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"Wuhan, Wuhan" is also the sound you make after getting heart inflammation from the mRNA vaccine.

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Yeah, not sure why you guys keep posting government funded disinformation. Like I posted in the other thread, the Monkeypox scare was already attempted 3-6 years ago, it just got interrupted by COVID.

The Wuhan study itself wasn't gain of function study, they recreated 1/3rd of the DNA sequence, making it non-dangerous, in order to test their PCR detection method.

It looks like to me they're stirring things up again to make money off of vaccines. And at the same time, do their usual "blame China" stunt.



Monkeypox confirmed in Liberia


Monkeypox case confirmed in England


Monkeypox surfaces in three cases the U.K. What you need to know about the rare virus


Nigeria monkeypox outbreak shows evidence of human-to-human transmission


Monkeypox scare


Israel: Health officials report imported monkeypox case


What is monkeypox? Two cases of rare viral infection found in the U.K.


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FDA approves first live, non-replicating vaccine to prevent smallpox and monkeypox


Monkeypox farce puts public at risk: Blundering health chiefs failed to get 'virus' house cleaned up for a fortnight


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FG confirms 6 additional cases of Monkeypox *94 suspected cases reported in 11 states


The monkeypox mutation: Nearly 40 years since we defeated smallpox, scientists fear a new deadly plague could strike at any moment


Stop spreading fake news on monkeypox in Malaysia



(2021) News media narratives of Covid-19 across 20 countries: Early global convergence and later regional divergence

Pre-pandemic narratives (Oct'19-Dec'19) were divergent across regions with Africa focused on monkeypox, Asia on dengue fever, and North America on Lyme disease and AIDS.


(2019) Misinformation making a disease outbreak worse: outcomes compared for influenza, monkeypox, and norovirus.

Their goal was to study misinformation on "circulating contagious disease" in 2019 and one of them was monkeypox. Then they suggested strategies to counter "misinformation". Look at who suggested they use monkeypox in their paper in the acknowledgement section. A government associated academic, James Rubin:

assistant director for the NIHR Health Protection Research Unit in Emergency Preparedness and Response which is a formal partnership between King’s College London and the UK Health Security Agency. James is a member of several committees which provide advice to Government agencies. During the COVID-19 pandemic, James was a regular participant in the UK Government’s Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies.

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However, an increase in cases of MP has been observed over the past decades with frequent outbreaks as well as export of the disease out of the African continent.


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The strain was isolated in 2018 from a patient travelling back from West Africa.

Already being transmitted in 2018.


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These labs are crimes against humanity. All who are involved should be prosecuted.