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I'm not a doctor, but I'm willing to bet you're right.

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I'd take that bet.

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well, it seems like it's mainly just sugar, which is scientifically known to be associated with hypertension


Everyone knows soda's bad for you, the ppl who drink it on the regular just don't care and have no self control.

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Or they get off their arses and exercise which lessens the bad effects quite a lot.

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Yup, everything in moderation alongside some decent exercise should reduce the impact of sugary things. We have an increasing number of desk jobs these days which surely doesn't help.

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The doctor and nutritionist industries push to 'just eat less and exercise more' is terrible advice for people that want to actually lose weight.

When I council people on their weight I mainly have them do the exact opposite. I have them eat more and cut out new fitness routines.

Remember that the reason the population is so fat and obese is due to intentionally poisoned food supply, extreme corruption and a group of people in the commanding heights of the economy that want to kill and enslave you. People aren't obese because they are lazy and don't listen to 'science'.

People still pushing calories in calories out need to rewire their brains.

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Does China not have fruit juice? Seems like juice is just as bad.

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People from Asia often whine that in the West there is no non-sweet and non-alcoholic option for drinks.

They have juices but they have a wider range of less sweet stuff they can have instead.

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People from Asia often whine that in the West there is no non-sweet and non-alcoholic option for drinks.

I feel them, I'm jonesing for my Chinese tea. But they do have a ton of sugary drinks of their own now that I think about our asian supermarkets.

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Yeah, I think the different is they have the choice while in the West very often soda, juice or water are the only cold options.

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A lot of the population over there don't regularly drink juice.

They're also not comparatively as big on sweets over there. They have less sugar in their Oreos and Chips Ahoy cookies compared to the US/Canada.

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I don't think it's that way in China to be healthy somehow.

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Sugar, itself, is a known poison. This is not some amazing new concept I think

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If you don't believe this, check you blood-sugar level before and after you drink a glass of orange juice before breakfast. The fructose in OJ is a sugar.

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I mean, it's potentially harmful to health in various ways if in excess or over prolonged periods, but it's not an actual poison. Too much water can kill you, this doesn't make it a poison. But I understand your sentiment, it should be common knowledge at this point that eating shit will not have a happy ending.

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Widely discredited Dr who's primary goal appears to be selling dietary cookbooks. I'm speaking of definition here, the use of the word poison. A poison causes death or injury to organs through ingestion or contact. Sugar makes you fat.

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  1. A substance that causes ...illness, or death, especially by chemical means.

Sugar is poison.

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You posted a link to a magazine article referencing a single disputed study that does not definitively link the consumption of starches to reduction in bodily wellbeing over a short period of time by going from feeding a group healthy food to suddenly feeding them other food. Arsenic is a poison, you eat it, you die. Sugar indirectly leads to minor long term health problems that CAN contribute to I'll health, you may or may not die after around 60 years of heavy consumption. It is unlikely that it can be ever considered to be a poison. It can turn ya into a fat cunt though.

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Sugar... leads to... health problems

because it's poison, by definition. Glad you agree.

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Drink too much water and you will go into a coma, and you will die, by your definition water is a poison. By that definition, everything is a poison. Vitamin e can cause heart attacks, is vitamin e a poison? No. No it isn't.

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Soda in Europe is just sparkle water and is considered healthy because it's just water.

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I've been keeping away from that stuff and drinking flavoured soda water. It's surprising how quickly I got used to it and I'd now rather have one of those over a pop or a diet pop. And I'm feeling much better than I ever have, health-wise. Sugar, especially high-fructose corn syrup, is fucking poison.

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