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I believe that is an Asian Lady Beetle, they're not bad, but they can bite unlike regular lady bugs.

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Maybe you are right. I don't know how to tell the difference. But I'm glad they both eat aphids, because that is why I want these bugs in my garden.

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The Asian Lady Beetles have different markings. If you look at some pictures side by side they stand out when you know what to look for. They also grow bigger. I haven't seen a regular lady bug in forever, it's all these asian ones now.

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The beetle in my garden has the M on its face.... so you are right! I have Asian lady beetles! I did not know that the ladybug has been largely replaced by a look-alike species, so thanks for telling me about them. I have only seen two or three so far this year on my garden plants. This guy saw many more in one place:

Asian Lady Beetles everywhere!