dictatorships in Latin America, the world's drug dealing and the Jesuit Communist Empire. (X-post from s/Jesuits) by HibikiBlack in conspiracy

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I used to got to Opus Dei events fairly frequently in college and let me tell you, it's underwhelming for anyone looking for a world-spanning conspiracy. We did a lot of praying and talked about how to make sure we were doing good things on a daily basis.

Spiritual director sounds scary, but it's pretty common on Catholicism, and generally they are nice old dudes that help you out with your problems, think therapy but without the bad parts. I'm sure there is abuse but, I haven't seen any, though there was one confessor I thought should have been thrown out an airlock.

Defeated Labour councillor: ‘The voters have let us down’. This fits a trend. Guardian columnist Polly Toynbee put voters on notice before the election, saying that they had "no excuse" not to vote against the evil Tories. by Chipit in WorldNews

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Clearly the solution is for Labour to dismiss the voters and get a new set of voters.

School District Tells Principals To Create Fake Curriculum To Send Parents After Complaints Of Indoctrination by Chipit in news

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Remember, run for school board, run for local offices. The rot in government starts at the bottom.

Bryant was arguing about cleaning the house when she got into the fight that ended in the police killing her, her foster mom says by jet199 in news

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The interesting question is, how long have they just been making up stuff for.

Yes, police can pull you over for hanging an air freshener in your car by pinktalc in whatever

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"Police have defended the stops as crucial for fighting possession of illegal drugs, weapons possession, human trafficking and drunken driving." Dang, at that point why don't they just claim the ability to arrest anyone anytime and investigate them, in case they might be doing something illegal.

Somebody compiled a list of Censored websites. by infocom6502 in conspiracy

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Fun task is going on Fediverse sites and seeing which other sites they hide content from or refuse to peer with, those are usually some wild sites.

Or maybe the world's a little too pussified by Tarrock in MeanwhileOnReddit

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Well, maybe so but maybe not. I wasn't far off from the person described in this post at one point in the not so distant past. I suspect having spent my entire childhood reading books and playing video games is the reason I was pretty useless in the most basic of social situations.

Thankfully however the drive to get with women is extremely powerful and I certainly wasn't asking a girl on a date if I couldn't order a sandwich. So I started with the sandwiches, slowly, and moved up the chain. Now I'm married and posting on Saidit, truly the peak of human accomplishment.

I still get that feeling of wild anxiety sometimes, particularly when I'm about to cold call someone for work, but I ignore it these days.

How to Take Back the Internet by Choosing the Internet Less Traveled by gebTA48 in Internet

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I personally use Usenet, Gemini, Gopher, and host my own website. Email is a pain but I do use a small provider. It can be done, and if nothing else having a variety of methods to contact people is useful if the overlords decide to nuke social media sites.

Trans Reddit User Posted Hundreds of Pornographic Drawings of Child Characters Under 10, Mods Banned Anyone Who Criticized Them by scrubking in WatchRedditDie

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I think I pretty much became a "right wing extremist" even though none of my views really changed just because I basically stopped watching TV when I was 18 because I was too busy, with my media consumption basically limited to reading books on the train and watching some DVDs of old shows. Then I wake up one day to find the whole world has gone insane.

Why Putin’s Pipeline Is Welcome in Germany. We object to a pivotal NATO ally increasing its dependency for energy on the very nation against which the United States has defended that ally for 70 years. Why are you buying Russian gas when we are protecting you from them, the Americans ask. by Chipit in WorldPolitics

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I think there was a time when we were actually advancing the cause of freedom to some extent, while making it worse in other places - but once we won in Europe, the entire bureaucratic-military-industrial complex needed to continue to exist to keep getting paid.

If Germany wants to be allies with Russia, I don't see any reason why we shouldn't withdraw our troops and with them a nice day.

Four Companies Control 67% of the World's Cloud Infrastructure by [deleted] in TechCompanies

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Small hosting, self hosting, encourage it wherever you can. Few things are more dangerous than getting sucked into the convenience of the cloud.

Is Your Land Really Yours If The Government Can Watch You Whenever It Wants? by march3 in whatever

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Yeah, you raise a good point. I think the way we "own" land in most of the western world is a slight modification of the way in feudalism, the lord owned the land and you had to pay him rent for it, but we call that rent "property tax" now. But the lord, aka the state, is the real owner. There may be some parts of Scotland/Scandinavia where people still really own their property if I remember correctly but don't quote me on that.

Our United States Navy is now a woke institution. "I pledge to advocate for and acknowledge all lived experiences and intersectional identities of every Sailor in the Navy." by Chipit in politics

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The only oath I'm interested in swearing is "I solemnly swear that I am up to no good".

Robinhood forcibly selling shares of GameStop without users’ consent by Tom_Bombadil in conspiracy

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If they were margin shares that makes more sense, due to the vol a lot of clearing firms increased their margin requirements to 100% meaning basically you have to pay cash for the shares. I think normal operations would be to restrict the account ask the clients to wire in more cash, but I guess if they had trouble borrowing money to finance the positions, they could conceivably have to sell the shares with the margin requirements increasing so fast.

"I’ve done two anal swabs, every time I did one I had to do a throat swab afterwards — I was so scared the nurse would forget to use a new swab" by christnmusicreleases in news

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It could just be a revenue opportunity for the CCP - pay extra to have a pretty nurse administer the, uhh, test. First COVID test with a happy ending incoming Feb 2021.

It’s Not Section 230 You Hate, It’s Oligopolies by Drewski in Internet

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Article is very true. One interesting side note is, monopolies in common law are generally required to provide service to everyone, like a common carrier - https://cafehayek.com/2021/01/on-richard-epstein-on-regulating-big-tech.html is an interesting article on the subject.

Matt Walsh… A week before Biden's inauguration and a study is released announcing that lockdowns don't work, Cuomo comes out and says that New York can't stay closed, and the mayor of Chicago is urging restaurants to open ASAP. We are supposed to believe that the timing is coincidental. by Orangutan in politics

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The joke last summer was the virus would disappear after the election - just off by a few months, the inauguration was the real date.