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Good. Don't use the censored modes of communication. Stop your reddit, twitter and youtube accounts and embrace the new alternatives. Whatever you think of the president, he should be able to communicate directly with the people.

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I disagree. Keep using reddit, twitter, and youtube, and spread the messages you were before, for these reasons:

1) If you stop using them, you're censoring yourself worse than they can censor you. You're preventing your message from reaching the mainstream.

2) If these platforms didn't see us as a problem for them, they wouldn't be trying to ban us.

3) Using a free platform isn't the same as buying a product or service. By using these websites and blocking their ads, you are actually draining their resources rather than helping them.

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Nice comment. I wished i had written it.

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I've been thinking about that lately. I feel obligated to participate here, that part is easy. But I also feel obligated to not be silenced, to make my voice heard to those who disagree, even if it's a struggle. I feel like cutting ties but sometimes I wonder if it's the smart thing.

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I will only address the first point. I don't think that is true. I think they will self destruct and see that the way to success would've been allowing all opinions, not just some. Just my take.

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Definitely these are exciting times, and I feel this place is going to explode pretty soon.

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Thesis: I've seen this coming. And since more people are realizing that the true nature of natural relations becomes more and more obvious again this warning shot to the whole humanity from mother earth will change a lot more things in our current systems than it already did.

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the true nature of natural relations

What? I think we're here for completely different reasons.

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Nature / evolution is the best engineer. You can't deny this one, just take a look in the context of a problem you're trying to solve.

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I really have no idea what you're talking about. I haven't understood either of your posts at all.

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Corona is a chance, not a crisis. It's a question on how you look at it. In a nutshell: Don't let the mainstream propaganda feed your fear and / or cloud your mind. It's like mother nature's (maybe last) warning shot against humankind.

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So either you're being deliberately cryptic or you literally believe in some sort of pagan personification of nature. I guess that explains why I wasn't understanding.

But no, I'm really not concerned about Gaia knocking over our Tower of Babel. We should really be more careful about how we exploit the world (climate change, ecological collapse, etc.) but I don't think there is any intelligence that might deliver a reprisal. And if we do completely trash the world humans will be fine very far into that process.

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There is no personification, i'm sure of that one, too. But i believe in the power of the language of mistletoes, bees, beavers, rivers and flowers as a symbol. They all speak a very clear language right now and as far as i can see worldwide. There is nothing cryptic about that.

The next hit will most def be a hard hit to our tower, because people tend more and more to forget the wisdom in old books, because of internet and the effect it has on our long-term memory for most of us. We tend to more and more externalize our brain hard-drive (and most of us narrow their view in this process deliberately or succumb to lazyness) because of google and asshole-zuckerberg (the time where he can credibly apologize himself for the bs he did and does is gone since 2 years).

I'd like to read your view on that.

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I learned to live in the pre-Internet world first, and while I agree about the external storage I don't see that it has influenced our opinions or behavior in this way. If anything, the external storage seems to mitigate the problem of the old ideas being lost. But I was never fluent in whatever language of nature you're referring to anyway.

Is your concern about COVID basically the superbug? That an arms race of medicines and diseases will eventually produce a catastrophic disease?

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If i would do it here, i could share a selfie-video from me with you: I was following two beavers swimming upstream while seemingly big bee's were flying around my head. You even can hear their humming in the video. One even crawled down my back down my spine under my shirt, but it didn't sting and i freed it again.

I agree with you that the internet (if used right: so critically and always considering at least two sources in the same concern) mitigates the problem of less long-term memory use in younger people than some older ones, like us, are used to use.

But: It also encourages, using your brain like a big movie screen for bs, which ppl. start to believe more and more, the more they watch, hear or read. Apps like TikTok (or facebook or Google News, e.g. ) feed this demon, because they obviously want to keep you engaged to their content, so they can generate clicks, which generates revenue for them and through metadata accumulation they get better and better into your head (and everyone else's of their deliberate victims, for that matter). It's a devil's circle too easy to fall into, if you can't recognize the problem in this. "Behavioural addiction" will become the new "big" problem of the 21. century, i saw this one, since someone showed it to me four years ago.

The last genetic information i read about COVID-19 was in May: Somebody claimed, the virus already has 31 different strains, so i am starting to believe, the changes in our societies corona forced will not be over or turned back that soon.

This one i regard like : Finally, yeah... :)

Regarding your superbug hypothesis: I pray, that Murphie's law isn't applicable on COVID-19 AND nobody tries to weaponize it.

This could be our doom, because it is like summoning the third horsemen on our own.

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Yes, social media is a problem that past centuries have not equipped us to handle very well. My classical liberal instincts seem to result in concentrated bits of society repelling each other. I don't know whether society will be able to continue operating while also tolerating platforms like Facebook or even like this one. At the very least it seems to sadly require censorship; I hope we develop a democratic model that manages to exclude the insanity while not allowing the power-hungry to dominate the conversation.

I can imagine behaving in a similar way regarding the bees, but probably not for the same reason. I know not to piss them off or even move too much lest I get hurt. And I wouldn't be following beavers. :-)

I feel like we lost some of the threads of this conversation, but I don't know how to retrieve them.

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I find myself missing the wild west days of the internet often. While I agree with the notion that free speech doesn't necessarily mean freedom from consequences, it seems like everyone wants to use that as an excuse to censor dissenting opinions. Right wing opinions matter just as much as left wing opinions. If you disagree with something, either have a debate or just move the fuck on and keep scrolling.

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Either way don't stop buying food, water, and ammo.

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I think we actually have another 50 years of misery tbh. None of this stuff filters through to your 'average Joe' so there will be no political impetus to change. It's going to get far worse before it gets better.

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Is Parler worth using? Saw a couple youtubers using it and wondered what the deal was.

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Parler imo is an alt-normie honey pot. They want a phone number (Hurrdurr muh burner number, I'm not signing up for an extra thing to sign up for another) and to be able to DM you have to verify.

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I love this

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It's only alt-right because Liberals won't go on a platform that doesn't censor opinions of those they disagree with. People are more than happy to have mixed opinions.

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Some alt-right opinions tend to run off more than just the leftists. Some of those places have such a thick stench I won't touch them either. When a platform is flooded with nonsense it's just a waste of time, and painful, to try to pick through it.

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Yes, it absolutely is.

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Yeah, may as well look at it this way. Thanks for the boost.

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Going outside and seeing panicky dipshits wearing masks and rubber gloves while raking their leaves or driving their cars fills me with rage and depression. I want to move to an island where there are no other people, except for some young dusky maidens that will fulfill my every need.

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Yes! I have the same thoughts too. Wearing a mask inside is one thing. If that makes you feel safe, go for it - but now in my state they are MANDATORY in all public spaces.

Instead of an island, how about a desolate rural area? Not as ideal as an island but more achievable.

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I already live in a desolate rural area, on an island, lol...but there are people and traffic to deal with, as I don't have the means to simply stop working...Uncle Ted had the right idea, even if the execution was a bit much.

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Check out Strauss Howe Generational Theory. The reason all this crazy shit is happening in 2020 is because we're in a crisis. After ~2025 we'll get in what's called a "high" similar to post-1942 where part of the new values adopted by society will be forgotten and the more moderate ones will be implemented into law (ex: hate speech laws) as well as part of the government powers we only used in times of crisis now will be kept for good. Institutions will run well-oiled and there will be a certain collectivism while minorities and individual needs will be somewhat ignored. Don't think of an authortiarian regime with a central worshiped authority figure (ex: Viktor Orban) though, it will be more of a diffuse bureaucratic technocracy. Think very early 40's-50's Soviet Union.

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There's no fear of posting and just waiting to have your submission removed or rejected.

I think it's even more than that... Reddit grew into a very hostile place. The early atmosphere used to be much more respectful and laid back. It used to be rare to have someone reply with an insult, and they'd be downvoted for that low-effort shit. But now it's a dice roll on whether you'll attract the attention of some abusive turd. Just getting away from that crowd is a massive improvement in atmosphere.