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Sure, although I don't want to be practicing small unit tactics to hunt wild boar. Hunting them from a vehicle seems a lot safer. I'd feel really bad if an animal managed to kill me. Like I failed being the alpha predator. Really, it's tech that let's us kill these things at all. I have heard that you don't even want to shoot them with a lower caliber gun, it just pisses them off.

I was just watching something with large charging creatures, fictional, but it reminded me of a time when you'd plant your spear at an angle and hope the damn thing impaled itself and stopped. How much can you really trust a stick when a 500lb animal is charging you. The same tactics were applied to cavalry charges of course. That would have to be terrifying each and every time.

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Boar hunting is old hat bro. The spears have a fat barb to stop the pig running up on you, because the 15" blade won't convince them they're dead until they can't go any more. It's so easy even a girl can do it LOL

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I understand that the case for using a spear is to ensure you don't hurt or damage the hearing of your dogs that are holding the pig.

And the reason the pig isn't running up on you, is because there's a dog holding it by the balls.

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I know some pretty capable women. I mean the old timey stuff though, not modern production but when early man was first doing this and literally this is some stick you found and a flint head bound with some questionable materials.

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There are poisons (and venoms). Easier to find than you possibly do believe right now.

My queen is an "expert" with poison, venom and toxic things, so to say. You couldn't believe what "we" are growing, totally legally. :)

The only "real" fear I have is that one day she throws a tantrum and puts something into the public water-supply we live relatively near to.

The good thing, I already know, though, is: When people possibly start dropping like flies around us, I know the culprit already.

Because we got a neighbor pathetically trying to harass us a little bit, right now.

Never underestimate what you can find, if you actually know, what you're looking for.

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The good thing, I already know, though, is: When people possibly start dropping like flies around us, I know the culprit already.

You're wife is... Antonia Faucci?

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She isn't my wife because we don't need any Christian symbolism.

She not only has gifts.

She is is a gift. Mine most possibly.

Bobbleheads and ticks only take mostly.

They loose their abililty to give things voluntarily sooner or later.

TL:DR; In a Christian sense most of them are cursing themselves every fucking minute of their life here. And my queen and me just don't do these kinds of self-betrayal.

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Well, take comfort in the fact that you wouldn't really feel anything if you got killed.

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Not everyone dies quick, not even after horrific injuries.