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    ^ Sock's alt muddying the waters as usual. She is anti Russian and pro Ukraine/West just like you.

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      Her positions about Russia, the EU, Nato, Israel, the US, etc, are not 'recent comments'. She is and has been a follower of the american neocons for most of her political career. The economic and foreign policies of Italy will not change. You are clearly trying to confuse people.

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      anti-China discussion on Saidit - rather than Reddit - is because protections for those countries are not here.

      lol shill, anti-China discussions make the front page of reddit every week. There are about 20 subreddits dedicated to hating on the Chinese commies. Case in point:

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      She supports israel so therefore jewish puppet?Seriously,hitler himself could come back and say something nice about jews and you'd call him a jewish puppet.

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      and then? I'm also a nationalist for Italy and Iran & all the other countries. Zion has a right to exist, and is an important bulwark against the mohametans.

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      Seems like the government is pushing these controlled opposition leaders that are "against" the WEF. Trend seems to be going on in mainstream "anti-government" subreddits controlled by the government.

      Italy's PM has 3 posts on the front page of saidit. Two of these posts were by bots (they never comment and routinely post news from one website).

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      Any that aren't controlled wouldn't make it in the running anywhere.

      Her speech sounded great and I would love to believe it is true. I think that ((they)) realize that too. People are desperate to cling to anyone who seems half reasonable and so would be an easy win without cheating.

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      everyone who has different politics to me is a government bot

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      everyone who has different politics to me is a government bot

      That's exactly what a government bot would say.

      But yeah, I didn't even accuse you, genius. I wonder why you're so sensitive.

      thenewsline does nothing but post articles from

      ROSS921 does nothing but post articles from

      They have user accounts on reddit and do the exact same thing there. The titles on their reddit posts even have the same typos as their saidit posts. So here we have reddit banning people left and right because they're "Russian disinformation" agents, yet they allow these bots mass spreading disinformation to stay on there.

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      u/insider is a troll

      got it.

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      Hardline anti-immigration is bad for the global economy. Free movement of labour increases efficiency.

      Hardline anti-LGBT is hateful, but the impact on productivity is small.

      The concerns about retreating from democracy are valid and that would be very bad. Democracy is a shit system, but it's still better in the medium term that any of the other systems that people try.

      Euroskepicism is probably bad for Italy. And for democracy. It weakens the block which makes it easier for China and Russia to bulldozer them on macroeconomics and geopolitics.

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      You are voicing opinions, stating them as facts. Where is the evidence to back up your claims?

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      Which one would you like a source for?

      I can certainly give a source for the first sentence. The gains to GWP would be something like 100% if there was completely free movement of labour.

      Hating on LGBT people is prima facie hateful. But only LGBT people are directly affected, so the negative impacts are capped at around the LGBT population.

      I guess it might be worse for Italy than the globe as particular companies find the country unpleasant to work in, and so just set up elsewhere.

      I certainly claim that democracy is a good thing, and the retreat from it that we're seeing should be resisted. If be interested in what your arguments are if you disagree with that.

      The last one i state as an opinion. I'm guessing you're not talking about that one?

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      Define hardline anti-immigration. You say it's bad for the global economy, which would depend on the definition but also require some studies to back that up. What about the local economy? Is free movement of labor the same as immigration, surely not all immigrants are interested in performing labor? Where do you get such a nice round figure as 100%?

      How do you know this government will make Italy undesirable for companies? Perhaps they will offer other forms of incentives to operate there. Cheap immigrant labor is only one form of incentive.

      How is a democratically elected government anti-democracy? Being pro or anti EU doesn't seem to have anything to do with democracy. In a democracy you would be able to leave the EU, as did the UK.

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      My opinion is this?

      "Where is your evidence for your opinion!".

      It's an opinion retard. Opinion: something I think. I think this, source me.

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      Simma down meow!

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      Hardline anti-immigration is bad for the global economy.

      This is an election about Italy and what's right for them, not you nor anyone else. If supposed gains in productivity or wealth come at the expense of too many other things, it is not in one's rational interest to preserve the 'global economy.'

      Hardline anti-LGBT is hateful

      No, you clearly state that as a fact, even though it is clearly a value-judgement, viz. an opinion.

      Being opposed to a literal emotion is childish and stupid. I'll hate, despise, loathe, &c. whoever I want, thanks. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. You can't. There is nothing wrong (or preventable) regarding so-called 'hate' per se.

      The concerns about retreating from democracy are valid and that would be very bad.

      There are no such 'concerns' except in paranoid minds. A centre-right government was not and never will be a threat to liberal democracy. Moreover, how can people voting possibly be ever a threat to democracy, when voting is practically its essence, without which no system can seriously be labelled 'democratic' no matter how free it is in any other respect? Even if they were to elect a hypothetical 'Hitler' at some future time, that's their right, and the political system remains democratic even if it becomes illiberal. You elitist liberals unironically sound more anti-democratic than most 'fascists' with your droning about how people need to be prevented from electing 'populists' or 'anti-intellectuals' (where you, of course, predictably define yourselves as the smart and intellectual ones, as funny as that appears to anti-liberals).

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      This is an election about Italy and what's right for them, not you nor anyone else.

      Nevertheless as climate change and overpopulation put more and more pressure on economic growth, and people see their place in the world regress, you do see a rise in fundamentalism, in xenophobia and in intolerance. Those things come with a retreat from democracy. And they're not progress.

      No, you clearly state that as a fact, even though it is clearly a value-judgement, viz. an opinion.

      Hating LGBT people is hating. It's not just an opinion, is also a tautology.

      There are no such 'concerns' except in paranoid minds.

      You might be mistaken about that.

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      That's why I'm not keen on celebrating yet. I'll wait until she does something good. But given that she still wants to align Italy with the source of Italy's problems, my hope for her isn't high.