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While here in the USA they want to outlaw growing your own food.

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Let me guess: Monsanto. Or Bayer ! Or McDonalds ?

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Nanny state "protecting" us from ourselves. In some places it is illegal to save and store rain water.

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Are you living in a kindergarden ("state") ? On your free will ?

(...pssst: Are you taken hostage... ? Or in some pedos "pleasure" room ?)

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Are you drunk?

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Nope... Totally clear and sober. The only "drug" i take on a regular basis is : Methylphenidate.

Regular "retard" pills. I don't sniff them, like some idiots do, to get a pseudo-high.

To "slow" down my thoughts a bit. But i could getter "harder" prescription drugs, if i wanted to.

So thanks for asking, but the answer is : No.

Snapback to the topic: Have you thought about "choosing" another state with your feet, so to say ?

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Total red state where any kind of nanny state food farming fuckery would never be allowed. Oh and gigabit fiber optic internet is $65 a month. Not moving anytime soon.

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I just proudly wrote down a beta-version of my lemma to be able to better describe to you what i think about decisions like this:

If you apply this lemma regarding your personal "stress"-level or "dissatisfaction"-level induced onto you by your "external" context (through laws and bureaucracy and that a like) maybe your personal "suffering pressure" just ain't high enough at this point in time to actively make and follow through on the decision to move to another state.

But in this case you are basically whining about things you actively can change in one way or another, i suppose.

Democracies lifeblood literally is participation. Else it is an automatic "win" for the people that don't respect your "will" enough. Because they actually can't respect it, if you don't tell them that you have one. Or an opinion on this thing.

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All I did was string together attempts by lefties trying to restrict the ability of people to grow food and store water. I don't know or care what kind of tangent you are going off on but enjoy it. I'm going back to bed. Maybe I'll look back here Monday sometime.

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All the bobbleheads -no matter which side - try to string together arguments for further restricting down the liberties and autonomy of "normal" humans. I honestly don't give a shit what label they wear or which ticks money they take.