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Reuters lost their credibility long ago, long with most main stream news. It is hard to give any outlet more than blog-level credit without verifiable sources as they have been so overtly misleading the public and searing the public and the country to its own demise.

It has been hard to not give individuals more credit than corporate tools publishing AI perfected deception talking points.

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Surely even the most braindead of NPCs should question himself: If it was just a blog post, why are major outlets rallying to discredit it?

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Because his source is a 4chan post and even the most brain-dead NPCs knows that it's correct to discredit someone citing 4chan

Actually I just realized - by your own metric - you're the brain-dead NPC here. How does it feel?

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Yeah that's why the White House is scrambling into damage control mode and activating their media stooges and their online army of troll bots and paid shills like you.

EDIT: I just went through the article and to my total surprise (sarcasm) there is not a single mention of 4chan. You fucking bullshitter propagandist shill.

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Lol you think that if someone doesn't believe a 4chan post, they must work for the whitehouse? Is that a rational opinion for you to hold, mister brain-dead NPC?

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Fuck off warmonger.

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You should know since you’re projecting your NPC status onto those calling it out. Lick those boots harder, warmonger.

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That "blog post" contains more true information than the whole of mainstream fake news.

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I have deep respect for Hersh, and I have no doubt his story will be true or mostly true, however any story based on a single, anon' source is not something I can rally behind.

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He wrote a blog post and his only source is 4chan.

It's quite telling that in your absolute desperation for validation for your internalised Z narratives, you've decided to cling on to this 4chan blog post from a professional storyteller

Here on team reality, we have endless proof that the Z genocide is a siloviki ass cancer which is about to be burned out of the body politic by brave cossacks.

Meanwhile you have to cling to qanon blog posts by clowns to support your fake worldview.

Good work, morons

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    Biden was correct that NS2 would never be certified by the Germans if ruZ continued on a belligerent course. Which is precisely why Putin blew up NS1, to leave Germany in a position where they are forced to cave in and certify NS2.

    Also nordstream wasn't blown up - can you explain why Biden would leave a fully functioning NS2 pipe alive? Huh that doesn't seem to fit in your conspiracy theory.

    Also it's funny that you inconsistently take Biden at his word here, when you believe doing so is favorable, but suddenly Biden is an untrustworthy liar if he says something non on-message.

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      Yup and Nuland was right that Germany would never certify NS2 if the ruZ continue on a belligerent course.

      You forgot that Ns2 wasn't blown up and sits ready for use at the bottom of the Baltic - whoops! Looks like the all powerful Biden and. Nuland forgot to finish their operation?

      How come you sometimes take public officials at their word, and sometimes you get to claim their words are lies to further a conspiracy

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      “Conspiracy” is a bootlicker buzzword. Stfu warmonger.

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      You forgot that Ns2 wasn't blown up

      Yes it was.

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      Unfortunately you're not a reliable source of information and anyone who reads and believes you becomes less informed for doing so.

      It would be better if you had not posted anything, instead of posting this easily debunkable lie.

      Nordstream1 pipes A and B and Nordstream2 pipe A were destroyed by ruzzian sabotage, leaving only Ns2 pipe B. Exactly as Putin intended.

      Weird how conspiracists attribute an attack to Biden which left NS2 as the only functional pipeline. It's an inconvenient fact for the conspiracy theory, which is why useful idiots like you have to tell lies and misinform people

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      Which is precisely why Putin blew up NS1

      Let me see if I understand your logic... Putin blew up his ability to transport gas to Germany, preventing him from selling gas to Germany, in order to force Germany to certify a pipeline so that he could sell gas to Germany? Wow. That's some mighty 5D chess 🙄

      By the way, both Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines were blown up which kinda disproves your argument. Only one of the NS2 pipes were destroyed, but that could just mean that one of the charges failed to detonate. Sabotage is not an exact science.

      Russia had zero motive to blow the NS pipelines. Being able to offer Germany both a carrot (cheap gas) and stick (oops, we're having technical difficulties with the gas supply) is infinitely more valuable to Russia than some hypothetical "ha ha, now you have to certify the badly damaged NS2 pipeline!" scenario.

      Whereas the US gets to step in and start selling Germany gas as a replacement, at much higher prices of course.

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      Read you own link again, dipshit.

      NS2 pipe B remains undamaged and functional for Putin to send gaZ to Europe, exactly as Putin intended.

      Let me see if I understand your logic... Putin blew up his ability to transport gas to Germany,

      I don't know why you keep insisting this is is true. It's not. He didn't blow up pipe B of NS2.

      So now let me try out your dipshit logic for size.

      You believe that Biden wanted to blow up NS1 and leave NS2 functional and lying there untouched?

      And your source on this is a deranged liar fake news peddler who took his evidence directly from 8kun? Are you for real? What a dipshit moron you must be with terrible standards of evidence. No wonder you're so incorrect

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      Read you own link again, dipshit.

      Oooh, schoolyard insults! That proves you must be right!

      NS2 pipe A was destroyed. You think that Putin's plan was to reduce the volume of gas able to be shipped to Germany to just half of what it was before? And even that was reliant on Germany saying "Oh, some Americans mystery terrorists blew up three of the four pipes, so rather than buy gas from Norway and the USA, we'll certify the damaged pipe from Russia and hope that the Americans terrorists don't blow it up again!"

      You believe that Biden wanted to blow up NS1 and leave NS2 functional and lying there untouched?

      By "untouched" you mean pipe A destroyed and pipe B possibly damaged but not enough to leak.

      It is pretty obvious that the attack attempted to destroy all four pipes but one set of charges failed to detonate. In the region damaged, the pipes are 80m below the surface, and then buried under ground. Planting bombs that deep under salt water is tough on equipment. The simplest explanation is that at least one charge failed to go off. That's all.

      The idea that the Russians did it is crazy. Even the Washington Post had to reluctantly admit what everyone else already knew: there is no evidence for Russian involvement and it makes no sense that they should blow up their own infrastructure.

      Meanwhile the Americans have not only opposed these two pipelines since they were first proposed, but they have repeatedly threatened them culminating with Biden saying, and I quote, "If Russia invades, there will be no more Nord Stream 2, we will put an end to the project." And when a reporter asked how exactly he intended to do that, since the project was mainly under German control, Biden said only: "I promise that we will be able to do it."

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      Proof that pipe B was damaged? I suspect you invented that.

      Even the Washington Post had to

      Wait so now there are times where you believe and cite the wapo? What are the rules for when wapo is believable and citable? When it aligns with your imaginary world view?

      with Biden saying, and I quote

      He was correct that Germany would never certify if ruzzia remained belligerent.

      You think that Putin's plan was to reduce the volume of gas able to be shipped to Germany to just half of what it was before

      Putin believes that Germany are desperate for gaz and that Europe would freeze this winter without him. These actions fit the MO of an energy terrorist

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      What does it matter if Pipe B is damaged or not? The exact words I used was that pipe B is possibly damaged but not enough to leak. Okay, let's assume it's not damaged at all: that just means that one of the charges failed to go off.

      It still makes zero sense for Putin to cut his own gas pipelines from two working pipes (Nord 1) down to one pipe that hadn't even been certified (half of Nord 2). Why would he do that? Nord 1 was already shutdown for repairs and not shipping gas, because the Russians couldn't get the parts to repair them due to sanctions. So from Putin's point of view, the Nord gas pipelines no longer represented either a carrot or a stick to Germany:

      • Russia could no longer deliver gas through Nord 1, due to the sanctions blocking repairs.
      • Germany wasn't going to certify Nord 2.
      • He couldn't threaten to turn the gas off because the gas was already off.

      So Russia just sold the gas to other countries instead, and let Germany just buy very expensive American gas. If Germany goes broke, that's less money they have to give to Nazis.

      Wait so now there are times where you believe and cite the wapo? What are the rules for when wapo is believable and citable?

      When their stories make logical sense, and when they are supported by credible evidence. If Wapo says that water is wet and fire is hot, I believe them. If they say that women have penises and black cops beating people to death is "white supremacy", I don't.

      It has never made any sense to say that Russia would destroy their own pipeline. Russia paid for the damn things, and they weren't cheap. Eventually the war will be over, Europe will want to buy that gas again. Why destroy the pipes when they can just shut them down for (real or pretend) maintenance?

      America has always wanted the Nord pipelines destroyed, since before they were even built. Russia wanted to sell gas to Europe, and not long after Biden clearly said that America has ways to stop the Nord pipelines, the pipelines were destroyed by a terrorist attack that completely coincidentally happened right in the spot nearby to US naval exercises. What an amazing coincidence, right? You coincidence theorist.

      Putin believes that Germany are desperate for gaz and that Europe would freeze this winter without him.

      Germany is desperate for gas. They are buying it at hugely inflated prices from America, and from Norway. But even so, with the huge price increase, Germany industry has shut down because they can't afford to pay for heating and power.

      And the irony is, nobody did this to them except their own ruling elite, and the Americans. They can't blame the Russians, Russia was perfectly happy to keep selling them gas at the contracted price. They didn't even make it conditional on them stopping support of Nazis.

      Germany has learned that their supposed ally, the US, will stab them in the back -- and the Germany ruling political class is happy to let them do it.

      (Might have something to do with all those tens of thousands of US soldiers on those military bases all over Germany.)

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      By the way there is no mention of 4chan on the article and socks is lying and gaslighting everyone as usual.

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      No, but the source given by the bullshitter is exactly as anonymous and nebulous that it might as well be 4chan

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      And the cock up your butt is of anonymous identity so it might as well be a monster cock.

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      Just a reminder about who Seymour Hersh is, he wasn't a principal in Springfield Elementary...

      Seymour Hersh is a former New York Times and New Yorker reporter who won numerous awards for his investigative journalism, including a 1970 Pulitzer Prize for exposing the My Lai Massacre and its cover-up during the Vietnam War. In his first post to Substack, Hersh details the covert operation the United States conducted last year to blow up the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

      Remember how even Reuters covered the UN declaring, "The Nord Stream Rupture May Mark Biggest Single Methane Release Ever Recorded."

      Remember to love that cardboard taste, while you attempt to save the environment from single-use plastic straws...

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      The Nord Stream Rupture May Mark Biggest Single Methane Release Ever Recorded

      Spoken like someone who has never been in my mother’s bedroom at 7 in the morning.

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      Everyone in Latin America who read the news about the CIA sabotaging that pipe last year thought "yep checks out".

      It's hilarious paid off mainstream US journalists are trying to pass it off as this wacky theory as if the CIA would never do something like that.

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      Maybe Reuters hasn't heard, but bloggers, rogue journalists on substack, and pothead comedians on Youtube are way more reliable than Reuters as sources of news.