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How is saidit any different? Does not the admins here have an indisputable right to remove anything without question?

We're allowed to post, it's not a right.

Also, quoting human rights when it comes to your right to say what you want on others people properties is a gross misunderstanding, would you argue that banks stifle your freedom of expression when you can't access their vaults to express whatever you want?

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I did not suggest saidit is different.

I think you are the one who misunderstands. That article 19 represents one of the reasons 80 million people died in the war. That war (WW2) was fought, according to the allies, for 4 freedoms. The first freedom being, freedom of speech. It is in respect of that fight for freedom from fascism, that article 19 was drafted. I think you should read it again and read it slowly and realise that just because that is not how things are today, does not mean that is not how it was supposed to have been and the reason it is not, is because fascists who prefer authoritarian control and censorship and have no respect for freedom of speech or those who fought for it, have taken control of social media.

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I did not suggest saidit is different.

That's true. I assumed you'd taken a stand against authoritarian fascists by refusing to support that type of social media site due to your disdain of fascism. My bad. Do I understand you correctly; reddit is fascist and saidit is no different?

That war (WW2) was fought, according to the allies, for 4 freedoms.

The Soviet Union was part of the alliance, liberty and independence was part of the freedoms and a few countries that ended up on the wrong side of the iron curtain might disagree with the honesty of the Declaration of the United Nations.

"Freedom, but not for the British colonies, US territories and new Soviet states"...

I think you should read it again and read it slowly

I've found out my retention is highest with quick repetitions, but thanks for the reading tip.

you think that the right to say what you want when you want regardess of which media, is not how things are today does not mean that is not how it is supposed to be

No, I think that it's not supposed to be the way you present it because its contrary to the generally accepted concept of ownership.

the reason it is not is because fascists who prefer authoritarian control and censorship have taken control of social media.

I'll agree that there's been a massive increase in editorial control on corporation-run and private sites, often as a result of a sellout by the original creators, either morally or monetary...

I don't think refusal to display certain content on a website is censorship unless it's a public service by the government.

I don't believe capitalistic greed is fascist, though it's easy to mistake the two since they share a lot of methods.

And I don't believe the ones making the decisions prefer authoritarian control, it's just a very noticable way to influence people - one of many ways that's employed in parallel.

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"No, I think that it's not supposed to be the way you present it because its contrary to the generally accepted concept of ownership."

When you have the neoliberal capitalist agenda that ensures these media will always be in corporate ownership, and those corporations use their wealth to control government to ensure they are excused from any laws, legislations, constitutional restrictions, or charters that were intended to apply to that kind of thing, what you have is a fascist regime that usurps government and a society relying on and revolving around social media that is under the control of ignorant fascists and unelected self appointed dictators that have no respect for individual freedoms of speech or expression and act in direct contradiction to not only the UDHR but also the intent of the 1st Amendment and I believe it was Thomas Jefferson warned that this kind of thing would happen if we did not act to prevent it.

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But anyone is free to start their own social media site.

With members of the NATO think tank Atlantic Council as directors, I think social media can be considered fascist.

Question is: Why do people continue to participate?

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they only died to benefit the jew

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Saidit isn't that far gone yet.

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All corporations are fascist dictatorships. Literally.

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Reddit is the modern version of "letters from readers" in magazines like Glamour and Cosmo; i.e., they are complete fabrications pushing an narrative or agenda.

There are probably 5 posts by paid operatives for every 1 organic one. And in terms of word count, it's probably like 100-to-1.

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Either that or it’s a cheap little site full of self-important people that no one really pays any attention to.

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This. I used to mod one subreddit, and just eventually gave up because of the weird power grab machinations happening.

Guy that's head mod now rules with an iron fist and the sub I built from 7k to 150k+ through encouraging community is now just an over moderated wasteland.

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I used to like Reddit in the old days, but in the last few years it has turned into an echo-chamber cesspit of intolerant woke-leftists. It's still interesting to visit some subreddits, but for the most part, it's all boring leftist social engineering, devoid of free-speech.

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The United Nations approves of reddit lol they even banned hate speech

you can't even comment whenever you want when you get downvoted to oblivion

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Fucking hell, we don't even have freedom of speech or opinion. What made you think we ever did? I'm from the UK..if I made my political affiliations known publicly I'd lose my job and never get another. I might even find my house or family attacked. And my political beliefs really aren't very extreme. Of course if I could trust people to stop and listen sympathetically instead of calling me a fascist, they might find out. This isn't at all what my family fought the Nazis for.

The moderators on any messageboard come from a variety of backgrounds. Some are extremists, some are insane. Some are reasonable. But at the end of the day, it's just a messageboard, if you don't like it you leave and don't contribute again. But fascists? I think that word gets thrown about way too much.

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Fucking hell, we don't even have freedom of speech or opinion. What made you think we ever did?

If you read my post properly before you commented you would see I explained why were are supposed to have protected freedom of speech and why it is supposed to be a basic human right.