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This concept is called integrity (inside view) and authenticy (outside view) .

I'd sign this post, if i could.

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I have heard that there are three sides to each of us: how we view our self, how others view us, and how we really are.

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You already peeked into Wittgenstein... sneaky one you are ... :)

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I had not heard of Wittgenstein before this. He seemed like an interesting guy to have a conversation with. I can't remember where I heard this idea about the 3 selves, but maybe it was from one of his quotes. I imagine it's been brought up through the centuries or millennia.

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To me it was brought by the character "Trinity" in the first "Matrix"-movie in 1999 before 9/11.

Coincidence ? Naaa, i don't think so. The "first" ones writing about and inspiring concepts like these were Kirkegaard and Wittgenstein, if i remember correctly and afaik .

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Without good mental health

Some of us just have to play the hands we're dealt.

A couple of my uncles are big into the concept of integrity and serving the community, at least in theory. Your message is familiar to me. I find their philosophy interesting and I'm not opposed to it.

Now, don't get me wrong, they're excellent people, but like any of us they aren't perfect. And their lectures on morality and integrity can seem overbearing and a tad hypocritical sometimes.

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Convergence is "enough", so to say. It means "striving" for something, you know you can't achieve ("as a whole" at least). (a mathematical concept, fyi)

Words like "perfection" et simile are "non"-words in my mind-castles.

And of course it is easier to shoot the messenger that "tries" to give you a gold-nugget (which you don't expect to be a gold-nugget, because it is for him at first and at least: You at first just don't know what it actually is... for Chipit e.g. every nugget is a pile of shit, surely) than at least "trying" to let his "message" grow into your core. I get it. KISS-principle again.

The "contradiction" or "cognitive dissonance" in this typical aspect of human communication is:

Dialogue always connects sme with his message. We barely can divert the people we communicate with from the messages they send to us. It is just human.

That is why i think e.g. : Chipit is an asshat. So to say. I'm a human being, so this even is easy to understand.

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Yes. Nobody's perfect, but we can be perfect enough. I used to listen to a radio psychologist named Dr. Toni Grant way back in the 1990's or early 2000's. She had a saying about parenting. We don't have to be perfect parents. We only have to be perfect enough.

People are good at rationalization. Some of us can rationalize behavior in a way to avoid accountability. "Well, it's not hurting anyone." "Well, just this once. I'm always doing the right thing every other time." "Well, someone else would do it if I didn't." "Well, I'll take care of that tomorrow or next time." Then there are those few of us who abuse the trust of the rest to deceive. It's not a good investment to waste energy on them. Move on. I'm not saying people can't change, but in my experience, you or I can't change them.

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We don't have to be perfect parents. We only have to be perfect enough.

They had nothing to do with my parenting. We simply have a slight difference of opinion philosophically. I think they embrace, what I will call for the lack of a better word, Christian Shame. I try to be more pragmatic.

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Sorry it sounded like I was insinuating anything. I was using the parenting saying as an example to say that we will never be perfect at anything. As humans, we can be perfect enough. We just have to always be pushing that way.

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Convergence. Thanks guys.

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We just have to always be pushing that way.

My philosophy is that you need to appreciate what you have, and accept yourself. I'm already being the best person I know how to be, and it's lacking, but I have to accept the person I am, with my shortcomings, and be satisfied. Or I'd hate myself.

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And learn to forgive yourself. This was a big one for me.

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Really cool post

This subject was the motivation for the proposal of new subreddit on this topic long ago.

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your life was mapped out at conception. DNA not hard work determines your future

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Said the anti-goyim subjugationist. Blow it out your ass, dead end jew. As soon as you define something, you know it dies.

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I found the arm and eye of Vecna, now I am a lich lord. How long do they typically live? Stranger Things have happened.

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No u

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Re: mental health, know that:

  1. The 1% control the 99% through mind controls
  2. They are inducing trauma with a constant line of new tragedies:
    "Like a deer permanently caught in the headlights"
  3. having a focus algorithm of your own may be of help
    ---- feel free to add/improve on this one

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