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You will own nothing, love convenience, be a snowflake, and be happy about it.

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You will own nothing.

Yeah your right, my motorhome, cesnna 172, RC planes and [my jeep( is nothing.

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Jason is referencing Klaus Schwaub and the great reset.

This might sound crazy but you don't own all those things because you worked hard and earned them. You own them partially because your worked hard but mostly because for a brief period of time in human history we had relative stability, political leaders that understood property rights and courts that attempted to respect property rights. We also had an educational system that dissuaded students from constant revolution and ethnic, racial and religious revenge. The western education system also taught about finance and the ideas behind an open society. (a society or relative legal fairness, i.e. justice is blind).

Schwaub and his oligarch buddies are in the process of implementing a society where you will simply rent everything and receive credits through the government. Everything will be tracked. Imagine the Chinese credit system on steroids. It's much easier to control people and extract their labors under a system like this. Most people will have no idea they are living in an open air slave pit because they will have basic needs met and they will be conditioned from craddle to grave to have not other perception that the world could be any other way. Picture a society with a few million 'god' level elites and then hundreds of millions or a few billion in perpetual generational slave state like the Spartan helots.

Here's a starter video

If you want to go a lot deeper check out Computing Forever's youtube channel. He's been talking a lot about the great reset for the last year.

If your wondering how elites could morally conceive of just s system you might enjoy Devon's Stack's take on this.

Of course this all goes even deeper but that's enough for one comment!

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Psychological manipulation don't work on me dude.

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It doesn't have to. If they get enough people to go along with it they will simply stigmatize the people that resist and lock them up as terrorists.

You probably are already brainwashed to a degree as am I. Psychological manipulation works on everyone to varying degrees. If it didn't it would be very useful as a political tool. In other words you're not immune to propaganda. If you think you are you're simply unaware which is why it's so affective.

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Lol, in grade school we had the duck and cover drills. I ask the teacher why, she explained and my reply was did you see what happen in Japan. I see most everything as propaganda and knew at a younf age America was and is a terrorists country willing to use people as guinea pigs.

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Of course some people have a better bullshit radar than others but propaganda accounts for that as well. Especially when it's in the form of social engineering and population conditioning. Were not really talking about slick sales tactics. Were talking about generation after generation of lies, lies and lies on top of lies.

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Were talking about generation after generation of lies, lies and lies on top of lies.

The holocaust is a good example, take reality and embellish it.

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Absolutely. The holcaust wasn't really developed until the 70's where a bunch of marketing executives got together to create a product. Churchill and other major Leaders and Generals didn't even mention the holocaust in their memoirs.

Side note you might enjoy chatting with us in s/debatealtright

We have holohoax, 911truth, race realism, and JQ threads frequently.

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Based. 😎

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    Lol, I have my abundance of toys,food because I worked and saved my money. I never ate fast food at work, I brown bagged it, I brought my own beverage to work rather than go to starbucks. I once earned $1.25 an hour washing dishes and mopping floors saving money so I could attend trade school for a better job. People choose how they live and the George Floyd of the world deserve what they get.

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      He tried to pass two fake twenty dollar bills that day, speaking of felon. Back in the mid 80s I was a gun runner, I buy guns in Arizona and return home to sell them to a Mexical gun runner heading back to Mexico. I made a trim every weekend for three months then quit. I had the $20 k to build my barn and buy a few things.

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        Wrong, as I said I was a dishwasher and saved for trade school. That was after returning from Vietnam, the barn was in the later years. I did the gun running for the barn and quit once I had the money for the barn. My moter home, 172 was from a vehicle collision lawsuite in 1995 not cartels,drugs or guns.

        breakdown: return to US in 1973 and worked at as a dishwasher 2 years.

        ROP truck driving school 1974 the drive truck till 1995 when I had the vehicle collision and won the lawsuite.

        Bought the toys in 1998-99. The so called "drug money" was for the barn

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          Psychological projection works on the foolish people, try something else.

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          Yesterday I discovered that I was unsubscribed from /s/technology. I thought somehow I had accidentally clicked on it. Today I find I'm unsubbed from /s/whatever.

          I have 5 theories:

          1) I reached a maximum. (I know the multisubs have a maximum number, thus I created a second politics mutlisub.)

          2) The recent ban reset something within SaidIt.

          3) Something else triggered it and shivered me timbers.

          4) I'm hallucinating.

          5) There are known knowns, and known unknowns, and then there are the unknown unknowns, and maybe it's splat.

          I use /s/All so if it's an actual problem there's no hurry from me for a solution. I wouldn't imagine too many folks are subbed to all the ones I am (not all of them for sure, I don't sub to sports or games or some music genres or silly/vanity feeds).

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            I'm quite sure that's not it.

            Also, I'm not aware of any "restriction", parole, probation, or whatever. Did I forget or miss something, /u/d3rr?

            I wonder if /u/nuclearbomb saiditter for 3 days is an agitator.

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              If you can't troll well then don't blame me. Feel free to ask others if I understand world news.

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              i don't get why people do this to themselves. Waiting in line, stressing, to pay 100's of dollars extra per year for shit coffee + extra gas to drive to the shit coffee. You can sit on your ass comfy at home drinking better and cheaper coffee that brewed while you were taking a shower/getting dressed. There are even cool on the go mugs that keep your coffee hot for longer that does not have your name misspelled on it.

              Seriously why do this to yourself?

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              I saw a guy with a super nice car get coffee at the gas station, and I thought, "Man, thats some shitty coffee to pair with the car, but probably saves twenty bucks a month gettin it here. He should give me that twenty dollars."

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              I'm sure to a coffee lover it's garbage tier, a lot of the coffee at those places is just a reconstituted powder, but I think it's tasty.

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              Wait until you realize you don't need coffee and feel just fine without it.

              If you become dependent on caffeine your body requires it at certain times just to reach your baseline energy, with only a slight peak over it and a dip after. If you simply don't drink it you'll have just as much energy as you would've had with it.

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              I actually had to not drink coffee for a year because of some heart issues. I would say I do not have this experience at all. The coffee would give me the boost i needed to get some shit done. Now i don't get anything done. I also have a lot more headaches contributing to the not getting anything done.

              I should maybe add that i dont sugar/caramel/sweet cream my coffee so i dont have sugar rushes and dips

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              Lol, I have a french press that makes great coffee. I had second hand dishes untill my GF moved in and had to have matching dishes. I'm not a cheap ass person but my parants always said buy what you need not what you want.

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              Its cool, That is why.

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              I think you and I have very different definitions of what cool is.

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              I mostly see White Collar people at Starbucks that obs have careers for DECADES. Bachelors College Degree club means normal hoop-jumper that can do 8th Grade work. They may be paycheck to paycheck, but their position now, makes that simple. Blue Collar paycheck to paycheck is worse than homelessness in upkeep, its essentially financing ever increasing entropy from trying to progress while fighting ever decreasing buying power, its wage slavery with cheap creature comforts, the homeless throw all responsibility to the system out in exchange for tents. Thats why homeless pussy is the most free. Its like pirate pussy, but landlubber style.

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              Had to Google White Collar,

              I was in IT so about white collar, like I said to someone else. I brown bagged my lunch and never ate in fast food, also never bought beverages at resterants. My co workers ragged on me all the time but unlike them I had money. Again we choose how we live.

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              Many doctors live paycheck, to paycheck.
              And buy Starbucks (a Gates family investment).
              And took the jab.

              Education doesn't equate to wisdom.

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              Unless you religiously get lattes every day, and you make minimum wage, I don't think it is going to make that big of a dent in your income. I think most people are too lazy to go to Starbucks often enough that it becomes a financial problem.

              My coworker makes the same income as me and he lives paycheck to paycheck whereas I have a couple of hundred thousand saved up. He rents expensive apartments, he keeps moving every few months, he took out a loan to buy a brand new car, he has student loan debt. I tried getting him to invest his money but he sold it all after it fell 1% because he was afraid he was going to lose all his money.

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              My parents gave me and my brother an allowance, less 10 percent, told us we must do the same thing when we grow up. To this day if I want something I thing do I need or want it. I always buy a used car and my last was the 1996 I still drive today. I live off my social security retirement and my pension check and still sit 10 percent aside. It's not how much you make but how well you manage what you have.

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              Why should anyone long to own anything? My smartphone is owned by Google and my laptops by Chinese intelligence. Just because I payed for some kid to manufacture these devices(e.g.) doesn't imply i own them. Not even by a long shot.