Change my mind: There is nothing an American should hate more than a communist by Republican58 in politics

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OK, communist... explain what a "fair share" of taxes is... explain why a person that earms $50,000/yr should pay a mere 18% but a person that earns $50,000,000 should pay 50%? How is that "fair"? It sure isn't equal, or equitable. A "fair share" of taxes means that he pays the exact same percentage of his/her income as every other wage earner in the country. Now, also explain how internet access is a right... internet access is not vital to remaining alive, you cannot DIE if you go three days without reading Reddit or logging into Facebook, so why should it be government controlled and freely given to every person in the country. "All businesses are held responsible to act in the interests of the common people"... please explain what these "interests" are and how they are common to all people. What you may consider to be important to you may not be of interest to me. Who decides what these interests are and how businesses are to act regarding them? What if such interests are so expansive that it puts my business out of operation? Would that be CONTRARY to my interests? Why shouldn't YOU be required to support my business because not doing so would pu9t workers out of a job and thus violate "their interests"?

De Blasio proclaims 'voluntary phase is over' on COVID vaccines by Dtab in whatever

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Watch NYC completely shut down when city workers walk off the job... DeBlahBlah is determined to destroy that city completely.

Woman In Charlie Hebdo T-shirt Stabbed In London Park by Drewski in WorldNews

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HMMM, Damn those knives! Jumping out of their drawers and forcing their owners to stab innocent people!

Innocent 75yo Man Suffers Stroke As Cops Taser, Beat Him in His Own Home for No Reason by Drewski in PoliceMisconduct

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No investigation and they immediately taser and nearly kill someone that they do not know was involved in the reported call?

FRANCE IN EXTREME DANGER : The actual situation in France, the latest news and what you can do to help us If you like by Orangutan in WorldNews

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You see, this would not last long in the US... the people are armed. The second amendment is a wonderful thing.

Are you concerned that someone you know is becoming an extremist? by la_cues in memes

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Yup... I am concerned that too many people are becoming liberals

"If you want government to intervene domestically, you’re a liberal. If you want government to intervene overseas, you’re a conservative..." - Joseph Sobran by Drewski in quotes

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This is false, though. It is the DEMOCRAT Party that is pushing for military intervention in Cuba, Syria, Lebanon, etc. The Republicans are pushing for out troops to come home and for domestic issues to be fixed.

Get a vaccine passport or you could end up killing someone somewhere. Do you want that on your conscience? by StillLessons in propaganda

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RT...a Russian website, pushing a communist policy? Why am I not surprised?

CNN Demands to Know Vaccine Status in Order to Submit Questions to Ask Biden at Next Week's Town Hall in Cincinnati by scrubking in politics

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Restrictions on speech based on medical status? To be allowed to ask the "supposed" President of the United States a question? How is that even legal?

Facebook Board Member: Free Speech is 'Not an Absolute Human Right’ by scrubking in politics

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Of course a former PM of a nation where Freedom of Speech and Thought are unknown would say something that stupid. I am SO glad I dropped FB, Twatter, and Reddit!

Banned from 23 subreddits for participating in one sub! by UberGeekUtah in Introductions

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BS cryptocurrency

Banned from 23 subreddits for participating in one sub! by UberGeekUtah in Introductions

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I commented in r/nonewnormal...

“Sensitivity readers” to proofread books so they don’t offend cancel mobs by [deleted] in books

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Damn, I hope no-one tries to proofread my novels... I have probably offended everyone.... at least I tried to.

It took just 8 years to go from the Obama admin denying that they spy on our cell phone data to the Biden admin nonchalantly saying they'll fact-check our text messages. But hey, Trump was the Nazi, right? by scrubking in politics

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Is anyone surprised? Martial Law is coming fast... Biden's handlers will use the "Delta Variant" of the ChineseVirus as the excuse... forced vaccinations and "quarantine camps" coming to a neighborhood near you.