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I wonder what caused it, dehydration.

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Must have been the climate change.

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The issue is that the idiots believe it when they say climate change. They could actually say that, and they would believe it.

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It's stupid obviously white wing nationalism killed this man.

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So there was a story i heard a decade ago about the battle of marathon fought by the greeks. They sent a runner to athens. I think it was athens the runner made it delivered his message and dropped dead from cardiac arrest.

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Sudden Cardiac Death in Athletes is a thing that occasionally happens. In the under 35 age group, it is usually associated with (undiagnosed) inherited cardiac conditions.

This is most likely the case.

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This is most likely the case.

You're only lying to yourself, shill.


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I linked to an article reviewing the epidemiology and common causes of sudden cardiac death in specific athlete populations.

The deceased in the OP was a athlete who died of sudden cardiac death. At that point everything is on topic.

What a detrimental effect on these conversations nutcases like Jason have.

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Denial - it's all in your head, not in Egypt.

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The article I linked about SCD in athletes was published in 2016.

Your claim is that there was no SCD in athletes until the CoVID vaccines. Is that you're claim?

So you need to explain 2 things:

1) How SCD in athletes was written about before it existed.
2) What you've smoked to think that the authors of medical articles can time travel.

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Your inner shill is showing.

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Always trying to bring down the discussion on the pyramid of debate.

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How is that bringing down discussion when I point out you're a sealioning shill determined to have people ignore very real and potential harms from authorities?

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I'm just trying to engage in a discussion. That involves trying to work out what your position is.

You're trying to bring the discussion down to name calling. You do it every time. I think that you are avoiding discussion because your position is inherently illogical, and so thinking about it gives you cognitive dissonance.

You've never added anything of interest to a discussion that I can recall.

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You're just a timesuck authoritarian shill that only the stupid would ever fall for. Wrong site for that. This is not name-calling because it accurately describes you. If I were name-calling I'd label you as a diaperface. Or wait, that might be accurate. Are you currently wearing a mask?

You've never added anything of interest to a discussion that I can recall.

I was just about to say that to you.

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The study was published in 2016 and was the first search result you found, so no real depth of research. You are correct in that yes, cardiac events are a thing, always have been a thing and that have been an interest of study for decades, statistically there will always have been instances of cardiac deaths in athletes. I didn't see any statistics on more recent years and don't know if there has been an increase. But if there were, could it not be related to lockdowns affecting people's health, wellbeing and diet?

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I was already aware of iron man athletes having sudden cardiac death. I was merely finding a scholarly article taking about it, as the OP seemed to imply that it happening to athletes is indicative of some other cause. (And then leaps to the claim that that cause is some vaccine).

But if there were, could it not be related to lockdowns affecting people's health, wellbeing and diet?

Yeah, if there were, there next step would be to find out what it is related to. There has been a pandemic, and we do know that even a mild case of covid increases heart attacks.

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Yes we don't know what caused this, HOWEVER, there has been a substantial increase in all cause mortality in countries with high vaccination rates.

Note that Twitter had to reinstate his account after he successfully sued them, due to the fact that he only reports substantiated facts and statistics.

Heart attacks are up for athletes like soccer players that do intense cardio. The UK has just reported a higher rate of all cause mortality in the vaccinated over the unvaccinated. They "postponed" their vaccine rollout to children recently.

Trust the science, etc.

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Trust the science, etc.

Tryst the political $cience.

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Bit of a stretch to attribute increased death rate in August 2022 to a vaccination 90% of the population recieved prior to December 2021.

They had a lot of CoVID cases in July though.

Heart attacks are up for athletes like soccer players that do intense cardio.


The UK has just reported a higher rate of all cause mortality in the vaccinated over the unvaccinated.

Are nursing home residents and sickly more likely to be vaccinated?

They "postponed" their vaccine rollout to children recently.

Did they?

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You are incredibly misinformed if you don't know any of these facts. I'm not your duckduckgo. Sources are UK ONS for their stats. Go find the rest, and stop spreading misinformation and ignorance.

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FYI: ActuallyNot has been pushing vax poison since inception (and a greater NWO agenda). He plays dumb and asks clueless questions to try to timesink people.

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I don't believe you. Wrt your other claims.

I did read about deaths amongst vaccinated being higher than unvaccinated in (relatively) recent UK data. They made clear that the groups are not comparable.

If you make a specific drive to vaccinate there elderly and nursing home residents, then you're going to see a greater proportion of deaths in that group just because their life expectancy is very short.

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You obviously believe whatever reinforces your previous beliefs, facts be damned. Perhaps your ego cannot stand the idea that you've held and promoted mistaken beliefs. That you have been gullible and lied to. I used to believe the mRNA vaccines were going to help us. I got covid before they were available. I didn't get hardly sick at all. Then I got one dose of vaccine and was much sicker from that. Since then I've seen the story on vaccines go from you will never get sick, never transmit, protect the vulnerable, to you will get less sick, less likely to transmit, to now where you will be more likely to catch covid. On top of that stats for mortality make it obvious that there is no net good from continuing to promote vaccine boosters.

So basically believe whatever you want but also go fuck yourself 😂

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You can't back up what you claim.

If it was true you would be able to.

There's nothing more to be said unless you provide some evidence.

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Like I said I'm not your duckduckgo. You won't waste my time fuckface. You are wrong and you know it

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Haha thanks, I'm well aware that's what he is doing and just was messing with him. He just tries to waste people's time.

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Lowering there pyramid of debate is a very poor response to being asked for evidence.

There bottom line is I don't believe you, and you're losing more credibility the more you attempt this crap to get out of providing any evidence.

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Lol I don't believe you don't believe me. Prove it! Provide evidence!

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Bit of a stretch

Like prematurely declaring a pandemic and locking down all of society globally?

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Look up "pandemic".

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Look up "pandemic".

Which version? The original or one from the many subsequent subversive definitions that suit the engineered "crises"?

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Never saw a single case of this "occasional" event prior to the covid era and now there's enough to make it pour in meme format. Get real rabbi.

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Never saw a single case of this "occasional" event prior to the covid era

Here's 100 that you missed:
Alexei Cherepanov, 19 (2008), ice hockey
Mickey Renaud, 19 (2008), ice hockey
Sebastian Faisst, 20 (2009), handball
Alex Marques, 20 (2013), soccer
Frederiek Nolf, 21 (2009), cycling
Mohamed Abdelwahab, 22 (2006), soccer
Viktor Blinov, 22 (1968), ice hockey
Antonio Puerta, 22 (2007), soccer
Ginty Vrede, 22 (2008), kickboxing
Hank Gathers, 23 (1990), basketball
Michael Goolaerts, 23 (2018), cycling
Thomas Herrion, 23 (2005), Amer. football
John Kirkby, 23 (1953), soccer
Nikola Mantov, 23 (1973), soccer
Igor Misko, 23 (2010), ice hockey
Alen Pamić, 23 (2013), soccer
David "Soldier" Wilson, 23 (1906), soccer
Heath Benedict, 24 (2008), Amer. football
Hédi Berkhissa, 24 (1997), soccer
Renato Curi, 24 (1977), soccer
Lyle Downs, 24 (1921), Austral. football
Cătălin Hîldan, 24 (2000), soccer
Cormac McAnallen, 24 (2004), Gaelic football
Damien Nash, 24 (2007), Amer. football
Omar Sahnoun, 24 (1980), soccer
Luciano Vendemini, 24 (1977), basketball
Endurance Idahor, 25 (2010), soccer
Cristiano Júnior, 25 (2004), soccer
David Longhurst, 25 (1990), soccer
Piermario Morosini, 25 (2012), soccer
Samuel Okwaraji, 25 (1989), soccer
Gaines Adams, 26 (2010), Amer. football
Alexander Dale Oen, 26 (2012), swimming
Patrick Ekeng, 26 (2016), soccer
Rasmus Green, 26 (2006), soccer
Daniel Jarque, 26 (2009), soccer
Fab Melo, 26 (2017), basketball
Pavão, 26 (1973), soccer
Bernardo Ribeiro, 26 (2016), soccer
Darcy Robinson, 26 (2007), ice hockey
Dave Sparks, 26 (1954), Amer. football
Zeke Upshaw, 26 (2018), basketball
Pedro Berruezo, 27 (1973), soccer
Sékou Camara, 27 (2013), soccer
Mitchell Cole, 27 (2012), soccer
Matt Gadsby, 27 (2006), soccer
Cristian Gómez, 27 (2015), soccer
Reggie Lewis, 27 (1993), basketball
Jesse Marunde, 27 (2007), weightlifting
Stan Mauldin, 27 (1948), Amer. football
Chandler Williams, 27 (2013), Amer. football
Jaouad Akaddar, 28 (2012), soccer
J. V. Cain, 28 (1979), Amer. football
Jason Collier, 28 (2005), basketball
Hugo Cunha, 28 (2005), soccer
Marc-Vivien Foé, 28 (2003), soccer
Larry Gordon, 28 (1983), Amer. football
Herb Gorman, 28 (1953), baseball
Sergei Grinkov, 28 (1995), figure skating
Chuck Hughes, 28 (1971), Amer. football
Joe Kennedy, 28 (2007), baseball
Rauli Levonen, 28 (1981), ice hockey
Scott Mason, 28 (2005), cricket
Chaswe Nsofwa, 28 (2007), soccer
Ryan Shay, 28 (2007), marathon
Gilbert Bulawan, 29 (2016), basketball
Wayne Larkin, 29 (1968), ice hockey
Conrad McRae, 29 (2000), basketball
Stéphane Morin, 29 (1998), ice hockey
Petar Radaković, 29 (1966), soccer
Shane del Rosario, 30 (2013), MMA
Bobsam Elejiko, 30 (2011), soccer
Nilton Pereira Mendes, 30 (2006), soccer
David Oniya, 30 (2015), soccer
Serginho, 30 (2004), soccer
Cheick Tioté, 30 (2017), soccer
Davide Astori, 31 (2018), soccer
Flo Hyman, 31 (1986), volleyball
Sergejs Žoltoks, 31 (2004), ice hockey
Darryl Kile, 33 (2002), baseball
Michael Klein, 33 (1993), soccer
Gábor Ocskay, 33 (2009), ice hockey
Ben Idrissa Dermé, 34 (2016), soccer
Naoki Matsuda, 34 (2011), soccer
Brad Rone, 34 (2003), boxing
Robert Traylor, 34 (2011), basketball
Frank Hayes, 35 (1923), horse racing
Phil O'Donnell, 35 (2007), soccer
Frank Warfield, 35 (1932), baseball
Derrick Faison, 36 (2004), Amer. football
Neil Fingleton, 36 (2017), basketball
György Kolonics, 36 (2008), canoeing
Víctor Hugo Ávalos, 37 (2009), soccer
José Lima, 37 (2010), baseball
Eddie Guerrero, 38 (2005), wrestling
Carl Morton, 39 (1983), baseball
Bruno Pezzey, 39 (1994), soccer
Dixie Howell, 40 (1960), baseball
Robbie James, 40 (1998), soccer
Pete Maravich, 40 (1988), basketball

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You changed my mind.

I thought you couldn't get any more meaningless.

Big lists out of statistical context are pointless. I could wave big lists of vaccine injuries at you - even pre-COVID - and prove nothing.

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The OP was about a single death, with statistical analysis.

Here at least it's 100.

If blackpoop truely "Never saw a single case of this "occasional" event prior to the covid era", then at least this list demonstrates that that's not because they weren't happening.

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100 of what? You provide no link, context, citation. For every 100 you can provide I can easily provide 100 too. So fucking what? You've proven nothing.

Time to face it...

You are a terrible shill who can't shill for shit.

Maybe it's time to just quit and give up. You're not convincing anyone here on SaidIt - so what's the point. Oh... Or maybe they pay you per word? Damn! socks must have been making bank.

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100 athletes who died of heart attacks prior to the CoVID era.

For every 100 you can provide I can easily provide 100 too.

Go ahead then.

You've proven nothing

I've proven that sudden cardiac death happened in athletes prior to the CoVID era.

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I think it would be safe to assume that prior instances of cardiac death in athletes prior to the past 2 years were well established and somewhat documented, and no doubt as a result of several different causes.

What seems to be implied in the discussion is that there may be relationship between events in the past two years that may directly or indirectly be the cause of cardiac deaths in athletes, perhaps not a typical cause prior to the pandemic.

There have been many documented cases of myocarditis in both cases of COVID, and in response to the vaccines used to reduce the symptoms of COVID. We also look at the effects of lockdowns on people's physical and mental health. Would you not agree, that there have been documented cases as per my examples, and that there are likely to have been, or that will be as a result of the example causes?

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Yeah i agree completely with your first 2 paragraphs.

Would you not agree, that there have been documented cases as per my examples, and that there are likely to have been, or that will be as a result of the example causes?

Sorry mate, i missed your examples. What were they?

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Apologies for not making that more clear, I'm exhausted from work and will also refrain from interweb hunting articles to suggest there would be specific evidence for each, but could some examples of more recent cardiac events may have resulted from:

  • Covid-19 infection
  • Negative response from COVID vaccines
  • Aggravation of preexisting condition due to COVID or the COVID vaccine
  • Detriment to health related directly or indirectly to harsh lockdown measures in certain regions.

It will be difficult to guage the true nature of harm caused by any, all or none due to the poor perception of trust that the public has in the health services and government behaviour during the pandemic, but if we establish that these are valid possibilities, they are worthy of discussion.

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Did you really think you had a point there? You look really stupid with your rather short list that goes over 80 years back. According to your own list, this wasn't occasional at all but instead very rare.

First one on the list isn't even valid:

"The investigation into Cherepanov's death continued for several months. In December, reports out of Russia indicated that blood and urine samples collected from Cherepanov showed that he had been engaged in blood doping.[28] This was later clarified, as Russian officials said that what initially appeared to be blood doping was actually an attempt by team officials and doctors to treat Cherepanov's condition surreptitiously."

You'll forgive me if I don't check the rest of your "proof"...

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"His cause of death was attributed to heart failure, although there were varying reports as to the specific nature of his underlying medical condition."

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Vax poison shill.

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Sudden cardiac death in athletes denier.

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Are you vaxxed and boosted? Which booster are you on? I hope so.

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I think all my shots were BioNTech/Pfizer Comirnaty.

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You're here! I hadn't seen you post in a while.

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I am, friend! :)

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I don't wanna do another tete-a-tete here, but those other guys are right.

[–]Yin 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (28 children)

[–]ActuallyNot 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (27 children)

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my ex wife was very healthy until she got vaxxed, now she is almost dead.

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my wife's brother's cousin's mate was just about to die of CoVID, but she got vaxxed instead, and now she's very healthy, has taken up brain surgery, and learned three languages last night, and is representing the country in olympic downhill skiing, and rowing and can beat Magnus Carlsen at chess, playing left handed.

[–]chickenz 4 insightful - 3 fun4 insightful - 2 fun5 insightful - 3 fun -  (2 children)

this is what a pharmacy shill mouthpiece sounds like, /u/actuallynot

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I didn't have a vaccine. I caught COVID. Actually enjoyed it as my sense of taste was heightened. Worked from home for three days in my underpants. Recovered in a day or so. Everyone I know who had the vaccine moaned about it making them feel shit. Lolz.

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That's perceptive, I was parodying your comment, /u/chickenz

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It's the vax poison.

The piece you linked to is insulting propaganda.

It's the same running-cover that is the "SADS" campaign launched to misdirect attention to everything false and never questioning the clotting, immune-wrecking, death-spiking problem that are these "vaccines".

Decouple? That "Nature" trash globalist lying propaganda blurb and "studies" they use don't honestly try to decouple anything. The only mention of "vaccine" in that propaganda was to sell more of the snake oil poison they call these "vaccines". The largest financial networked interests which operate and consolidate wealth and power from medical tyranny are the same interests who operate and fund globalist fake "news" entities with erroneous and misleading "studies" (with heaps of statistical lies and lies of omission) to brainwash people who have dangerously low intelligence and scare easily.

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I have a question about numbers and counting and ciphering.

When numbers get real big, is it normal if I get dizzy when ciphering?

I washed my underpants twice.

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Order several packs of underwear. Big numbers and ciphering demands a healthy mind, clarity, and focus. You'll never get in the zone and stop being dizzy until you have peace of mind knowing your drawer of clean underwear is full.

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I am trading four ex.

It's got a lots of numbers and points.


stuff like that pops up all the time.

I ciphered four numbers just yesterday.

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Never change, funny man. Though I do want you to cut out the alcohol and switch to safer languages (not C, as much as it hurts) before it's too late.

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I don't drink, maybe one beer every six months.

But I will smoke you under the table with weed.

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Lay off or at least cut back on the weed. It's time to level up. Pick out your undies. Time is ticking. I won't make fun of you if you choose Scooby-Doo apparel, don't worry.

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Are you hacking me? How else do you have knowledge of my Scooby Doo underwear?

Disclaimer: FBI WARNING log out of my phone NOW

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It's the vax poison

How do you know?

The piece you linked to is insulting propaganda.

Nature is the most highly regarded and prestigious scientific journal in the world.

Their entire business model involves not publishing insulting propaganda. Because they're the top general science journal they get a lot of submissions. Only about 1 in 12 papers that they recieve is published, and so they are in a position to select the most important and most interesting papers, which maintains their position at the top.

No other editorial policy doesn't risk their entire repetition, built up over the last 153 years of selecting sound evidence based articles and subjecting them to expert peer review.

[–]Yin 2 insightful - 2 fun2 insightful - 1 fun3 insightful - 2 fun -  (4 children)

You tried to pivot away from the fact that Nature's lying blurb doesn't decouple anything --- though, frankly, if they did, the overwhelming odds are that they would do it dishonestly. Instead it does what I'd expect: deflects and doubles down on hawking poison. Nature has increasingly been trash propaganda, lying industry fellows selling their revolving door access, long hijacked to take advantage of its (still, erroneously) perceived legitimacy among people who aren't smart enough to be skeptical about how lying propaganda has totally infected STEM industries.

Prepare to take another booster just to be "safe". The sky will be falling for the 6th time soon.

[–]ActuallyNot 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

Nature's blurb is not lying.

And they wouldn't. They've got every reason not to lie and no reasons to.

[–]Yin 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (2 children)

Nature is dangerously lying and misleading people into consuming poison. They have every reason to lie and placate power and no reasons not to.

[–]ActuallyNot 1 insightful - 2 fun1 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 2 fun -  (1 child)

Oh for fuck's sake.

There's literally no more prestigious publication on the whole fucking planet.

[–]Yin 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (0 children)

And it serves lying scum who make good use of your delusional and idiotic fawning over its (erroneous) prestige.

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Heart attack caused by running too much, nothing to see here.