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Southern Israelite is a racist supremacist and JFK was 100% assassinated by the CIA and Mossad. Zionist protestant (not Catholic) preacher signed an anti-JFK pact between World Brotherhood Inc., permindex-CMC member Zionists, many Jews and non-Jews alike; P2 lodge, the Irgun and the North and South divisions of the US masonic order. Michelle Metta proves that an infiltration existed within the Vatican which is not Catholic at all and is aligned with the Irgun, P2 occultists, and Masons. Documents also show that they believed that JFK would show allegiance to the Pope. In fact, the Zionist Masons signed a rite, which promised that they would undue anybody by whatever means who showed allegiance to the pope. For as they said, "You can not serve both the Pope and State."

Read Michele Metta, DeBrosse and Michael Collin Pipers book. In that order! Metta shows the strategy of Tension operations of the CIA, Italian fascists, and Mossad. DeBrosse goesn into the funding of the operation which came from tr swiss Jewish bank Seligman, Piper reiterates this fact.

Your video is all over the place.

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Southern Israelitenis a racist suoremacist


What a CUCK!!!

You follow all of my threads on this website too; talk about a daddy complex.

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This is a warning. Stop with the ad hominem attacks. Read the rules carefully. If this lazy debate continues you will be banned. In fact the only reason you haven't been banned is because we are all amused watching you get your ass handed to you.

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you get your ass handed to you

Citation needed.

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Declassified permindex, CIA, World Brotherhood documents. Read Michele Metta's book on the assassination. He has a flickr and archive page with all the declassified documents.