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    These motherfuckers should be strung up by their balls, then drawn and quartered. Legally by the judicial system of course

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    Whenever someone has a birthday or it's a special holiday we like to watch this movie to celebrate the killing of our enemies.

    Video: vlad the impaling impaler

    Movie description as follows: young Vlad learns how to shove a stick up your ass and convert you into a shish kabob it's a real suspense thriller and I hope you enjoy it

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    This is a pat on the back and a walk around the track in celebration.

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    To be fair, they didn't exactly "win" immunity, they settled for six billion dollars. Considering the amount of damage their company caused (together with the FDA of course), that might be getting off pretty easy, but it's still quite a chunk of change, even for rich folks.

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    To be paid in a hundred years

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    Can someone give me a tl;dr of why the onus is not on the user of said drugs?
    To me, it's a given that opoid class of drugs would both be addictive AND not very good for anyone long-term. Where exactly should liability come in?
    Someone made the comparison to cigarettes, but let's be honest, even if Dr.s were telling people "oh, it's healthy!" the logical person's response should have been, "Oh really, dr? Then come, let us set fire to your office, breathe that in for a good half hour, I'll be over across the street. Come talk to me after you've had a good cleansing few lung fulls of smoke!"

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    Much like the covid vaccines, the Sacklers and the FDA convinced not just patients, but Doctors that their special patented controlled release formula was non-addictive and had bogus studies to 'prove' it. Many patients did not realize it was an 'opiate', and even if they did, were assured by their doctors that studies proved this new formulation was safe and non-addictive.

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    If there is one thing I have learned over the past 10 years, it is that physicians hold absolutely undeserved esteem for their position in society. Doctors are the priests of the new "$cientism" religion that is obliterating centuries of social norms because "they are smarter than us, right?" This is just like people thought the priests in the Middle Ages were "the smartest guys in the room." Belief in some special knowledge possessed by doctors which means we should accord their opinions "expert" status is the root of a tremendous proportion of the suffering in the world today.

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    This world is in a very sad State when we have to sue drug dealers for God's sakes you're going to make the price of drugs go up then what

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    If I remember correctly OxyContin was marketed as non/less addictive, even though this was absolutely not true, and perhaps even worse, they tried to sell it as longer acting, which also wasn't true. So people would be prescribed two doses a day (IIRC), but when the effect inevitably started to wear thin between doses, doctors believed based on marketing that this meant the patient needed a higher dose.

    Net result people were getting excessively high doses but not often enough to actually manage pain adequately. I'm not real clear on the psychology here, but apparently that's considered by some to be a prime situation to set up an addiction.

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    They lied.
    Half of everyone is stupider than average.
    If the stupid are not protected, none of us are.

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    They first said their opioid product isn't addictive. They incentivized doctors to push it on patients knowing full well they would have costumers for life.

    First tastes free...

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    Disappointed but not surprised.

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    You knew the jewish sackler family was never in danger of actually having to face a punishment.

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    Sackler is a German name. We should have listened to Theodore S Kaufman.

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    I don't get why conservatives hate the CCP, say what you will but if someone did shit like this in China they'd be rightfully executed. In America they're rewarded

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    Follow-up question, you all have been helpful--appreciate that, but I do question the "West's" commitment to 'good health' with little to no actual personal sacrifice, isn't the opioid crisis in line with that?
    When we(society) have overweight people come in to the clinics and the Dr.s offices, they are told, "mr or mrs double-chin, you need to go on a severe calorie deficit diet! You will be dead in 5 years if you continue the current SAD diet of twinkies, chicken nuggets, and krispy kreme!" but they fire that Dr. and go to one that yelp gives more reviews for the happy feelies.
    So Dr.s like any other purveyors have learned to adapt or go extinct.
    It's not to say they haven't also adapted to the blow, the speed, the Maserati and the 2 or 3 17-20 year old groupies they've got side hustle with in addition to the trophy wife, but we're a lazy society of snow flakes.
    If we were told the truth, you will always have this pain until the day you die. You can continue to just barely cope or you can become a junkie, burn bright, then die. Most would chose the later anyway.

    It's not to say the enablers don't also need punished, but as a disposable society that craves the quick fixes, are we not our own devil?