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Very briefly The Dictator Macron made a speech about 10 days ago announcing the new restrictions and as you can see in my other posts in the goverment's inner circles it was decided to generate A SHITY LIFE for the unvaccinated a very shity one....

So If you don t get the jab ->

■ No hospitals WTF !


■ NO GIVING BIRTH in an hospital as pregnant women are not exempt from the health pass, also as they can not enter in an hospital NO MEDICAL CONTROL DURING 9 MONTHS NEITHER (EDITTED the phrase it to be more understandable)

■ No cafés bars or restaurants

■ No long distance trains or buses

■ No airports

■ NO WORK ! If you work in a job with human contact (WTF almost every job has human contact)

So the situation is EXTREME and as these restrictions are anti constitutional anti human rights and anti Nurenberg codes we are NO LONGER IN A REPUBLIC NEITHER IN DEMOCRACY....The LIBERTY in France is OVER ! In France we live in exrreme fascism !

We are protesting the fuck out of it....we are contacting everybody every institution etc for help...

But If you are willing to help us here is ridiculously simple things you can do ---->

If as an individual you would like to help PLEASE MAKE IT KNOWN please diffuse this information every where talk about it write comments If you have a Youtube channel talk about it If you are some kind of justice warrior talk about it If you are a journalist talk about it....DICTATORS DON T LIKE OTHERS KNOWING THE TRUTH...

The other powerfull thing you can do is go to the Facebook page of Emmanuel Macron say where you are from and say that YOU KNOW about the tyranny in France, you know what is going on...write it in english. Macron has english posts you can even write on french posts as you can see in the facebook of Macron he tries to work out his image and tries to make it seem as If he was a very proactive caring president...fucking lies ! Also when you comment a post of Macron more than 1000 comments your comments won t be read a may put it on a post with less than 1000 comments for it to be seen by everybody...

You can do the same by going to the french goverment facebook page it is written "gouvernement" in french.

You can do it on twiter as well...

If you are an engaged journalist justice worrior or foundation you can even contact the french goverment and express your shock send an e mail...etc

These guys are very very very afraid of it being known by the entire world...such restrictions are applied no where in the world even If there are still restrictions everywhere...

Thanks for your reading and support.... PrayForFrance TakeDownMacron

Vive La France !

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Hi dude. I hadn't seen you posting in a while and too bad It's under these circunstances. Nice to see you either way.

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He's not part of the Jesuit order, and that order is no more. It is a marrano order. Anyone can attend that school including my neighbor. My disabled cousin attended a 'Jesuit' marrano school open to the public in the US, must mean he's is a Jesuit part of the templar order.

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islam is not suffering any inconveniences because of this fake virus.. hint: muslims love to wear a face covering, and now they have you(both male and female) wearing a face covering, and they are injecting you with poisonous vaccines.

islam has one agenda: convert or enslave or exterminate the infidel.

i spent several years in prayer with muslims, so just maybe i might know what i am talking about.. and, i could also tell you how to take back control of this situation and put yourselves back into the driver's seat, but would you listen or would you continue running around in the streets and passing out pamphlets and sending worthless emails?

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Welcome to the world of democracy, if you do not oblige by the very democratic rules, you will be left to die, please do not resist this freedom we're granting you.

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So which form of authoritarianism do you prefer? (The post complains of the dictatorship of Macron.)

In any event, at least many in the democracy of France appreciate the importance of the vaccine. Those who don't like democracies can move to China, Russia, Turkey, Belarus, and any number of other authoritarian shitholes.

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Well I would prefer the authoritarianism that Ulmanis had, but that'd be impossible today. I see that you like the vaccine and well, fine, like it, what do I care? I don't trust it and nor am I going to vaccinate, rather catch it in the wild, I have one of the highest chances of catching it in my apartment anyway.

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Thanks for the info on Ulmanis, whom I've now read about. It seems that there were economic benefits of his leadership, though there were also substantial restrictions on the press and other activities. I know of a famous Jewish philosopher who grew up in Latvia in the 1930s, emigrating to England thereafter, and had opportunities in England he would never have had in Latvia. In any event, Ulmanis is an interesting example of a dictator (getting only 17% of the vote) who was not as bad as many other dictators.

I don't think any of us have to like the vaccine. It's ONLY important as a way of reducing the impact of COVID19 on your body - were you to get it - and reducing the spread of COVID19 to others. Thus it's like the polio vaccine. We take it - not because we like vaccines - but because we would wish to reduce the impact of COVID19 on ourselves and others.

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There are way bigger problems with vaccines related to: the corporate entities who can't be sued (in the states), their nature to profit seek, the lack of or limited testing (especially long term), the adjuvants and aluminum, and the "schedule" that is pushed, especially for children in the first few days of life.

Here is a great podcast on the issue, Del Bigtree on the Higherside Chats. Of course, there is plenty more info on the Higherside and elsewhere.

I am worried that the "covid vaccine" hype is starting to overshadow how bad the vaccine industry is as a whole, and as a process.

Maybe the science of vaccines is not so bad, but it's being carried out in a bad way, by bad players.

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Maybe the science of vaccines is not so bad, but it's being carried out in a bad way, by bad players.

Yes - this is especially true in India, where there have been active scams.

Though there are also problems in so-called 1st world countries, the regulations and testing of vaccines are much better. Another problem is the difficulty of getting news of legitimate problems with the vaccines, amidst the massive amount of disinformaiton spread to a large portion of the world's populations. In India, for example, millions of WhatsApp users have been persuaded to believe disinformation about vaccines, even though they do not understand the sources of that information. The solution in rural areas has been to pay teams to deliver vaccines, while also paying villagers to take the vaccines. Initially, nurses would go to villages and wait in empty offices. Now that there are payments, many villagers are happy to take the jabs. This is perhaps not true for all villages, but it's already understood as a useful approach, thanks already to the Gates Foundation NGOs in the area in recent decades (which have provided free healthcare for mothers). Most Indians appear not to be skeptical of science, and many want their kids to be doctors or engineers, but they are naturally skeptical of politics and scan artists.

Not that you wanted to know any of this, but I hope it offers a different perspective.

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You see, this would not last long in the US... the people are armed. The second amendment is a wonderful thing.

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Long have those days passed. While this was the original intent behind the 2nd; the people, over 80 million of them desire to be ruled, and a large majority voting for the other guy probably do as well.

All the people with guns, forcibly locked up for a year and a half for a virus where the median age of death is older than the average US persons life expectancy.

No no, make no mistake, the reason the US isn't in a France like situation yet is that there are still enough of us that believe God is the grantor of rights, not the state. Being "alive", "healthy" and "safe" aren't the ultimate goals or purpose of this life.

But make no mistake, the US is running on the fumes of great men and a once great nation.

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US weapons restrictions seem to be slowly loosening, with pain and gnashing of teeth.

Whether those who are willing and able to defend themselves are also willing to defend our nation, I can't say. But it's a better situation than I would have predicted ten years ago.

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What are they going to do? Protest?

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Stop working?

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It would be wonderful if the people of an entire country could band together and just go on "strike". Once Walmart, Home Depot, airports, and everything else closed down because nobody went to work, then shit would change really fast because the huge corporations would start bleeding money, and well, if no one is working, then the government gets no taxes either. Wouldn't even need to be all the people. Half would probably do the trick, as it take a certain minimum number of people to run any business. Of course, this will never happen, even though it would be the most effective way to get things changed quickly.

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Those running the country have families and places where they live. There are many ways that are vastly more efficient and require much less effort and fewer people to achieve in order to bring upon change.

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I think they're already doing that. Not enough, but it's building up and the police have started to join the protests instead of thugging down on them.

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Back in the day if France did something like this, America would take in a whole bunch of you as refugees. But these days, those in power won't let you in.

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The media coverage of these protests is very dishonest.

Look at this headline: France’s Far Right Take To The Streets In Protest Of COVID-19 Vaccine Rules.

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This is disturbing news. Thanks for letting us know about this. Truth and Freedom will prevail.

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They voted him in so they deserve whatever they get.