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I thought macs where PC's? Does he mean mac os vs windows os? I know i'm playing a bit dumb, but the commercial has to stop. I hope people call him out bc he is popular and should make a video about it. Personal Computer does not = windows. Can be the title. Feel free to use that linus. I own several pc, and they run linux. Before you ask, I use mint, and if I want to go on tor I use a tails usb, no reason ever to use tor without tails. Before you ask again, tor has some good forums that have no chance of being censored, lots of shwartz clones on it. Like voat but you can see the tarrant manifesto and everything, it's even stickied on the one I use. With less censorship people are nicer imo. Nobody wants to hurt anyone unless they have to. Takes about a minute to boot up anyway. Magnora says it's compromised, I disagree. You know whats compromised, vpn. Trust the owner of the vpn with everything. Tor can be compromised also but likely not a lifelog.

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Tor is compromised by the US government. And I don't particularly want the US government spying on my every action… but it's better the US government than the US government plus everyone else for my personal privacy.

(And, of course, their spying does have positives; that can't be denied. It also has negatives; that too can't be denied.)

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(And, of course, their spying does have positives; that can't be denied. It also has negatives; that too can't be denied.)

Your eagerness to parrot state/corporate talking points; can't be denied.

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Oh, for goodness sake. The state and corporate interests believe the sky is blue; does that make them wrong? Reversed stupidity isn't intelligence.

Do you have an argument against what I'm saying other than "hurr hurr, you're a shill"? I'm starting to get quite frustrated here.

Actually… you're the one acting irrelevantly and bringing down conversation on the pyramid of debate. How do I know you're not a shill?

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What would you consider positives of a massive surveillance dragnet?

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Assuming a benevolent government, they could better protect us from threats. Assuming that their systems are free of security vulnerabilities and that they're only running our private data through publicly-documented automated systems, the security impact would be negligible for a non-negligible benefit.

Good question, though; it took some thinking to craft an answer that withstood basic scrutiny.

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after steve jobs died the selling out began in earnest

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Steve Jobs death was an exaggerated hoax.

He lives on as an Android.