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Southern Israelite is a racist supremacist and JFK was 100% assassinated by the CIA and Mossad. Zionist protestant (not Catholic) preacher signed an anti-JFK pact between World Brotherhood Inc., permindex-CMC member Zionists, many Jews and non-Jews alike; P2 lodge, the Irgun and the North and South divisions of the US masonic order. Michelle Metta proves that an infiltration existed within the Vatican which is not Catholic at all and is aligned with the Irgun, P2 occultists, and Masons. Documents also show that they believed that JFK would show allegiance to the Pope. In fact, the Zionist Masons signed a rite, which promised that they would undue anybody by whatever means who showed allegiance to the pope. For as they said, "You can not serve both the Pope and State."

Read Michele Metta, DeBrosse and Michael Collin Pipers book. In that order! Metta shows the strategy of Tension operations of the CIA, Italian fascists, and Mossad. DeBrosse goesn into the funding of the operation which came from tr swiss Jewish bank Seligman, Piper reiterates this fact.

Your video is all over the place.

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Southern Israelitenis a racist suoremacist


What a CUCK!!!

You follow all of my threads on this website too; talk about a daddy complex.

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This is a warning. Stop with the ad hominem attacks. Read the rules carefully. If this lazy debate continues you will be banned. In fact the only reason you haven't been banned is because we are all amused watching you get your ass handed to you.

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you get your ass handed to you

Citation needed.

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Declassified permindex, CIA, World Brotherhood documents. Read Michele Metta's book on the assassination. He has a flickr and archive page with all the declassified documents.

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/u/Jesus practically admitted to me the other day that he was basically a mysantrophyc neo-platonist, spreading the usual new testament nonsense and calling people to give up their own "flesh for spirit". Jesuit shill much?

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Not going too well for you here.

I love Christ that is all there is to it. You think Christ is a PsyOp. Of course we disagree. If Yeshua said:

If you love me, the world will hate you.

Fine, so be it. I hate nobody, I hate sin and like you, I am a sinner. Your nonsense that I'm a neo-platonist is reductionist nonsense. Keep using wordly terms to define your opposition. Oh and keep promoting flat-earthers becuase there are a lot of them pushing teh Jesuits own the world PsyOp.

usual new testament nonsense

I'm against Judaism and Zionism. Certain Jews killed Yeshua after all, that doesn't mean I hate them. I will turn the other cheek, no matter what. I'm also not a Jesuit but keep telling yourself that.

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I also like how you try to reason with an ad hominem. As if my contention wasn't good enough for you. My contention is based in reality, Aequitas's comment is childish.

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I'm a Burke, Black, Pufendorf kind of guy. I'm not a Eric Jon Phelps or even Mossad controls the world kind of guy. I'm a hater of the world and a lover of Christ, which makes me love his creatures, and if that makes me a neo-platonist, so be it.

I think you're confusing Catharism and the duality of nature with actually being a Christian. Being Christian and loving Christ isn't gnostic nor is it platonist.

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Modern Christianity, not just Catholicism is pure neo-platonic BS. The church hates the teachings of the old testament despite the fact that Christians should follow a lot of them too, like the laws of Moses, it also teaches people to depend on them to judge the writtings.

I'm not even pro-mainstream religion and I'm actually an agnostic, but even I can tell how corrupted Christianity has become, it is subverted by communist ideals as well.

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The Way is real Christianity. Modern Christianity can be gnostic bullcrap but not all modern sects are what you say they are.

The church hates the teachings of the old testament

They follow the comandments of God. The New Testement makes the old obsolete. Not the Law of course but Gods old covenent. This isn't Catholic replacement theology, no, it is apostle replacement truth through the grace of the Holy Spirit. The CHurch wants to have a say in all of this but really the New testement has said it for us, that the New Testement is the truth and all must go through Yeshua to find God.

Christians should follow a lot of them too, like the laws of Moses.

Some do, but most follow the 10 comandments and the Christ.

"If it's new, then it's not true." The faith was "once for all delivered to the saints" by Jesus and his apostles; what came afterword was manmade corruption or augmentation of that original. Jesus redefined the term "Israel" and the apostles filled in some details, and it's easy to grasp for young Christians. "Replacement Theology" isn't heresy after all, it's the longstanding, historic understanding originally given by Jesus. Some of the older, pre-1800 hymns now make sense when we see that all believing Jews and Christians comprise "the Israel of God." But don't take our word for it. Listen to the entire presentation with open Bible and see for yourself. ~ Charmaine McKay

That means for all to find God, all must find Yeshua first. Once they find him, they are neither Christians (a Pagan term) or Jews but followers of the Way. Get it?

Great dvd worth listening to:

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Sure, some mainstream faux Christian sects are infiltrated by all kinds of things: atheistical communism, Zionism, Masonry, Rabbinicalism, etc.

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Part 1


Firstly, I cannot for the life of me understand why you push the theories of a diamond dealing, flat-earth propagating, Israel LLC loving, racist Eric Jon Phelps. Why? Despite my attack on Phelps' character, which can only be thrown in the garbage of reductio ad absurdums, I do, nevertheless, think you cherry pick information, not a hair different than what the pro-nazi, anti-Jew conspiracy theoreticians do who blame the woes of the world on ethnicities and races whilst they say not a word about the incorporation of all countries. "It's merely that secret society over there or that group behind the scenes much too cunning in its cloak-and-dagger operations for us to know about."

We know that Mossad's agents push the extremes of theories to inhibit critical thought in ways that program pro-Israel viewpoints or habits; FSB, CIA do the same. We also know that Assange was thanked by Netanyahu on twitter and that Wikileaks has 'Iran' tagged as its largest database for leaked info.

What Obama did to Israel was better than what Trump has done and what Biden won't do. If only Obama could have destroyed Israel LLC. to free Jews from the clutches of Zionism. Normal jews wouldn't be indebted to failed bankers corp. colony. See: Balfour-Rothschild & Hitler/H. Ford Transfer Agreement.

Also, tell those Jews on twitter to stop targeting 'white' caucasian folks. It's rude and annoying. They should blame Colombus, the marrano jew, for instituting slave-trading and all that. Not vague "white people." But is that not what many Jews do to the Palestinian people, demoralize them, tell them their identity is a fraud, a hoax.

Wealthy Jews have been destroying nationstate corporations for awhile now. Many of them exclaim that the culture of silence and deference to religious authority that long dominated Ireland is gone.

According to Captain Slappy:

Ireland is basically a complete shit-hole corrupted by nu-age Freemasons & Judaism. Just another Crown Inc., Protestant Corp. sub-franchise eugenics project intent on killing babies, keeping inbred bankers afloat & faggotry. This is coming from me & I usually don't point it out.

That's why we left 400 years ago when gettin' was good. Masons & Jews are lazy bastards so we kept hitting the frontiers. They like to lay up on their asses in cities, not do homesteading or real work. It was good times for 300 years. Thanks, Ireland. Do not regret leaving.

It's true. UNITED STATES CORP. is much the same. The Jews and masons left for the cities. The corporations targeted the farmers and homesteaders and drove them off their farms.

Secondly, Jews did not even exist until 1604; hard for them to be "in Egypt", when they didn't exist, but some scattered families and Babylonians did.

Mossad was therefore "in Egypt during Cleopatra's rule" by [Zionists] logic...but no arabs. Ironic.

Barry Chamish and rabbi Antelmen pushed crazy theories often when they covered for the racist right-wing Likudnik corporation in their assessment of Zionism and Jewish supremacism. They led you on a string of anti-Christian and anti-Jewish (Jews against Israel) theories, cherry-picking information that suited their half-baked theories.

I have always said this: Jews cannot hold political office if they travel to Israel. For all Jews according to the racist Likudnik corporation are citizens of Israel LLC. I'm not attacking Jewry, I'm merely saying that dual-citizenship and dual-loyalty, if there's such a thing, is treasonous. Zionists did this, Jew or not. It's illegal!

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Again, ironically these Jewish people that you keep mentioning who do these bad things aren't even the ultra nationalist lunatics that a lot of conspiracists claim they are, but are actually loyal to the Vatican and I'm sure at least the Roths are aware of the danger Israel will face as a nation when the fightings in Syria start heating up for real.

They aren't ultra Zionist loons, they are traitors towards their own people. When the Jews were allowed to become Jesuits, the group itself was already infamous for their political subversion plots, like their racist rethoric that led to the creation of the National Socialists. I don't expect you to care about any of this because you are a delusional nihilist who thinks this world is worthless and the technocratic revolution is the only answer.

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ultra nationalist lunatics.

The problem is ultra nationalist Jews in the US are committing treason. Tell Netanyahu, so too if they affiliate with an infiltrated Vatican, tell them too, to step down, and make Israel LLC democratic, giving full political rights to all people and religions. The UN can then impose order under the Geneva convention, that way Palestinians are not living under emergency war laws who are currently considered cannon fodder by these racist supremacists.

The theocratic ethnostate of Israel LLC must allow right of return for Palestinians. Secondly, as I said elsewhere, because all Jews are automatic citizens of Israel, and becuase PEWDATA has proved nearly all orthodox religious Jews are Zionists, even the anti-Zionist hassidic chabadniks are working against the constitution via their talmudic 'universalist' noahidism; reformed Jews, less so, though they too have a majority that support Israel; then no Jew can hold public office until the political, socio-economic and social conditions of Israel as it exists today are transformed entirely. Israel allows Israelis and Jews through quasi-legal loopholes to infiltrate other countries and either flee to Israel if they're caught in the act of criminality or continue cloak and dagger operations for a foreign corporation as they did during 9/11 (re. FBI's 'TwinBomb' investigation). Read any book by Grant F. Smith as well. Thousands of Jews have been caught working against the constitution for a foreign corporation. I don't blame all Jews, but I do think things have to change in Israel for Jews to hold public office in the US. In fact, Israel LLC is hurting the common Jew for this reason.

Vatican and I'm sure at least the Roths are aware of the danger Israel will face as a nation when the fightings in Syria start heating up for real. They aren't ultra Zionist loons, they are traitors towards their own people. When the Jews were allowed to become Jesuits, the group itself was already infamous for their political subversion plots, like their racist rethoric that led to the creation of the National Socialists. I don't expect you to care about any of this because you are a delusional nihilist who thinks this world is worthless and the technocratic revolution is the only answer.

I don't know why your predicting some catastrophic event. That's what Likudniks do to continue their settler project. They are 100% ultra-nationalist Zionistic supremacists and traitors to an ever-decreasing Jewish population that are against Israel in its entirety.

When the Jews were allowed to become Jesuits, the group itself was already infamous for their political subversion plots, like their racist rethoric that led to the creation of the National Socialists. I don't expect you to care about any of this because you are a delusional nihilist who thinks this world is worthless and the technocratic revolution is the only answer.

I'd ask you to read Christopher Hollis' book entitled 'The History of Jesuits.' There was, indeed, a war between Jews and Catholics within this order.

I have always stated that the cryptos (Jews) within the order and the Catholic Jesuits were corrupt and both involved in conspiracies. There were heated fights against the other, the Catholics claiming Jews and later masons were using the Jesuit order to infiltrate the Vatican. Of course, this is one reason why the blood libel laws were created in thr 1590's.

Subsequently, a crypto Jew kicked out of the Jesuit order released the 'Secret Instructions', which most scholars today say is fake, others, usually researchers on the internet, say is authentic.

If you think Christianity is delusional nihilism, I'm afraid you are wrong. Following Christ is the exact opposite of nihilism. These are the theories of rabbi Antelmen and Barry Chamish.

Again, I don't put words in your mouth but you put them in mine. The world isn't worthless, it is in the state its in because people have forgotten God as Solzhenitsyn stated.

This technocratic revolution is merely stakeholder capitalism and I have shown elsewhere that people like Schwab (Jewish ancestry and great friend of rabbi Schneier and Israel), Kissenger, Lauder, Singer and the Rothschilds through an infiltrated masnonic Talmudic Vatican are behind this revolution. It's the new reformation/revolution and has nothing to do with the traditional stoic Catholcism of the middle-ages that existed before the reformation and capitalist-Calvinist usurious revolution.

Again, I'm mot blaming all Jews here, I hope you know that.

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Part 2

Because Israel LLC is an incorporated theocracy, based on Judaism and because all Jews are automatic citizens, constitutionally, all Jews cannot hold US political office of any kind. Of course, I'm not saying that they shouldn't, only that the racist theocracy over there needs to be either destroyed and or integrated into Palestine with full political rights for all Muslims, Christians, Jews, etc., so, if such and such becomes a legal 'citizen' of Israel LLC, that person cannot hold office of any kind in the US, period! The way in which Israel's theocracy ethnostate corporation is structured, it makes it quasi-legal convenient for their agents to infiltrate every nook and cranny of other countries (corporations); even use the common Jew as bait. The FBI understood this clearly in their declassified assessment/investigation of those curious Mossad agents, nearly a thousand of them, of Jewish descent, very loyal to Israel LLC who were spying on the US corporation. The FBI also connected them to the 9/11 attacks in what they called the 'Twinbomb' investigation. Meaning, internal, top-secret talk in FBI briefing rooms, if Mossad had not already infiltrated the FBI, revolved around the acceptance that the 9/11 attacks were bombings! Not JEWISH BOMBINGS but suspected Israel LLC bombings tied to Mossad agents that happened to be Jewish.

Now we know that Israel LLC gets American jets they buy with a loan from...america (What the fuck kind of accounting are the retards in congress doing? 2+2= Hot Pocket?)

It's true, that FBI declassified document wasn't joking or making shit up. One MOSSAD agent, tied to Urban Moving Systems, outright said in 2001 that:

In 20 years, we will take over your media and destroy your country [corporation].

All Jews should point their fingers at the state of Israel LLC and tell the non-Jew and their fellow Jews alike, what ISRAEL is; a parasitical, theocratic ethno-corporation hellbent on terror, welfare, lies, deception and power—not much different than the protection racket corporation in the US. But, please, Jews in the US, tell the Jewish establishment to stop siphoning 94% of funds to the Zionist cause as opposed to 6% Christian Zionist establishment, which is just as duped by Scofield's Dispensationalism.

I know, as much as I believe you know, that Adolf Schicklgruber hated anything to do with Christianity. He allowed the heathen pagan anti-Christmas. And Adolf wanted people saying "Heil Hitler" not "Heil Jesus Christ, Lord & Savior of Mankind." Adolf, the zionist atheist, hated Jesus and Christians. (See: OSS Report 3114.4)

Hitler was a Zionist who recognized the "principle of race distinctiveness." Sounds like Zionism to me. I understand it that there are small minorities in the Jewish orthodox community that are anti-Zionist. I know there are also supremacist Chabad sects who promote anti-Christian noahidism but subsequently attack Zionism. Are there any sects within Judaism that are not supremacist or anti-Christ? The common humanist Jew seems like a good bet.

People like Chabadnik Ben Shapiro, a self-admitted Jewish neocon who promotes Noahidism and war for Israel LLC, which any Christ following Christian knows is anti-Christ, probably did not mind benefiting from the Haavara Agreement put together by Shicklgruber and the NatSoc Zionists. They act little different from the Nazis after all. In fact, Herzl acted just like the Nazis: calling all diaspora Jews kikes; advocating for an arrow to strike the heart of the diasporic kike (not my words; LaRouche 1977 campaigner mag).

That's who many Israeli Jews celebrate as their hero, Herzl, the founder of Israel LLC. This isn't a good look for Jews. And I mean that in a concerned kind of way.

But when we see rabbis embrace Judaism at pre-IDF yeshiva and laud Hitler’s worldview, urging to enslave ‘stupid non-Jews.'

This, also, does not look good for the non-Jew. In fact, it confirms Christians views that Jews indeed killed Christ. Their beliefs are thus anti-Christ. But what Yeshua left us with is the need to turn the other cheek. We will not fight the power. We will preach the gospel to all peoples.

Rebbe Schneerson said Hitler was an avenging angel sent to punish 'Jews' who didn't follow the rabbis.

Then you have people like Adam "Gadahn" Pearlman, the grandson of an ADL board member and a fake "al qaeda" spokesman. Again, making Jews look like fools.

Or better yet, frontman of the alt-right, Mike Enoch (Heimbach), a Jew doing a heiling Hitler gas chamber meme merchant with a B'nai B'rith wife. Lookin back at B'nai B'rith or the ADL, we can see these corporations were very racist and ethnocentric.

So, I'm not exactly a nazi in my critique of Jewish supremacism and Zionism. After all, it was Zionists, Fabian socialists and Jewish supremacists (not all Jews) who were part of the eugenics congresses.

All these rich oligarchs, and they don't have to be Jews, most are not, though many are, are corporate welfare recipients, like Israel LLC, who work the system to dodge getting a real job. Such as tilling the soil or working on cars or homesteading and helping the community.

Also, Iran Times mentioned Israel assassinated Mossad. Well, yes, they were a part of the hit. Even elements in Italian masonry of the P2 lodge worked out ways in which they could assassinate JFK.

Did you know Iran was one of maybe 5 countries who refused central banking scams? Syria and Libya were 2 others.

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Part 3

I'm also going to admit, here and now that NAZI's were socialists; that Hitler funded and created Israel; that Britain and American Darwin Eugenecists funded Hitler but weirdly, according to Zionists, Jew or not.

...muslims are the enemy, having no banking system or electricity and riding camels to work while we sell them weapons to suppress their own populations. —MrCaptainSlappy

But scrapping all of this, you seem to be anti-Christian, no?

Are you anti-monasticism? The Jesuits created communals and taught indigenous peoples trades in Uruguay. This was by no means state enforced communism. I don't even think it was the inception of communism because it followed more of a decentralized distributist economic system of lowly living and monkery. Though, I don't doubt that the Jesuits have a history of revolutions, conspiracies and infiltrations.

We think worldly things of 'The Way,' and use our isms to define it but in reality it is following Christ and triumphing the inward life whilst preaching the gospel of God to all who wish to hear it, that is its true definition.

Marx invented communism with Engles. Marx was a distant cousin of a Rothschild and grew up in a rabbinical family but later denounced his religiosity.

Marx, a Jewish-born Hegelian, linked the dialectic to historical materialism and posthumously provided the Bolsheviks with a powerful weapon to overthrow Russian czarism and enthrone Soviet communism in its place. --- Emmet Kennedy

In some areas, for example, the Ukraine, the Cheka leadership was overwhelmingly Jewish. By early 1919 Cheka organizations in Kiev were 75 percent Jewish, in a city where less than a decade earlier Jews had been officially forbidden to reside, except under special dispensation, and constituted about 1 percent of the total population.

20,000 Jews were in the communist party by 1922. Nearly 1000 before 1917. This was a disproportionate number taking into account their population per. capita. Furthermore, they controlled the commissariat and played prominent roles in the beginnings of the Bolshevik terror. This does not denote Jews as a whole, for Solzhenitsyn makes it clear that Jews also fell under the bolshevik steamroller.

So, if Christianity is this kind of communism, I'm afraid it is not the Christianity I follow.

Yeshua came to fulfill the law; not triumph the rabbinical laws of men over God's law. The latter law of grace were not spoken until the Son of man was known. The old law would slowly wither away and become obsolete for God's people (spiritual Israel) would be restored under the wing of Yeshua, bound to the tree of life.

That of faith in Christ and following 'The Way' became God's instructions for the inheritance of the Kingdom.

Pagans invented the Christian epithet. Christianity simply means to follow the instructions of Christ, i.e., to follow 'The Way' as I define it. Jews, pagans and muslims (although venerate Him), etc., reject Christ. Christendom is another system entirely, with elements of Christianity or followers of 'the way,' under a levitical like hierarchy that has seen the infiltrations, hijackings and debaucheries foreign elements, and itself debased with for a thousand plus years.

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You have two or three threads, right? So, when I come upon your post, I'm reasoned to watch it and see if I agree. What I can say is that Guyenot's analysis of Esau and Yahweh is flawed beyond reason. However, his analysis on the neocons and Jewish Zionists, from DPG to PNAC and AEI, is well researched.

Southern Israelite, unlike Guyenot, from what I can tell, is a racist and promotes many racist views targeting minorities. As a Catholic, we promote universalism in Yeshua.

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Are Jews a race? Because my attack on Zionism and Jewish supremacism have nothing to do with racial hatred.

AFTER ALL, Israel is a limited liabilty company. If Jews in the US are Zionists, and are working in US government, they are committing treason.