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Try that shit in the SE United States and you'll be shot to ribbons.

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Just give them all the soda they can drink and they'll do it to themselves.

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This plan is stupid. Mine is so much better.

Step one: create low death rate virus and release. Cause global panic!

Step two: Release vaccine that protects against the "Omega" variant as well as the original virus. Keep Omega a secret until step three. Encourage all to get vaccine!

Step three: release the Omega variant and let all the free thinking non lemmings who saw the grand plan coming die. Thus destroying any question of if the vaccine was a good idea to take.

Step four: Everyone left will be a total obedient lemming taking whatever you offer them. At this point you can pretty much pick and choose who lives and dies. There would be ZERO left who would even question let alone resist.

Step five: Throw ruler of the world party!