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I hope he has secured his finances and has beefed his security detail. Unless he has a death wish.

He was already put on a killlist by Ukrainians.

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That site, though apparently independent, is hosted on Nato servers as well. Everything about that conflict glows bright.

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He was already put on a killlist by Ukrainians

Musk's skynet is a keystone to Ukraine's capacity to defend against Russia.

To say nothing of maintaining the civilian economy.

What killlist was he put on?

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Mirotvorets whatrever its called. Ukrainian interior ministry maintains it. MSM did not talk about it obviously. There are like 300+ minors on that list too.

Whenever someone gets assassinated their corpses are posted on the site.

Even lib wikipedia acknowledges its existence. (Indian site since only BRICS medias talk about it).

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Mirotvorets whatrever its called.

Not a kill list. An arrest list.

I can't find Elon Musk there. Can you link me to his page?

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People forget the FBI killed MLK, Tupac, MalcomX, etc.

Kanye and Elon are speaking out of turn.

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Truth is, you dont have any way to know what the FBI does or doesn't do, fuckyourmom.

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Yea we do. There’s lots of shit to indicate what they do.

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go fuck yourself

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Well that escalated quickly.

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Clubq got what they deserved.

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Are you socks?

Who escalates like that on saidit?

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Who the fk are you?

Are you socks?

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Why does everyone talk about what they're going to expose and never do a fucking thing?
Musk says hes going to expose this and nothing happens.
Wikileaks says they're going to expose that and nothing happens.
Kimdotcom says he's going to expose something and nothing happens.
Project Veritas says they're going to expose something and nothing happens. Some doctor claiming to have the smoking gun to expose the Xovid bombshell and nothing happens.

If they had anything, then they would release it. They're just hyping everyone up for money and so we don't pay attention to what they're doing in the background. FTX epstine island, ukrain, biden laptops, etc.

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Hunter is already screwed.. He is a slave to the crack pipe.. An addict can not escape the addiction.

One day, his resources will run out, daddy will stop paying his bills and he will find himself in some jail facing charges of possession with intent to distribute.

Goodbye Hunter.

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An addict can not escape the addiction

People break free. Not most, but it's not impossible.

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Let me spell it out for you.

an addict is addicted and he can not run away from or escape his addiction. he can not run away from addiction. Where ever he goes, he is still an addict.

An addict can not escape his addiction.

I did not say that he can't quit.

QUITTING is the process of facing and accepting his addiction.

ESCAPING an addiction is running to another city, for example, which does not work.

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So when you say, "One day, his resources will run out, daddy will stop paying his bills and he will find himself in some jail facing charges of possession with intent to distribute."

You mean this to be interpreted as "He may quit, and continue with his career successfully"?

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No, the great majority of crack cocaine addicts will NEVER get clean. They might quit for a month or two, ... they either get killed or blow their hearts out or they go to prison with drug charges and disappear forever into prison.

Hunter's future is not good, that drug is so addicting.

Hunter loves his drug addiction more than anything else.

He will die a crack junkie.

Sometimes, and I have known a few druggies that were hooked on crack, they switch to meth and never go back to crack.

But you are still a meth junkie.

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Believe it when I see it

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Believe it when I see it

that is a typical attitude.

the right thing to do if you think that there is something here is lets get our hands on that data and lets start sifting thru it..

i bet you if this was a laptop of trump's, they would be going over it with a magnifying glass.

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Well sure I would love to see a good lynching of our so-called elite. But it'll never happen. Look at Epstein, all the child rape he did and what happened to him, he got suicided and his right hand chick is in a light security prison. these kids got payouts and they've shut their mouths. Joe Biden is as dirty as you can get but no one will do anything. To be honest what can I do as an individual. You see what happens when dudes like Kanye speak up, he pretty much can only get a job washing windows at this point. Sure there's Gab where he's starting his own alternative economy but it's slow going. To be honest I think if Trump was a better speechwriter he wouldn't be having the problems that he does. All you have to do is listen to Obama, that clown doesn't say anything but he has an inspirational cadence that people just can't get enough of. When Trump gets on stage it's like listening to and insufferable grandpa telling a story.

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Epstein never raped anyone.. he dated a few high school girls, but rape, no.

I have known a few rapists.. one that I was locked up with used to just snatching ladies and drag them into a back alley and fuck the shit out of them as he was holding a knife to their throat . He got fifty years, aggravated, which means that he will serve most of that time

Did Epstein use a weapon or any kind of force?


Another acquaintance, years ago, from prison, he fucked girls and then mutilated them by carving their vagina out with a knife. You know, souvenirs. He will never get out of prison.

Did mr Epstein do any of that?


Mr Epstein dated high school girls.

He was no rapist..

And he did not suicide, he was murdered.

Mr Epstein had plenty of money for bail and attorneys.. he was murdered

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Well, when you have sex with a girl who is underage it's called statutory rape. You don't have to drag a girl behind a dumpster and break her teeth with a fist going down her throat in order to have it be rape. The term is called 'suicided' it's when someone was murdered and they make it look like a suicide. It was a big Clinton tactic.

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When I was 26, I was dating and living with a 16 year old honey baby super model..

I used to take her to my parole visits..

I knew her dad and i used to go to the sweetwater country club with her.

She tasted like flowers.

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I'm not sure how to respond to this. Other than what could you have in common with that much of an age gap?

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Let me show you her pic.

She was silky soft from her nose to her toes.

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Dude I'm not going to click on that. I could be a 16 yo grandpa.

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If you are a nice 16 years girl, I am interested to adopt.

No funny business.