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It's not a joke for us to enjoy. It's a joke for the archons, who put us on hamster wheels and laugh at us as we desperately try to get anywhere, and they think our torment is funny. Any hope of somehow enjoying it is a cope, unless you are one of the lucky few they allow for the sake of the system, and thinking it is good is just plain ignorant. And it's not "here and then gone", it's "here and then be tricked into doing it again". Don't go into "heaven" or bright lights or follow warm voices and figures you recognize. They are all fakes who will lie to you and send you back here again. And if they charge you with sin debt, you must tell them that it was finished on the cross of Christ. They may tell you he doesn't exist, but they're lying about that too. Or they may impersonate him. Don't believe any of it.

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You and I represent two sides of a coin. We keep going back and forth, and that too is part of the game.

You are determined to divide, and to find your suffering at the hands of "them". But the "archons" as you call them are here and gone as well. Even gods go away. Are Zeus or Jove still around?

In this instant, we have a choice. Not tomorrow, not yesterday, not 10 seconds from now, not 10 seconds ago. NOW. How are we going to approach what's in front of us (absolutely whatever that be)? If we choose to fight, then "it" will fight back (Newton's Third Law applied more broadly). What instead will life look like, however, if we choose to welcome "it" and dance?

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Are Zeus or Jove still around

Yes, they just change names.

What instead will life look like, however, if we choose to welcome "it" and dance?

I tried copes many times, and it made things more tolerable for a time, but the cold truth always comes back to haunt me even worse later. I find that ignoring the problem or denying its existence like liberals do is futile; the core issue has to be solved. Pretending it's good and bowing down to it, like conservatives do, does not work either. We're not going to find the way out by submitting to the tyranny. These are all cheap cop-outs that cope and avoid the problem, which in the end only makes things worse.

If you take an honest look at the world, you can see that its entire being runs on evil. Even the laws of physics show that it subscribes to "might is right". If even physical objects with no mind function on these principles, how much worse can the living be! There are a few good things in the world, but only as disguises to keep us having false hope, which is pulled away the moment before we reach what we're hoping for. The archons torture us like cats do to their prey, and cats do that because of their instincts which were given to them by the archons. And humans are even worse.

If you submit to this system, you are making yourself a slave. And a slave to very brutal and terrible masters. They have traps all over the place to trick us into loving the world anyway, and keep us coming back for as long as possible. It is pure evil. Satan is the god of this world for a reason. It is quite literally Hell without the fire or physical presence of demons. But believe me they pull all the strings. This is why evil always wins, why it's always in power, and why life is 90% bad. It's not good, and not something that can be accepted.

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a lot of what you said makes sense to me, but isn't it better to 'find the humor' in being alive? wouldn't laughing, or finding peace and joy contribute energy other than just "feeding the archons"?

if we're doomed to repeat our existence forever, or until we outsmart and choose an alternative to the cycle, why not laugh (metaphorically) at all the evil and chaos around us? if we as individuals are doing our individual best within our tiny bubbles within our tiny perspectives, to be positive additions to the planet, then fuck all the evildoers. not saying they don't effect us, but how could it not be better to shrug like Atlas and smile?

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Tell that to the kid who's worrying about whether he'll get to eat today or whether he'll be caught in the middle of a battle. Or the people in prison camps in North Korea and China. They show what life is all about. Trying to "find the good in it" is such a massive cope. It's all hopeless.

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yes, barring things like starvation and incarceration, and other situations where one is out of control.

in general, the 'rat race' and being slaves to the system, still think it's better to take things with a bit of humor.

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That helps but it doesn't make it good, or mean that's the purpose of the system.

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Yeah but you flip a coin enough times and it might land on its edge.

Sometimes you just have to deal with an impossible challenge by going at it the only way you know how holding out for hope for unexpected change.

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Poor philosopher ;)

But the thing is, that fish doesn't question why it's there. It doesn't need to. Many think we're better off for being anxious and uncertain about our place in the universe. I'm not so sure. seemed relevant

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valid point. appreciate the perspective.