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Note that America's left hand and Saudi's right hand are under the table. Whatever is going on, it's more than just money changing hands.

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Came here to incriminate those two for jerking each other off.

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The panel (somewhat) reminding me of something from the old Viz comics, I would agree with them jerking each other off.

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The circlejerk has been going on since ARAMCO and maybe before that. There is a sex cult that surrounds the arms, drugs, assassination, and laundered money. The intel housewife, Kay Griggs, says a private US/Zionist intel agency sent a group of three Arab princes and three US-controlled boys to the same prep school and then Princeton, making sure they got to know each other oh so well. They like to get real close to set up the deal, then play.

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Do you know the names of the Princeton circle-jerk six?

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One of them was Kay Griggs' husband, according to her but she doesn't name the others. They were members of a club that is analogous to Skull & Bones but at Yale.

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I've only learned about her in the past week.

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Same here. Is she for real? It's hard to know nowadays and I think that's the way TPTB want it. There are three possibilities:

A) She is for real and learned it all from her husband who, according to her, would disappear for months at a time, then reappear and tell her all sorts of secrets about—military intel, private intel (including Blackwater and Israeli groups) and aspects of their sexual proclivities, both straight and gay—during bouts of blackout drinking. She insists (or is told to) on introducing a religious aspect. If you believe B) below is the most likely scenario, how would the religious angle play?

B) Some intel group(s) got to her and fed her this complicated story. This seems unlikely since her story paints both US military intel and private intel as sexually and otherwise perverse af and psychopathic murderers. That is, they ordered or actually carried out many assassinations since the Vietnam Era (Operation Phoenix ) up to her interviews in 1997. So she is controlled opposition. <<Part 1 <<Part 2 <<Part 3 — But it is good to watch first as she explains his and her backstories

C) She is a paranoid schizophrenic with extremely intricate delusions.

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This is the first witness account that I've heard, which actually connected the Frankfurter school and the military elite. Even though I've heard (or read) rumors of that association.
People suspect them (Frankfurter philosophers) of corrupting the youth. This seems to tie into that rumor. Although the YouTube account this came from had some very surprising and seemingly unrelated content.

I've seen videos of another Frankfurter school philosopher and he used to teach at UCSD (San Diego), where there's a huge naval base. I've been there, and to their baller hotel. I forget the name of it.

I'm in the process of listening to the second video, and I'm inclined to believe her story.

Even though she does seem a bit polished for the camera. A colonel's diplomatic wife, I suppose.

I knew a leiutenant colonel who was gay; or at least many thought that he he was. That seemed unlikely; though it was the "don't ask don't tell" era.
She certainly suggests that this was much more common among officers than I thought.

I did hear that a British admiral supposedly state that if they kicked gay men out of the British Navy, then they'd have no one left. Might not be hyperbole.

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...and I'm inclined to believe her story.

I am too. She learned a lot from her husband but also from all the people she met at cocktail parties or through her husband. She was on the hospitality committee (not sure if that is the term she used) for NATO Europe so she knows some things. She misses a few names but is clearly smart.

Some people she met called themselves anarchists or existentialists. They had read Satre, Camus, and probably Marcuse. Satre and Camus are saying: life has no meaning except whatever meaning you give it. Maybe they saw Zionism as a way to give their lives meaning.

The gay angle: She suggests that Free Masons, Skull & Bones at Yale and its equivalent at Princeton, have some rituals that may include "penetration." It doesn't get much gayer than that. And we don't need to touch on the Catholic Church since we all know its sexual preferences. If Ms. Griggs is close to the truth, the US military officer corps also has a large gay or bisexual contingent. Heavens.

So is this secret society, assassination, drugs, arms, money-laundering, intelligence stuff something new or has it been around a long time, and maybe even part of an ancient tradition?

Either way, it is a good technique for controlling operatives since each intel agency knows about other agents' sexual quirks, and probably has videos of things they would rather not be made public. Nowadays we have an openly gay presidential candidate so the threat of being exposed as a homosexual is not as onerous as in 1997 but ... maybe just that one time the boy was under eighteen.

A search for <Presidio, child abuse> turns up this old NYTimes article: "The Army announced it is closing and demolishing a child-care center at its base at the Presidio after allegations that as many as 60 youngsters were sexually abused there." Why demolish the center? DNA evidence?

Probably there are more such links to be found but forget wiki as it has been scrubbed.

I lived in Escondido, CA for only a year but really liked it so I know a bit about the area. San Diego was a center of activity according to Kay.

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    3/2 man.